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86 - Let's Get Down To Business

~*~Ashley's PoV~*~


It was official. Those two last names were legally intertwined together on a piece of paper - and on a large billboard above a modern new looking building that was now the head quarters for our business in B.C.

"C & D Records." Alex winked at me and raised her beer bottle, clingy it against my coke glass.

Spencer cheered loudly and pulled me into a huge hug. "I knew you'd be back in the business."

Okay, so the name Carlin-Davies wasn't meant for Spencer and myself. Alex and I officially had a business starting up. It'd probably take a while for us to get every single detail together, and then bands to have faith in us to get them noticed.

"Does this mean we'll be moving to B.C.?" Lucas asked with hesitance in her voice.

"No." I smiled and kissed her head. "But Aunt Alex is and I'll be in charge of a lot of the paper work from home … in Kenora." I assured her.

"Good, because I can't be away from Jaid." She smiled and skipped her way through the party crowd we had in our living room.

"Congrats!" Ryn came up to me and gave me a hug. "The school's probably going to miss you though."

"I'm not leaving the school." I raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, I just figured you'd be so busy with your new business." Ryn tilted her head to the side. "Between that and your family I was just…"

"Assuming." I finished for her with a kind smile. "I know it'll be a lot at first but I've managed Alex, while running a label and raising Dylan when she was younger. It'll be familiar territory." I winked and patted her shoulder. "Plus, if it all proves to be too much, I know where my priorities are." I looked over to a laughing Spencer, who was hanging onto Sammy's arm while talking to a few soon to be executives in our up incoming business.

Ryn excused herself and I was left alone, leaning against the island counter. I tapped my fingers against the counter top and observed my surroundings. Surroundings I never thought I'd ever see again.

Black ties and tight dresses were scattered around my living room, looking as if they walked right off of Hollywood Blvd. It was surreal to have so many high and important people in my living room in a small, middle of nowhere, town. Alex definitely did something right and I had to applaud her for her taste.

"Hey gorgeous, fancy seeing you in my kitchen." Spencer walked up to me and slid a hand down my arm teasingly. Her greyish eyes were sparkling and I had to smirk.

"You're buzzed, aren't you Carlin?" I eyed the tie around her neck and she grinned devilishly.

"Maaaybe." She drew the word out flirtatiously and winked. "Chase and Ephiny offered to take the kids for the night. Once the party files out of here, we can have a little private party of our own."

"Hmm," I hummed and grasped the black tie, pulling her to me. "I'm thinking that's a brilliant idea."

"I know it is." Spencer playfully scoffed and leered at me through glossy eyes. "I thought of it."

I chuckled and kissed her, my hands bunching up her blonde hair as the kiss grew a little deeper than I had intended. Then again, a buzzed Spencer Carlin was pretty much like a drunk Spencer Carlin. Those times always lead to somewhere good, somewhere very good but not during a house full of professional guests. I gently pushed her back and she pouted at me.

"Don't give me that look. We've already given these people a free peep show. I'd like to keep the real sexy stuff to ourselves." I whispered and squeezed her hip, pecking her lips once more.

Alex decided to join us at that moment with Sammy at her side. "So I figured out which band I'd like to start with."

"Oh?" I placed my coke down on the counter and wrapped an arm around Spencer's waist, holding her close to my side. "Anyone in the local area?"

"No." Alex held up her hands, which told me I needed to be patient as she pled her case. "They're actually from New York. I met them when I was on RJ Live. I think they're perfect and if we can get them to send us a demo…"

"Say no more." I smiled at her. "If this is the band you want then I trust you."

"Yeah?" Alex's grey eyes lit up and she bounced up and down, clapping. "Okay, cool. I'll look into setting up a meeting with them once things are straightened out." She hugged me tightly and scowled when Spencer shoved her away. "Is she drunk?"

"Yup." I shrugged and kissed Spencer's cheek.

"Go feel up your own girlfriend." Spencer flipped her sister off and I shook my head, grabbing her hands and holding them with my own.

"Spence, remember who our guests are." I whispered and she shrugged.

"Everyone looks preoccupied. I doubt they'll remember half of what will go on as the night progresses." Spencer raised an eyebrow and sucked back the rest of my coke. She looked at the empty glass and smiled crookedly at me. "I'll get you another coke, babe."

I nodded and watched her dance her way to the fridge.

