Summary-When you love someone and don't know if they love you back it could make life hard, but not as hard as when you know that person doesn't love you.

Chapter1-Confessions and rejections

The day seemed to be dark as grey clouds full of rain came over the castle, that none other then princess Daisy lived in. Today was a particularly dark day in her home. Her best friend was marrying Mario, and now her father wanted to her to marry his brother Luigi, not that there was anything wrong with him, it was just that she didn't feel the same way about him as he did her. She was on her balcony looking down at the ground, she sighed as the rain broke loose. Luigi was a nice man, and she was sure he could find another if he tried. Besides that, she already had a boyfriend, someone that no one knew about not even peach knew she was dating him.

They had met at the 'Three on Three' tournament, and been put on the same team to play against the others. The element of the game was to pick teammates and go play against other teams, gaining and losing points as they went along. Her and Peach had decided to play together along with Diddy Kong. After an hour they reached the tournaments where they went up against Ninja, his sister and his friend. Ninja and his group had put up a good fight, but in the end Daisy and her team had claimed victory. After the game Ninja had come up to her and said good game, and from then on they had decided to travel to the trophy ceremony together. The whole time Daisy and Ninja had talked and found they had a lot in common. His sister was nice and so was his friend.

At the trophy give out though, they had ran into Mario, Luigi and Yoshi and things got ugly. Luigi wasn't happy with the fact that Ninja was getting so close to Daisy and at first Luigi wanted to go head to head with Ninja, but Ninja had declined saying "as I see I have trespassed onto another's territory I shall take my leave, it was nice meeting you Princess Daisy, we'll meet again I promise...JA-NEE!"

After saying his goodbye and disappearing into his ninja magic, his teammates also disappearing, Daisy had kept her angry feelings to herself and didn't say anything. She put on her happy face for the trophy give away, when they got second place.

From that time on, she and Ninja had been seeing each other in secret. Luigi and him never got along. Tomorrow was the tennis tournament, but Daisy had decided she might not go.

"Daisy, Peach is here to see you"

"Send her in" Daisy said

Peach came in and smiled at Daisy, she had an umbrella and a pink cloak around her shoulders. She walked over to Daisy and looked at her sad and worried face.

"Is there something wrong Daisy?" Peach asked

"Yup" Daisy said

"What's wrong?" Peach asked

"Tomorrow is the tennis tournament" Daisy said

"Yeah they've decided to do it on the inside stadium if it's still raining tomorrow" Peach said

"I hope there's a big crowd god knows it'll help" Daisy said

"...huh? Im not sure I follow" Peach said

"Peach tomorrow Ninja and his friends are coming to play tennis" Daisy said

"N-ninja?" Peach said

"That's Ninja's real name" Daisy said

"Ninja! He's gonna be there tomorrow?" Peach asked

"Yeah, this isn't good" Daisy said

"Your telling me...what are you gonna do?" Peach asked

"I-I don't know yet but I'll think of something" Daisy said

Peach nodded as they both looked out over the balcony. Daisy and her both looked up to the sky as thunder shook the sky.

"I don't think god's to pleased about it either" Daisy said

"Nu-uh" Peach said


It was midnight and Daisy was sleeping when she head knocking on her window. She turned over and tried to ignore the sound disturbing her sleep, when the noise was heard once more, Daisy jumped up and ran over to the window, to see Ninja standing there. He smirked as she opened the door.

"Ninja" Daisy said

"Hello Daisy how have you been?" Ninja asked as he stepped up

"Im fine and you" Daisy said

"Im fine, can't wait for the tennis tournament" Ninja said

"Me too" Daisy said blushing

Daisy and Ninja look into each other's eyes and slowly Ninja leaned down and Daisy closed her eyes, waiting for the kiss that soon came. They pressed their lips together softly. She pulled away and blushed smiling at him.

"Hn kawai" Ninja said

"I love when you talk to me in Japanese" Daisy said wrapping her arms around his neck and ruffling his brown spiky hair

He smiled and leaned down kissing her once more.

