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87 – No Rest for the Insatiable

~*~Spencer's PoV~*~

You would think that I was used to starting my days extra early. During high school I had morning hockey practices and then did a full day of school afterwards. In college, I pretty much did the same thing only a lot stricter. After I blew my knee out, that ended my hockey career and early morning practices. However, I still had school and a three-year-old daughter to take care of. So early mornings were second nature to me. Even after I moved to Kenora and landed a job being Coach, I was still up at the ass crack of dawn for practices.

My life revolved around early mornings, practices, kids and hockey.

But that morning I wasn't ready to crawl out of bed. I didn't have kids to take care of because all three of them were in Midtown with their grandparents. Chase and Ephiny took Jaiden to check out York University and offered to accompany the kids.

Ashley was the first to say yes to that. It had been a few days since then and I literally could not move my body. It was physically spent from all the unthinkable and unimaginable things my fiancée had done to me. I had no clue my body could bend that way or that she could do that thing with her tongue.

"Ash, you fucking broke me you bitch." I mumbled with a slight groan.

"Shut up, you enjoyed every second of it." Ashley laughed as she sauntered out of the bathroom, naked and freshly showered. "You better get your sweet ass out of bed before I go for an encore."

"No!" I whined. "My body is bruised and broken."

"Oh stop being a baby." Ashley snickered and smacked my ass gently. "I've seen you take harder hits and body checks in your hockey career and you never once complained."

"But this is different. I didn't have my legs above my head for that long while I was being thoroughly fucked with a strap on." I sat up and stretched my aching muscles.

"Oh okay, I'll never thoroughly fuck you like that again." Ashley stopped looking for her clothes and turned around, staring at me with a challenged eyebrow.

"Hey now, no need to get hasty." I chuckled when she rolled her eyes at me. "Me being this sore and whiney is a compliment, my lady."

"Then suck it up, Barbie. Get your ass out of that bed, shower and help me load our luggage into the car so we can catch our flight in a few hours." Ashley jumped on the bed and straddled me, her lips sealed against mine in a soft yet passionate kiss. "I'm sorry if I was rough with you."

"You weren't." I whispered and trailed my hands down her bare back. "I'm just being a baby." I gave her a lopsided grin and wrapped my hand in her hair, kissing her with more pressure. "Pay back will be fun though." I nipped at her bottom lip and she gasped, her hands clutching at the sheets.

"Hey!" She shrieked when I flipped her over and kissing her deeply. I muffled her poor protests and finally she started kissing me back just as deeply.

We had a plane to catch and it took two hours to drive to the airport but if I could rock her world quickly, we'd have nothing to worry about.


~*Ashley's PoV*~

Her lips were everywhere and anywhere. My stomach tensed with anticipation when she slid down my body. Her lower lip grazing my skin while her bluish grey eyes starting at me, daring me to protest one more time.

I couldn't.

Spencer had that effect on me and I wouldn't want to change that for anything. I was putty in her hands and enjoyed every single second.

My hands weaved through her silky blonde hair while she nipped at my hipbones, causing me to arch and gasp. I swallowed heavily, my mouth already feeling dry from all the panting she was causing me.

"Aw," she whispered against the inside of my right thigh, "you just showered and I made a mess of you again." A low throaty chuckle escaped her throat when she dragged a finger against my wet entrance and groaned when I tugged at her hair unintentionally, my hips jumping off the bed.

"Spence." I moaned and hoped she'd take pity on me. She did. She so did.

My breath hitched when she crawled up my body but her fingers found themselves sliding inside me with a hard and fast rhythm. She was kissing me deeply, stealing my oxygen as she hit every mark deep inside.

I couldn't focus on anything but the feeling of her and her lips. Her harsh pants against my face were enough to send me right over the edge … over and over.

"Fuck." I groaned and arched further into her body as she started another round with her whole body pushing against me.

It was safe to say we might possibly miss our flight if things kept going where they were going.


I inhaled the thick smoggy air of Toronto as Spencer and I walked out of the overcrowded airport. Sunglasses perched on the top of our heads since the sun was getting ready to set.

We never missed our flight but if we were twenty minutes later, we would have. It had been nice to take advantage of an empty house for three whole days; three whole days of doing absolutely nothing but each other.

It was like high school all over again.

I probably had a stupid grin on my face even though I was completely exhausted. Spencer was yawning but her stupid grin was plastered on her face as well, so it was safe to say being exhausted was completely worth it.

With all the physical activities we involved ourselves in, I forgot about the reason why we just landed in Toronto and heading to Midtown.

I, Ashley Avery Davies, was going to marry Spencer Dylan Carlin in just two days.

Two days.

"Carlin-Davies?" A man stepped in front of us holding up a sign with our names on it. I looked at him confused but nodded. "There's a limo waiting for you right this way."

Spencer glanced at me while she grabbed the handle of her wheelie suitcase and I shrugged. "I thought we were renting a car?"

"Me too." I whispered while we followed the young guy dressed in black. "I'm sorry, but we were supposed to rent a car."

The young guy smiled. "Compliments of the Dennison family. They said they wanted you to just relax for the night so I'll be taking you to the Ritz-Carlton." He opened the door and watched we shuffled in with confused looks on our faces.

"I feel like I'm in an Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington suspense movie." I muttered and frowned when Spencer chuckled, squeezing my hand.

"I highly doubt that young man is a bone collector of any kind, Ash." She kissed my cheek and pulled me close to her side. "I'll protect you though."

I smiled at her and nodded, snuggling closer. "Why would they think we'd need more time to relax?"

