A/N: What can I say? My head gets comfortable inside Julian's mind a lot. This is a happy poem for all of you who are really depressed by my previous poems, dedicated to kourmi11 who needed the pick me up. The Background Music/Inspirations: Marie Digby-"Spell," Josh Auer- "Dear You." This poem was surprisingly really easy to write, probably because I let it flow and used everyday language instead of spicing it up with synonyms. I don't want to be repetitive.

Trance (THT)

My mind told me I should leave,

But another part of me didn't want to,

Even if what I said next would complicate things.

So I twisted around, stood by you, and rambled on,

"This has to be business, right I mean with Peyton and---"

You were agreeing, "This should be business."

"We can't just…I mean I kiss you and it gets…"

There were many possibilities

Right in front of my toffee eyes

Waiting for me

To siege the opportunity.

All I could really think about was how much I wanted to kiss you

Touch those gentle rosy lips

Taste perfection like cream melted into savoring chocolate

"Definitely…it would be…"

Our eyes were gazing in each other's soul,

Discerning each other's motives,

Taking in the sparks of chemistry

Which surrounded us in a bubble

Where the world became centered in only you and me.

"It would be."

Resistance was continually depleting and I wasn't concerned.

"Yes." You didn't look any better.

I exhaled a short breath.

Temptation was enticing for our lips to fuse

And amazingly the two of us closed the distance,

Finally content in gradually exploring our mouths.

Wounding my arms around your waist,

I held you closer to my body

I wanted to feel you


"Julian…" you whispered.

Your hand was resting on my broad chest,

Playfully sliding your fingers around the dark, plaid-patterned, cotton fabric.

Weaving beneath my shirt, you smiled cutely and cheekily spoken, "I've got you."

Without breaking our heated lip lock, I grinned too, "You do."

We willingly tossed the article of clothing

To the corner of her room

Where it lay abandoned.

We were absorbed in each other

The way it should be.