"N-ninja please" Daisy said rubbing her head on his cheek

"I love you...ashiteru Daisy" Ninja said

"I love you too Ninja" Daisy said

They stayed together holding each other in their arms, till Ninja had to go.

NEXT DAY-Tennis Tournament

It was the day of the tennis tournament, and Daisy and Peach were running in the rain to the arena, where the game was gonna be held. When they got there, the first thing Daisy did was look around for Ninja, to make sure he wasn't any where around, when she saw the cost was clear, she let out a sigh of relief.

"Ninja and his group aren't here yet" Daisy said

"And your happy about that?" Peach asked

"No im relived because at least him and Luigi won't fight each other any time soon" Daisy said

"Were at a tennis tournament they can battle it out the tennis way" Peach said

"As if as soon and Luigi see's him he's gonna wanna kill him" Daisy said

"Daisy can I ask you something?" Peach asked

"Sure anything" Daisy said

"..why don't you like Luigi?" Peach asked

"Because he's not my type...we make good friends but not a good couple you know" Daisy said

"I guess, but he'll be crushed" Peach said

"Maybe so, but you know at least we'll still be friends" Daisy said

Peach nodded and smiled.

"Well what ever you wanna do is fine with me" Peach said

"Good because for a minute I thought maybe you were gonna hate me" Daisy said

"Were best friends I could never hate you" Peach said

"Thanks Peach" Daisy said giving her friend a hug

Mario and Luigi ran over to the two and smiled.

"Hey princess's what's up" Mario said

"Hello Mario" Peach said

"Hey you two" Daisy said

"Hello Daisy" they both said

"So are you ready for the tournament?" Mario asked

"Yeah" Peach and Daisy said smiling

"Well let's all do our best" Mario said

"Yeah!" they all said

"Princess Daisy"

Daisy froze, she knew that voice any where, it was Ninja's voice and from the scowl on Luigi's face, she knew he was behind her.

"I told you we'd meet again" he said

His mask was covering his face, and his helmet was covering his head. Daisy blushed and smiled.

"So we did" Daisy said smiling

"How have you been?" he asked

"F-fine" Daisy said

"Well let's do our best in the tournament today alright" Ninja said

"Yes let's do our best, good luck" Daisy said

"Same to you ja-nee" Ninja said taking off running towards his teammates

"Weirdo" Luigi mumbled

Daisy's fist clenched, but she pretended not to hear Luigi and grabbed Peach's hand.

"Well were gonna go see what court were playing on, bye" Daisy said

"Woah, Daisy hang on!" Peach said as she pulled to the court board

"..what's wrong?" Peach asked

"Where does he get off calling ninja a weirdo, hello has he looked in the mirror" Daisy said

"Daisy, that's u-uh a bit ha- har...haha!" Peach couldn't help but laugh it was funny

Daisy looked at Peach and began to giggle.

"Okay so that was a bit harsh" Daisy said

"Y-yes it was" Peach said

"He'll never know anyways" Daisy said

They looked at the court boards, they were playing on the M courts first, against Diddy kong and Donkey himself. She smiled as the read the board, seeing that Ninja's match wasn't against Luigi yet, but telling from how it went just now they're gonna work hard to match up against each other. For now though, Daisy was gonna enjoy the tournament.

The bell rang signaling for all of them to head to their courts. Daisy and Peach ran to the platform and they all stood together with the other teams.


The whole crowd yelled and screamed.


Peach and Daisy ran to their platform, and before going up Daisy flashed the peace sign to audience, while Peach waved and blew kisses. The platform rose and took them to M court witch was enclosed in a bubble to keep out the rain.

When they saw who their opponents were, it was Waluigi and Wario. Daisy rolled her eyes, this was gonna go quick, she smiled at Peach as they ball was thrown out and they began, the group of people who had gathered to watch their match, began staring at the ball as it went back and forth.

They won their first game and moved onto another court.