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Previously in Points Underneath…

Please tell me that this is really happening." Grey eyes were burning with hope and desire.

"I wouldn't want it any other way." I clarified quietly and squeezed her hips, letting out a relaxed smile. "We may have a lot to talk about and we will but-"

Her lips collided with mine for the first time in years. A desperate moan escaped our mouths as we kissed; hot liquid kisses that threaten to melt us at that very spot. My hands tangled in her dark locks, slanting my mouth so I could taste her fully. Her hands still braced my face but slowly retreated down my back and before I knew it, her body was on top of me while I fell backwards onto the couch.

Alex pulled away from me slightly, blowing hair out of her face. She stared at me and I let her, allowing the silence to consume us. "I've waited for so long to do that."


"Come on, let's get out of here and pay your parents a real visit. I bet your dad is patting you on the back for landing a catch like me." I nudged her playfully and she laughed.

"More like kicking me in the ass for letting you go the first time. He always told me I would regret not following you after graduation." She rolled her eyes but then nodded. "I'd have to agree with him."

We set off to find our kids to begin another emotional trip to the cemetery where my Davies girls could pay their respects and mend their hearts even more.

85.2 - Exposed

~*Spencer's PoV*~

The scene that was unfolding before me was almost like it could've been taken from a book. The wind picked up slightly but the Vancouver air was still a light warm breeze. The lake beyond us was shimmering the sunlight off its waves like diamonds – as if it were trying to let us know everything is still peaceful. Lucas was holding my hand as we watched Ashley and Dylan kneel in front of one large gravestone with the last name 'Davies' etched into it with beautiful script.

"I wish I could've met them." Lucas barely whispered.

"They would've fell hard for you." I smiled and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. "You would've loved them too."

Lucas only smiled lightly and bit her lip as she stared at her sister and Momma.

Ashley was wrapped up in a weeping Dylan but I was proud of her for staying strong. I wasn't there for her when she found out her parents had been in a fatal accident. I couldn't even imagine what she went through losing, not only her parents but then getting Dylan taken away from her.

She didn't make the best choices afterwards but I didn't judge her for it. Ashley learned things the hard way and in the end, she came out stronger. Dylan was with her everyday and she was more than thankful for that.

"Should we go see them?" Lucas asked, biting her lip and glancing worriedly over towards the gravesite.

I agreed and we slowly made our way over to them. When they broke apart from their hug, Ashley wrapped an arm my waist and looked back down at the tombstone.

"Sometimes I still think it's all a bad nightmare." She whispered and blew her nose. "Sometimes I feel like I've just talked to my father on the phone or something and yet, here they are…" Her hand shakily gestured to the spot in front of us.

I pulled her tighter against me and kissed the side of her head. "I'm proud of you for being so strong, Ash."

She smiled a little and then caressed my arm that was holding her. "Thank you for being here and I know I keep saying that but you'll never know just how strong you're allowing me to be."

"I think we're all helping each other be strong." I smiled and then felt Dylan move to my other side, grabbing my hand. "We'll make it a habit to keep this place beautiful, okay?"

"With different kinds of flowers?" Dylan asked in a hopeful tone.

"Your choice." Ashley ruffled her hair and then looked down at the stroller where Matthew was sleeping peacefully. "We should get him to the hotel so he can sleep and the girls can eat."

Dylan and Ashley kissed the top of the tombstone while Lucas stood beside them protectively. I heard her mumble something and kissed her fingers pressing them to the granite stone before grabbing her sister's hand.

"To the hotel?" Ashley teary smile broke my heart a little but I could tell that visiting her parents gravesite helped her move on a little and knowing she could come back at any time without feeling alone, it'd just help her even more.

"Then we meet Alex and hear about this huge news she has." I raised an eyebrow and kissed Ashley softly while grabbing the handles of the stroller.

"She's thinking of starting up a record label. An independent one obviously but she has done a lot of research." Ashley smiled and squeezed my hand. "She asked me to help her out with it."