"Ash!" Jaiden tapped me on the shoulder and held up two backpacks. "I'm bringing the little brats to my house now. Is there anything I can do before I gather up Matthew's things?"

"Nope." I smiled and had her follow me up to the bedroom. I dug in my purse and pulled out some cash. "Can I trust you to give this money to your parents?" I pulled my hand back just as she was about to snatch it from my hand.

"I get fifty percent." Jaiden raised a challenging eyebrow. "Seeing as they'll be hogging my bed tonight while you and Spencer can jump each other."

"Hey now." I laughed and gave her the money, trusting that she'd probably give it to Chase and Ephiny. Probably. Maybe.

"It's true." Jaiden shrugged and winked, tucking the bills in her pocket. "They'll get this, don't worry. I owe them anyway for buying me a tank of gas."

"Good." I patted her shoulder and turned her around, playfully shoving her out the door. "Now go get my children out of this house. I don't like them being exposed to late night drunken adults."

Jaiden snorted and saluted as she quickly ran down the stairs to gather up the kids.

I leaned against the railing at the top of the stairs and took in the house full of strangers and soon to be coworkers. I was hoping I'd be able to pick up where I left off with working in a record company. Ryn was somewhat right, it'll be a handful. I gave it up once for Dylan, I knew I'd be able to do it again if it proved to be too much work.

~*~Spencer's PoV~*~

"I'm sorry, she's just on the other line, can I take a message?" I heard Lucas answer the phone and after a few hums and polite pleasantries, the phone hung up.

"Who was that?" I asked as I put my earrings in and checking over my outfit one last time.

"Someone for Momma. She told me to hold all calls until further notice. I think she's laying down with a migraine or something." Lucas shrugged and looked me up and down. "You look really nice, Ma, what's the occasion?"

Ashley had a migraine? I frowned and moved past Lucas. "I have a meeting this afternoon at work." I smiled and made my way up to our bedroom. Opening the door, I found Ashley curled up on the bed with all the blinds shut and a pillow over her head.

"Spence?" She mumbled and lifted her head up, squinting slightly. "I thought you had a meeting?"

"In forty-five minutes." I whispered and sat beside her, running my fingers through her hair. She moved so that her head was on my thigh. "How are you feeling? Luc said you had a headache?"

"I haven't had this bad of a migraine since my first few weeks in rehab." Ashley confessed and sat up, groaning in pain as she did so.

I looked at her sadly and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Well Lucas is capable of taking care of Dylan and Matthew while I'm gone. I'll only be an hour, if that. Ryn would take the meeting but I've been working the case since the beginning, so…" she stopped me with two fingers on my lips.

"I understand." She kissed me softly. "I think I'm just worn out from working constantly. I don't know what I'm going to do once school starts up again." Ashley sighed heavily and shook her head. "I think I'm going to have to give something up."

I wrapped my arm around her neck and nodded. "Whatever you choose though, I'm right there with you."

"I know." She smiled goofily. "That's exactly why I love you."

"Hmm, and here I thought it was because of the hot amazing sex." I winked and she laughed, nodding again.

"That too." She gave me a nose crinkle smile and pressed her lips against mine in a chaste kiss. "I can't believe I'm marrying you next month."

"Speaking of which," I stood up and straightened out my clothes before pointing at her accusingly, "you still have to tell me where exactly the wedding plans are."

Ashley shook her head. "All you need to worry about is finding your perfect dress and showing up. My team has it all under control."

"Your team? Ashley, your team? Who is in this team of yours?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. That woman was laughing and shaking her head even more. She wasn't going to tell me about her team. Huh.

"Just show up on our wedding day. You will not be disappointed." Ashley chuckled and laid back down.

"Our wedding day. Ours. Shouldn't I be included in the plans?" I asked, inching towards the door.

"You're the bride. The best part, baby." Ashley winked and waved me off. "Now go to work so you can come back and take care of me."

"You're lucky I love you, Davies." I smirked and she nodded.

"Trust me, I know." She blew me a kiss then rolled over and closed her eyes.

My meeting lasted a little longer than I had anticipated but it was a positive outcome. Twin siblings Johnny and Jenny were officially transferred into an adoption agency where they had great people waiting to welcome them into their home.

I swung by the Dairy Queen and grabbed a treats for everyone. Ashley craved ice cream after her headaches so I knew she'd be happy to see the large oreo blizzard I chose for her.

