Luxord crept quietly down the hallway of the large castle. One of the castle rules were the kitchen closing after 9 o' clock p.m. and there was no late night snacking. A rule made up of the kitchen chief , Xaldin, and was strictly followed…until now. Luxord had a night craving and his stomach refuse to let him ignore it. The Brit shivered as he past through the downstairs hallway, 'Why must the Elders keep the castle so cold at night?' Luxord thought. He was out of uniform and only in a gray T-shirt and stripped boxers on as he entered the living room bare footed. He didn't want the risk of someone hearing him if he had on shoes.

He spotted the entrance to the kitchen and looked around, 'Coast clear.' he smiled triumphed as he snuck into the warm room. His stomach growled as he opened the fridge door. Many leftovers and drinks were inside the refrigerated food stack. Luxord rumbled through it all until he found what he was looking for:

The last piece of Xaldin's homemade whipped cream strawberry shortcake.

Luxord smiled at the treat as if it was a valuable treasure. He shut the door behind him and just as he was about to claim his new found prize he barley dodge a long spear-like laced at his head. Luxord gulped and looked up to his worst fear as Xaldin stood tall and bold in front of him looking none too pleased.

"What are you doing No. 10?" Xaldin asked crossing his arms and looking down at the lower rank. Luxord flashed an innocent smile,

"Just…admiring your wonderful kitchen, luv." he batted his eyes and turned on the charm, "I'm so busy in the day that I never get to stop and just take in the beauty that is your kitchen and--"

"Cut the crap and put back the cake British-boy." Xaldin said coldly. Luxord frowned,

"Aw come on, luv. It won't be there by day with Demyx's sweet tooth!"

Xaldin just smirked and looked down at his work. He dipped a finger and scooped up a small piece of whipped cream much to Luxord's surprise. Luxord watched as the dread-lock Elder suck on the frosted cover finger slowly and seductively, he couldn't help but notice Xaldin's tongue slide up and down the single digit. Xaldin pulled down his now wet finger and smiled at the other, his eyes filled with soft lust that made Luxord feel tight in his boxers.

'Maybe the shortcake wasn't my REAL craving.' Luxord thought as he placed the cake aside on the counter and eagerly followed Xaldin back upstairs to his room with a sudden hunger for the other Nobody.