My eyes widened and I grinned at my gorgeous soon to be wife. "Ash! This is great news! This is so your element."

"Yeah." She laughed softly and brushed some hair out of her eyes.

"Wait," I slowed down and frowned at her. "How long have you known about this?"

"A few weeks?" She sheepishly smiled. "With school year ending and planning this trip, it sort of slipped my mind to tell you. I thought for sure Alex would've mentioned it though."

"Alex has been low on the radar recently. I only heard from her once and it was just to say she touched down in Vancouver and will be setting up a temporary home until we were able to meet her." I shook my head and rolled my eyes. "I should've known she had some secret. She only lays low when she doesn't trust herself to spill something huge."

Ashley laughed. "Sounds like dramatic Alexis Carlin."

We reached the car and Ashley helped buckle in a sleeping Matthew in his car seat. Lucas was humming a song while she adjusted her sunglasses while Dylan sat in her seat and pulled out a book she was reading on the way to the cemetery.

The late morning trip to do a little closure for my Davies' girls went by smoothly. Another success and I had to feel somewhat proud that I could be the one person to get Ashley to open up after being so closed about her parents' death for so long.

"Momma, have you heard from Jaiden yet?" Lucas asked, leaning forwards in her seat a little as I put the vehicle in motion. Jaiden was bound to land in Vancouver sometime that morning to spend a few hours with the girls. All expenses paid by yours truly.

"Not yet, Luc. You can call her cell when we get to the hotel though, okay?" Ashley smiled at her while lacing her fingers in mine.

Lucas pumped her fists in the air and sat back in her seat, sticking her headphones in her ears for the hour drive back to the hotel.


~*Alex's PoV*~

The old warehouse building was perfect. I had already purchased it and the renovations were already in progress. I couldn't be more comfortable with my decision in opening my record label. Well, if Ashley were on total board, it'd be hers too.

"I think you're drooling." Sammy wrapped her arms around my waist from behind and kissed my neck. "You're thinking about the building again aren't you?" She teased with a low chuckle.

I turned around in her arms and raised an eyebrow at the half dressed brunette. "We have to meet Ashley and Spencer in fifteen minutes and you're not even dressed."

"Yeah well, someone makes it impossible." She winked and pecked my lips before walking towards the bathroom while stripping her work-out clothes.

I took a deep calming breath and fought the urge to follow her. I had a plan and a schedule I needed to keep on. I was slightly nervous for only one reason though.

And she was currently in our condo shower.

It wasn't like I was keeping Samantha a secret from my family. I just felt like I needed to enjoy her as mine for a while before our relationship got tangled into my sister's like it had in high school. All they knew was that we reconciled and were very close friends. I never elaborated any further.

I checked my briefcase one last time and made sure I had all the blueprints and contracts with me. I had already went through a lot of it with my lawyer but I knew if Ashley was the least bit interested, she'd want to take them to her own lawyer as well.

The shower was still going ten minutes later when there was a knock on the door. I frowned because I wasn't expecting any company. I peeked through the peephole and cursed slightly. "Seriously?" I sighed and opened the door just in time to hear the shower shut off. "What are you doing here?"

"Fuck you." Spencer frowned before pulling me into a hug. "I figured we'd surprise you but clearly it was an unwelcome one." She pulled back with a sulk.

"Shut up. I'm totally happy to see you guys." I smiled genuinely and wrapped myself around Ashley. "Especially you." I chuckled.

"Some things never change." Spencer rolled her eyes and playfully pulled me off her woman.

"We've missed you Baby C." Ashley looped her arm in mine and walked me into my own kitchen.

"Where are the kids?" I asked and offered to pour coffee but they both declined.

"Jaiden has them back at the hotel. She's taking them to a matinee show this afternoon." Spencer explained and then her ears perked up at sounds coming from the bedroom. "Oh… company?"

"Uh, the maid?" I chuckled nervously and licked my lips, glancing back at the closed door.