I was greeted with squeals from the kids when I handed them their butterscotch sundaes and Matthew dug into his as if he'd never tasted ice cream before. "No leaving the kitchen until you're washed up. Luc, please help your brother clean up if I'm not back downstairs, okay?" She nodded with a smile and shooed me away.

Approaching the bedroom door, I could hear soft music coming from inside. I knocked softly before opening the door and peering inside. Ashley was completely passed out with the pillow over her eyes still but soft music was playing from the laptop. I smiled and gently closed the lid, pushing the laptop aside and sitting next to the sleeping body. "Ashley." I nudged the pillow away before running my fingers down her face softly. "Ash?"

Ashley frowned slightly before she stretched and sleepily blinked. "Spence?"

"Mhmm." I hummed and leaned forward, placing a chaste kiss to her forehead. "I have something for you."

"A pony?" Ashley yawned and I gave her a quizzical look. She chuckled and rubbed her face before shaking her head. "Sorry, I had a weird dream."

"I bet." I nudged her before handing her the oreo blizzard. "I thought you'd be needing one of these."

"Oh my God, best fiancée ever!" Ashley sat up and took her first bite, moaning as she slowly pulled the spoon from her lips. "So. Good."

I snickered and licked my lips. "Well I think I'll just leave you two alone…" I went to get up from the bed when she grabbed my wrist and pulled me back down. She fed me a small spoonful of her blizzard and grinned when I echoed her earlier moan.

"You know, there's room for the three of us in here." She shoveled over and I scooted up against the headboard with her.

"You're so cute." I chuckled and kissed her cheek before stealing another bite of her blizzard. "How are you feeling?"

Ashley smiled softly. "Much better, thank you. Lucas made sure I had a cool cloth for my head at all times and Dylan kept Matthew occupied quietly. Everything is almost normal." She ended the sentence with a pout.

"What would make it completely normal?" I asked softly.

"Spencer kisses." She replied, feigning shyness.

I took the blizzard and placed it on the bedside table before tackling her to the bed. "Spencer kisses, hm?" I grinned slyly and lowered my body on top of hers. It was hot as hell outside my girl was only wearing a tank top with a pair of short shorts so the amount of skin had been enticing the moment I walked into the room before my meeting.

"Yes, Spencer kisses." She breathed when I straddled her and got rid of my dress shirt. She groaned and ran her hands up my waist, her fingers inching up my ribcage. She sat up and barely brushed her lips against mine. "Kiss me," she whined softly.

I couldn't deny her that sexy plea and pressed my lips against hers in a desperate kiss. The room was quickly heating up as her hands found the clasp of my bra. "Ash." I murmured and pulled back, our chests heaving and eyes heavy with arousal. "I- the kids are downstairs and as much as I'd love to continue this," I ran my fingers down her chest, licking my swollen lips, "they'll be knocking on the door any second."

Ashley huffed and fell back on the bed in a huff. She laughed when there was a knock on the door.

"Told you." I sang and got off of her and stripped the rest of my work clothes. I threw on a pair of jean shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt.

"Mom? Momma?" Dylan called out from the hallway.

"Come in." Ashley ran a hand through her hair and grabbed her blizzard from the bedside table. "We'll continue this later, Carlin." She whispered at me before Dylan opened the door.

"Hey cutie." I greeted Dylan and she gave me a big grin.

"Can we go to the movies tonight?" She asked excitedly.

"We who?" Ashley asked and patted the bed to invite Dylan to share some of her treat.

"Us!" Dylan animatedly swung her hand around the room and pointed downstairs. "The family."

"Do you know what's playing, baby?" Ashley asked.

"Despicable Me!" Dylan grinned and looked at me with her chocolate brown eyes, pouting. "Please Mom?"

"Yes." I answered immediately and Ashley swung her head to look at me, slightly surprised. "What?" I whined and pointed to the small brunette sitting in the middle of the bed, eating her mother's blizzard. "It's your fault you made her so damn cute and irresistible. Plus she never asks for anything."

Ashley smirked and made a small whipping sound. Dylan glanced at us confused before shrugging. She leapt off the bed and gave me a big hug before yelling to her siblings that we had a family date. She took off excitedly downstairs while singing "we're going to the movies!"

"I may be whipped by our nine year old but you're just as whipped with all three of them as well." I pouted and she grinned. "Besides, we'll wear them out tonight so we can have some uninterrupted grown up time." I winked.