Okay. Slight spoilers for A Better World. But so slight....

(Sorta Slash!!) (Sorta Bats/Di)

Meant to be a chapter in Drabbles and Babbles, but I liked it more as it's own oneshot.

Don't own JL.


Batman sat in front of his monitor, eyes glued to the screen.

"I can't believe it." He muttered to the silence of his cave. The fact that he had done this was amazing enough. The discoveries he had encountered...

He had started building the machine as soon as he had returned from the Lord universe, and the Lords had been neutralized and returned to their own reality. He knew he wouldn't do as the other Batman had- create a device that would transport a person from one reality to another- but he was also curious. How could he not be? So he began to build something that would allow him to...browse other realities. To be able to enter the Internet in said realities- thus learning about them, and understanding them. It was more a killer of boredom, really. Until now. Because he had finished it.

"Bruce..." Superman whimpered. "God, I'm so sorry."

"Shut up." Bruce replied, blood trickling down beneath his nose. "Just shut up. This wasn't your fault. "

"It was-" Bruce shut him up. He pressed his lips against the Man of Steels' and tried to ignore the pain, and focus instead on the body of-

Batman shuddered, and clicked Back. Fanfiction. In this reality, the Justice League was merely a show. And, apparently, those who watched the show were crazy. He scrolled through the stories on the page, stopping when he saw his name.

Flash and Batman have to team up when the evil John Dee escapes and inhabits their minds. Slash.

Slash. Batman was not scared of much- he didn't flinch in the Joker's presence, and would fight on were Darkside to attack him. He could even handle a pissed-off Hawkgirl. But he had learned to fear that word. Slash. He ignored that, then raised an eyebrow behind his cowl as he read the next summary...

Diana's emotions are too great. It's now or never. She will tell him. 'Batman...' She begins.

Bruce clicked madly, skimming the first paragraph until he found her name.

Diana slowly approached him. It's now, or never, she thinks, eying him quietly.

"Batman..." He doesn't jump. He had known she was there.


"I need to tell you something." The Dark Knight turned.

"Don't make it something you'll regret." She bit her lip. Would she regret this? If he rejected her- would she really regret putting her heart out on the line? At least it would be in the open.

"I won't." He nodded slightly.

"If you say so." She paused, then looked around the cave. The place where he shielded himself from the world...from her. But no longer.

"Bruce...After all of this...I don't think I could stand it if I didn't say it." He nodded. "I know we both feel the same way." She smiled slightly, but he didn't return it. She didn't expect him to. "Whether or not you admit it, whether or not you ever will, I have made my choice. I love you, Bruce." He didn't look surprised, and she didn't expect him to do that, either. He had known it. Just as she knew that he loved her every bit as much as she loved him.

"Is that it?" Her heart broke.

"Yes. That's it." She turned and flew away. He stared wistfully after her.

Batman stared at the computer. Was that the end?! He read the author's note at the bottom.

I might add a second part.

"You better!" He shouted aloud, tempted to throw a bat-a-rang at the machine. He scrolled to the top of the page, then wrote Diana Bruce in the search bar (after looking over his shoulder).

And from that day on, Bruce Wayne was addicted to FanFiction.