Unexpected Predicament

Sakura comes home to find the sprinklers have malfunctioned in her apartment building, but luckily her place was unaffected. Unfortunately for a certain silver haired captain, he was not so lucky. Being the kind teammate Sakura is, she offers him her place to stay while repairs are made. Will anything develop between these two as time progresses? A KakashiXSakura story.

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto!


Unfortunate Incident

The sun had long dipped behind the mountains surrounding Konoha village and hues of brilliant red laced through the evening sky. Sakura sighed slightly, her fingers roughly combing the knots from her long hair as she contemplated the assigned mission. Two weeks was not that long to be gone for, but it was the team that worried her. She'd never worked with them before and considering the level of the mission she didn't think that was a good idea. But Konoha was short of medics, something she knew best and she would help in whatever way possible. She always did and besides it couldn't be that bad. She bit back another sigh of annoyance. The captain had insisted on leaving tonight so now she was rushing home to pack and meet them at the gate. Well, relatively rushing she noted while her feet dragged along the dirt street. She thought it was ridiculous to leave at such a time, but again her opinion didn't matter.

She turned the corner, her heart sinking a little at being closer to home and thus, closer to leaving on her mission. Her sandal kicked a small pebble and she watched it bounce down the street, but faltered when she saw a large crowd gathered outside her apartment building. Her brow knitted in confusion and her pace quickened as she continued to observe the run down building. The emergency lights flashed with the fire department parked in front, but she couldn't see any trace of smoke anywhere. She spotted the familiar silver hair of Kakashi and made her way to his side.

"Hey, what happened?" Sakura asked with concern while inspecting the building again.

"The sprinkler systems malfunctioned." He informed her casually and Sakura gasped her eyes going wide.

"My stuff!" She croaked with panic swelling in her gut.

"Don't worry it only affected the third floor and down."

"Oh thank god." Sakura replied immediately relieved. "I always knew the top…" She faltered, looking at Kakashi and paled. "You're on the third floor." Sakura gasped and the sight of black garbage bags caught her attention. She was an idiot.

"I'm so sorry. What's going to happen?" She questioned while feeling mortified at how daft she could be sometimes.

"They'll fix it, but it'll take some time. They couldn't shut the sprinkler systems off for 20 minutes." Kakashi replied, his tone indifferent about the whole situation.

"Oh." She studied him, his hair and clothes damp and her insides squirmed with guilt. "Who are you staying with?" Kakashi's attention remained on the building as he shrugged his shoulders. "Oh." The crowd around them began to shuffle slowly inside while muttering angrily about the long wait outside.

"Hey why don't you stay with me?" Sakura offered brightly and Kakashi quirked an eyebrow in surprise. "I'm leaving for a mission tonight so you'll have the whole place to yourself. I'm sure you'd much rather prefer that then having to live with Naruto." She concluded with a grimace at remembering the last time she'd been to Naruto's place.

"You're sure you wouldn't mind?" Kakashi questioned somewhat apprehensively.

"Of course not." Sakura scoffed and grabbed one of the garbage bags from beside him. It was quite heavy for its size and she cringed at the thought of all his stuff sopping wet, but still thankful it wasn't hers. "C'mon." She called over her shoulder while following the last bit of people inside.

"Do you know how long it will take to fix?" She asked, her footsteps echoing through the stairwell.

"Management said about two weeks." He replied close behind her.

"See everything works out perfectly. I'll be gone for two weeks so you really will have the whole place to yourself." She stated and gave him a quick, reassuring smile over her shoulder. They fell silent and Sakura studied the aging linoleum and peeling acid green wallpaper. Their apartment building was one of the older ones in Konoha so it wasn't all that surprising that the sprinkler systems had malfunctioned. It was cheap rent and the place was usually quiet so she didn't complain.

Sakura opened her door and flushed when she saw her clean laundry still heaped on her couch. "You don't lock your door?" Kakashi asked curiously while closing it behind him and Sakura shrugged as she walked to the couch.

"I've never had anyone steal from me yet." She admitted while quickly gathering her underwear and bras first into the basket. She peeked over her shoulder to see Kakashi interested in the pictures on her wall and was thankful. "So I imagine it's probably not that much different from yours." She commented while placing the basket on her bed before returning to the living room.

"It's pretty similar." Kakashi remarked while lazily glancing around the apartment. This was the first time Kakashi had ever been in her place and somehow it felt awkward. He turned to face her with his hands in his pocket and they stood silent for a moment regarding each other. Sakura cleared her throat while averting her gaze.

"Well I have to pack so make yourself at home." She told him and went back to her room. She rolled her eyes throwing some clothes into an old worn bag. For god's sakes it's Kakashi. There's nothing to be nervous about.

She glanced around the room quickly to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything before stripping the mismatching sheets from her sagging bed. He might not appreciate pink sheets. Sakura thought as she grabbed crisp blue ones from the pile in her closet and hurriedly stretched them over the mattress.

"The fridge is somewhat full so you're welcome to eat anything you'd like since it would just go bad anyways." Sakura informed Kakashi who had taken a seat on one of the kitchen chairs. "And I just changed the sheets for you." She mumbled with a hint of a blush on her cheeks at the thought of him sleeping in her bed. She gave her head a bit of a shake to dispel the thoughts.

"I hope you don't mind finding things on your own. It should be pretty easy." Her muffled voice called as she rooted through one of the cupboards looking for her keys. "I think that's all…aha!" She exclaimed while jubilantly holding a tarnished key. Kakashi held an amused expression as she handed it to him.

"There's the spare key, but like I said no one's stolen from me yet so I wouldn't worry about locking the doors while you're around town." Kakashi nodded and Sakura fidgeted with the pack on the table. "When you do move back into your apartment if you wouldn't mind locking the door then."

"All right." They were silent again and Sakura bit her bottom lip while looking at him.

"Well…I guess I'll see you in two weeks." She slipped her bag over her shoulder and headed towards the door.

"Yeah." She glanced over her apartment one last time to make sure she had everything.

"Sakura." Kakashi called out and she paused turning to face him. "Thank you." Sakura smiled warmly at him.

"You're welcome Kakashi."

And let the mayhem begin XD Cheers,