Summary-Luigi is dead Ninja is leaving, Daisy's in a comma, Mario is depressed and Peach is worried about the hold of her kingdom.

Chapter5-The end of a tragic love story

Daisy's blue eyes opened, she was hoping to wake to her lover's hazel nut gaze, but she woke to Peach instead. She looked at Peach with a smile, Peach looked at her with a sad and worried look. Daisy sat herself up slowly and stretched her stiff limbs.

"H-how long was I out?" Daisy asked

"A week" Peach said

Daisy's eyes widened and she gasped

"A week" Daisy said

"A-a week" Peach said

"Where's Ninja?" Daisy asked smiling

Peach looked at Daisy and she swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat. She didn't have the confidence to tell her, that Ninja had gone back to Japan, he was gone and had told her to give Daisy's his love. She sighed as she put her head down sadly.

"While you were in a comma, Luigi was pronounced dead on the scene we had a funeral fo him a few days ago" Peach said

"Oh, Ninja dead too?" Daisy asked with a frightened tone in her voice

"Daisy I-"

"Please god tell me he's not" Daisy said her eyed filing to the brim with tears

"H-he's alive" Peach said

"Thank goodness" Daisy said putting a hand on her heart

"But...he's gone" Peach said

"W-what?" Daisy asked

"He's alive he's just not here...he left Daisy he thinks you should spend your life with out him, he told me to tell you he loves you very much and he's sorry for all the trouble and grief he caused" Peach said

"H-he left me?" Daisy said

Her bottom lip began to quiver and she broke into tears, her only love had left her. Thinking that all that has happened, was his fault. Daisy held her face in her hands, Peach put an arm around her friends shoulders and began to comfort her.

"Daisy it's gonna be alright" Peach said

A few days later Daisy was dismissed from the hospital, she was taken home where she spent another week in bed. On Saturday, of that weekend she got her bandages removed. From that time on, she stayed in her room, her door locked tight. She only went to the bathroom, she didn't eat and her father was sure she was pale as the clouds in the sky, she hadn't had any sun in days.

Soon days turned into weeks and Daisy was starting to become sick. Her father had forced her to eat yesterday, and she was hungry once again. They now brought her food everyday, but she didn't eat all of it. Peach had come by to see if maybe she could help get Daisy out of bed, but nothing worked. Mario was practically a stranger to her now, she hardly ever saw him and when she did it would always be at Luigi's grave, where he spent most of his days now. Daisy had only taken him flowers once and that was when she got out of the hospital, but now she didn't. She hated Luigi, he ruined her life or what good things she had going for herself.

Ninja was her everything, she loved him with all her heart. She had never felt this way about anyone before, she was so serious about the love they shared.

~With Ninja

Ninja, his sister and Black Mage were on the Rainbow ship. They had been flying home and it was taking longer then they expected. White Mage had stopped the boat before they got out of range of Daisy's house. Ninja spent most of his time meditating, and training now, she knew he needed Daisy and she needed him. White Mage slid the door open to Ninja's room, he was laying on his futon. She closed the door and walked over to him. She tapped him and he groaned.

"Ninja come on get up" she said

"No" Ninja said

"Ninja come on you haven't really done anything get up and do something" White Mage said

"I have nothing to do" Ninja said

"I have some good news" White Mage said

"Hm?" Ninja said

"Daisy woke up about two weeks ago" she said smiling as Ninja rolled over and looked at her

"She's alive are you sure?" Ninja asked

White Mage nodded.

"She misses you" she said

"Yeah?" Ninja asked

"Yeah" she said

Ninja looked down at the ground he missed Daisy too, but he's bad for her, so he shouldn't go see her right? He didn't know what to do, part of him wanted to go and see her and part of him said no because he was gonna mess up again. He didn't want Daisy to be unhappy he only wanted what was best for her. Was not seeing her best? He didn't know.

"Ninja go see her" his sister said

"But I said I didn't wanna mess up" Ninja said

"The only mess up your making is not going and seeing her" his sister said

"So what are you trying to say" Ninja said

"Go see her and make it better" White Mage said


~With Daisy

Daisy's father had forced her to go out side. She was now standing outside in the wind in her orange sun dress, that was sleeveless. Her hair blew to one side, but her eyes stared into nothingness over the cliff.

'Can my life get any worse'

Daisy closed her eyes.

"I knew I'd find you up here"

Daisy's eyes shot open and she turned to her back to see Ninja standing there with a smirk on his face as his white scarf blew in the wind. He wasn't wearing his helmet either.

"Ninja....Ninja!" Daisy screamed as she ran into his awaiting arms

They fell to the ground Daisy laying on top of him, she was crying, but they were tears of joy.

"Are you that happy to see me?" Ninja asked

Daisy nodded.

"I thought I was never gonna see you again" Daisy said

"Me too, but here we are" Ninja said

He stood up, helping her up.



He embraced her again. He looked into her blue eyes before he leaned down and captured her lips in a sweet kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he rested his hands on her waist.

Suddenly the wind got harder, and they both pulled apart just in time to see the Rainbow ship come into view. White Mage, Black Mage, Mario and Peach were on it. They were waving at them, even Mario who was holding Peach's hand. Daisy started giggling before it turned into all out laughing, Ninja laughed to. His sister waved, they all waved and the two lovers waved back hand in hand.

'Could life get any better'