"To be fair," Spencer tilted her head to the side and played with my fingers that were splayed in her lap, "we haven't exactly relaxed since the kids have been away."

I gasped and raised an eyebrow. "Do I not relax you, Carlin?"

She laughed and shrugged. "Sure, if you consider the activities we've been up to, relaxing. I was thinking maybe tonight we can soak in the hot tub together then curl up and watch a boring movie on TV before sleeping all night."

I eyed her up and bit my lip, smiling at her beautiful face. "I think that sounds the most relaxing idea ever."

"No sex." She stated firmly.

"Spence!" I whined and she shook her head. She wouldn't give me a chance to protest so I had no choice but to resign. "Fine. But come our honeymoon, you don't get to call the shots."

Spencer barked out a laugh and shook her head. "We'll see about that."

I smiled and kissed her cheek. "You know you have me whipped, baby. It's no fair. You can at least allow me to think I have a fighting chance."

"Mmm." Spencer turned her head and rested her forehead against mine. "I'll let you call some shots. I promise."

Two more days and that woman would be my wife.


~*~Alex's PoV~*~

"Are you sure they're ready?" Sammy came up behind me. I was standing in the back of a warehouse where the first band we signed up on our label was rehearsing.

"Of course they are, babe." I smiled and leaned into her embrace. "Stop freaking out, Cera is the best I've heard in a long time and they're New York based. They're ready."

"I just want the Davies-Carlin wedding perfect." Sammy pouted and kissed my neck before letting me go. "Kyla has been driving me crazy about the details on which songs they'll be singing and Ashley wanted to make sure they learned 'She Is A Mystery' for the first dance."

"Okay, they need to trust me with this part and not worry about it. That's why I'm in charge of the music so they could focus on the other details. Tell them to stop worrying. Lia and her band mates are perfect and they learn quick. I have more confidence in them than I do in my next upcoming album." I stated positively and turned to kiss Samantha softly. "You need to stop worrying too, okay? Trust me?"

"I do. I'm just so excited and nervous." Sammy nearly bounced on the balls of her feet before glancing up at the band as the music stopped.

"Is everything okay?" I asked as Lia and Seth, the bass guitarist, jumped off the makeshift stage.

"First of all, we can hear every single word you're saying in our earpieces." Lia raised an eyebrow with a smile and threw me her earpiece.

"Yeah and just so you know, we're no strangers to playing at weddings. We rocked our friend's wedding so hard, everyone was pretty much pregnant afterwards." Seth smirked and blew a bubble with her gum. "We're that good, princess." She winked at Samantha and I rolled my eyes at her constant flirting with my girl.

"Seth, please don't start with the flirting. Sam's taken." Hannah, the drummer wrapped an arm around Seth's waist.

"I know but it's fun." Seth shrugged. "I'd never actually do anything, you know that right?" She asked me in a sincere tone.

"I know. Trust me, I get it. She's hot." I chuckled and bumped my hip with my Sammy's.

"Anyway, we're ready to catch a flight to Midtown and have some fun!" Lia rubbed her hands together with a grin on her face.

"All of the music is stored away in our brains and we're set. I promise." Hannah crossed her heart.

"Okay, well the wedding is in two days so go pack your bags. We have a flight out first thing in the morning. We'll be meeting Ashley tomorrow afternoon but Spencer doesn't know about any of this so if you see her, please do not approach her." I stressed. My sister had met the band a couple of times and I'd hate to have her suspicions raised if she found one of them wondering around.

"Well she did invite us to her wedding, Boss. I'm sure she won't think anything of it." Seth smacked me on the ass and winked.

Oh. Right.

"And you tell me to stop stressing." Sammy whispered in my ear and laughed. "It'll be good, Alexis. You're right, they're ready, and so I can report back with a positive outcome."

"I'm actually really excited about this. I feel like we've been planning this wedding since they were seventeen." I laughed as Sammy grabbed my hand and we made our way outside to get some fresh Vancouver air. "I'm sure they would've eloped back then anyway." Sammy shrugged and leaned against the brick wall. She frowned and shook her head when I mumbled, "I'm actually surprised they didn't."

Samantha Taylor shifted her eyes towards mine and linked our hands together. "You mean," she brought my hand to her lips, "like we did?"

"Exactly." I breathed with a smile and brought her lips to mine, kissing her soft and slow.

"I know we agreed not to tell anyone but as soon as Ash and Spence have their wedding bliss, we need to tell them." Sammy said quietly with a small smile. "You think they'll be mad?"

"Um," I laughed nervously, "yes. They'll be pissed but they'll get over it once we tell them that we're still planning an actual wedding." I snuggled her warm body against mine. "Plus once word is out that we're married, it'll be all over the tabloids and for now? I just want to enjoy the quiet married life with you."

"Me too." She whispered against my lips and stuffed her hands in my front pockets, leering at me with her smoldering blue eyes. "Want to go home?"

"Please." I practically whimpered and we ran back into the warehouse to help the band pack up their stuff as quickly as we could.

Samantha had asked me to marry her over a month ago and when I was said yes, I didn't think she meant right away. No one knew except Lia and her fiancée, RJ, since we needed witnesses. I struggled with not telling anyone in our families because I was afraid of being accused of keeping a huge secret again. Then I realized it was my secret to keep so it made the decision a lot easier.

Yeah, Spencer and Ashley will be pissed, possibly Lucas and Dylan too. But Samantha Taylor was now officially my wife and for that, I have no regrets in the decisions I have made.

"Let's go home, Superstar." She mumbled lowly in my ear and tugged me away from the locked up warehouse.