"Are you banging the maid?" Ashley whispered loudly and shook her head. "What about Sammy? I thought you two would've made up by now seeing as it's been months since you confessed your not so secret dying love for her on live television."

"I'm not banging the damn maid." I huffed. "I'm not that person."

"Hey Alexis, would you mind rubbing lotion on my- Jesus Spencer, Ashley!" Samantha squealed in shock, covering her bare chest up with the t-shirt she was holding in her hands. "Hi!" She waved awkwardly in only her underwear.

Spencer and Ashley shared a look of disbelief before looking at me with wide eyes and then looking back at a blushing Sam, who was quickly putting her shirt on.

"The maid huh?" Spencer raised an eyebrow but couldn't contain a smirk threatening to spill.

"And I'm pretty sure you're banging her." Ashley teased.

"Uh, surprise?" I chuckled before my sister and Ashley laughed and pulled Sam and I in a huge group hug.

"I'm still feeling a little exposed here." Samantha muttered with a quiet snicker when we all pulled a part. She quickly ran back to the bedroom to put a pair of pants and a bra on.

"I knew you two were meant for each other!" Ashley gave me a high five.

"I knew you were hiding something big when you were laying low." Spencer shook her head and patted my head but it was no use in trying to dodge her hand. Some things never changed.


~*Jaiden's PoV*~

"Your parents are going to kill me." I muttered and cradled a crying Matthew to my chest while Lucas tried her best to calm her brother down.

"I didn't mean to trip him." Dylan sniffled and I smiled softly at her.

"I know Dyl." I squeezed her hand and then ran my fingers through the thick curls of Matthew's head. "How's he looking, Doctor Luc?"

"Well, he has a small bloody scrape on his right knee that needs cleaning." Lucas said serious and kissed above the small cut.

"Let's get him back to the hotel so we can clean it and put a Band-Aid over it." I kissed Matthew's forehead and he looked at me with his large green watery eyes.

"Ow." He mumbled and sucked on his finger.

"I know big boy but you're doing a real good job being brave." I smiled down at him and he calmed down slightly. "We're going to make you feel as good as new, okay?"

Matthew just stared at me so I scooped him up in my arms and ignore putting him in the stroller. The hotel was only a block away so Lucas pushed the stroller beside me while Dylan held my free hand.

Once in the hotel, I placed Matthew down on the bed and kneeled in front of him. "Still owwie?"

He nodded but he was no longer crying. He reached his fingers out and traced my face before letting out a shit eating grin. "Booful lady!"

"Aww, you charmer." I chuckled and tickled his belly. "You're definitely a Charming Carlin."

Lucas giggled and put down the first aid kit she found in the bathroom. "It runs through the Davies blood, too." She turned and winked at her sister, who finally cracked a smile.

Once Lucas helped me get Matthew's cut cleaned up, I put him down for a nap and then quietly pulled Dylan to the side. "Hey." I whispered and slid on the floor next to her. "Why are you so quiet?"

"My parents will be mad at me for tripping him. Not you." Dylan shrugged.

"You didn't do it on purpose, Dyl. Accidents happen and your brother is going to experience a lot more falls." I wrapped my arm around her shoulders. "He's okay. You're okay and your parents won't be mad at you. I promise."

"I guess." She mumbled. "Matthew is like a glass baby to them. If he breaks, it'd kill them."

"I think they're like that with all of you. Spencer and Ashley don't want to see any of you get hurt, no matter how big or small." I nudged her a bit. "So stop blaming yourself, okay?" I wiped a tear from her cheek.

"We didn't even get to go see the movie." Dylan sighed heavily.

"That's okay. We can see a movie any old time. I was thinking that once Matthew wakes up from his nap, we could go to the zoo." I whispered as if it were a secret.

Her big brown eyes widened in excitement and she grinned. "Really?"

"Of course! I'd have to call and ask your parents first but I can't see them saying no. If anything they might make it back in time to tag along." I stood up and pulled her up on her feet with me. "Now let's go watch something on T.V. while I make a phone call to your Momma."


Thank you.