Chapter One: Red Dreams

Blood lay everywhere, but no one was there. Allen walked confused through the hallway, it looked vaguely familiar. He couldn't quite remember where he saw it though. "STOP!" he heard someone scream. "Lenalee" Allen said surprised, and ran towards the door. He opened it, but there was only more blood. This time however, there was a body. Two, to be precise. One up-right, and the other holding a bloody corpse, the body of Lenalee. "Bastard! Who are you? What'd you do to Lenalee?" yelled Allen eyes wide. "Innocence Activate" yelled Allen not waiting for answers, but nothing happened. "Innocence? You don't have innocence, do you?" said the man. "What?" said Allen, looking at his hand. "Why won't it transform?" thought Allen. "Why won't it transform? Has it ever really transformed for you? Isn't it dangerous for you to be having that arm?" said the man still not facing Allen. "What are you talking about?" said Allen thinking he looked familiar. "Innocence is like poison to Akuma isn't it?" said the man, and Allen screamed and grabbed his arm. He noticed stars forming on his body, and he screamed again as his arm fall off. "W-why?" he managed to say through the pain, as his arm lay beside him. "Why? Because you're an Akuma, is why" said the man. "I'm n-not, I'm not an A-Akuma" said Allen weakly. "Whatever, it's fine as it is now" said the man with a sigh. "Who are you?" said Allen. "Who am I? That's a strange question to ask" said the man laughing, and his silver heard turned. "I'm you, or more precisely, you're me" said the man. Allen's eyes grew wide as he looked at a mirror reflection of himself, or so he thought. Upon second look he release, the man had a more brown colored skin, like a Noah. "A Noah? Let go Lenalee, you bastard" said Allen getting up, but he fell back down. "Let go of her? I guess I haven't got a choice, have I?" said the Noah, and dropped her. "When the time comes, it comes, 'till then wait patiently for me, partner" said the Noah with a smile and walked off.

Allen jolted up in bed. Sweat ran down his face, as he rembered all the events of the dream. "Lenalee!" yelled Allen and jumped up, rushing towards Lenalee's room. He pulled open his door, and saw long bluish hair walking through the hallway. "Lenalee!" yelled Allen and grabbed her by the shoulder, turning her around into him. She was safe, at least for now, or so thought Allen. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" yelled a voice, and punched Allen in the face. "Ha?" said Allen, and looked up at an angry Kanda. "Bean sprout, you" said Kanda stumbling over his words, with a twitch in his forehead. "Kanda, oh, you…um…got it mistaken?" said Allen. "BASTARD!" yelled Kanda and unsheathed his sword. Allen screamed and got up to run for it, knowing Kanda was dangerous like this. "WAIT!" yelled Kanda, "NO!" yelled back Allen as they begin running through the Black Order.

"That was horrible" said Allen out of breathe after finally avoiding Kanda. "Still, I wonder where Lenalee is, I have bad feeling about that dream last night" thought Allen rembering the Noah, or, him? Did it have something to do with the 14th. He rembered what his master told him, that he would soon have to kill the people he loved. "Where'd she go?" said Allen uneasy walking off.

After searching for a while, he decided to ask Koumi. "Lenalee? She got a mission last night, and had to leave right away. There has been an unusually large amount of Akuma appearances in China recently, so we sent Lenalee to go check it out" announced Koumi. "I see" said Allen, disappointed. "Is something wrong?" asked Koumi noticing the look on Allen's face. "Oh, no nothing, sorry for bothering you" said Allen with a forced smile as he walked out. "Lenalee" thought Allen as he walked away.

A couple of nights passed, and Lenalee still didn't return. Normally it wouldn't worry him too much, as it has happened before, but it was different this time. He had that dream every night, but every night the Noah's face seemed differently. Like they were just doing the same things over and over, and sometimes the Noah would even laugh on his way out. He decided not to ask, because he knew that the conversation between him and his master, the last conversation between them, was listened to by those spies. He was sure Koumi knew, which meant that others might know as well, maybe even, Lenalee. There were times he could tell, like whenever he felt bad, everyone seemed to watch him. They tried to act the same, but they weren't the same. He didn't want to bring it up, he'd rather run away from it, for now.

After a couple more nights, in which the dreams continued, he was called to Komui's office. He walked in and was surprised to see Kanda, Lavi, and Bookman there as well. "What's everyone gathered for?" said Allen curiously. "A mission" said Koumi with a serious look. "Eh?" said Allen. "We haven't received contact from Lenalee and the others, so we're sending you as a back-up group, be prepared for the worst" said Komui. "What do you mean? Prepared for the worst? Did something happen?" asked Allen, panicking. "No, nothing happened, it's just that place, it's not normal" said Komui. "I see" said Allen looking down, thinking back to his dream. "All of us are going?" asked Kanda, not looking very pleased. "No, not just you" said Komui "Look by the door". There was a young man with ash blonde hair standing there, who was steadily looking at the ground, despite being announced. "Who's he?" said Lavi. "His name is Stephen, he is a new exorcist" said Komui. "Eh?" said everyone surprised. Stephen didn't look up still, not seeming to care, or maybe not even noticed that he was being introduced. "He's new, but he is very skilled with Innocence, he is also familiar with the town you're going too, so let him guide you" said Komui with a smile. "That said, have a nice trip" said Komui waiting. Stephen got up and walked out of the door. "He finally moved, he was like a statue" said Lavi. "Ah" agreed Allen. Komui just sneered and walked out. "Hurry up, idiots" said Bookman and Lavi and Allen followed. "Stephen, take care of Kanda, he's an idiot" said Komui still waving like a girl, "DON'T SINGLE ME OUT!" yelled Kanda.

"Nice to meet you I'm Allen Walker" said Allen looking at the new guy. "Yeah" said Stephen and just kept walking. "Not very talkative" thought Allen with a smile, and they headed towards China. After about thirty minutes of walking they arrived at a train station. "We'll be taking these trains to South China, from there we'll walk a while and reach a village known as Kanon, which was mostly wiped out by Akuma a couple of weeks back." Said Stephen and boarded the train. Allen followed on, as did the others.

They had been driving about three hours now, and rain was coming down where they were at. Lavi had fallen asleep, Kanda was angrily mediating in the corner after the train coordinator mistaked him as a girl, and Bookman was studying something. Allen looked out into the rain and remembered Lenalee. He couldn't help but feel uneasy, picturing the Noah and the conditions of the village she was in, why hadn't she sent a message back in? Could she be….no, that couldn't be it, could it?. "Damn it, I feel helpless again" said Allen, looking down. "You" said Stephen, as Allen looked up surprised at his first non-business word "You're eye it's not normal, is it?".

"No, it's cursed, because of it I can see the souls of Akuma though" said Allen with a smile for the last part. "I see, cursed, huh?" said Stephen looking out of the window. "Huh? What's wrong?" said Allen. "Nothing, we're almost here" said Stephen as he stood up. "Eh? The train isn't slowing down though?" said Allen. "It's not going to" stated Stephen, like it was normal walking over to a door. "Don't tell me…" said Allen. "Wake up the Junior Bookman, we're about to jump" said Stephen. "What happened to first class?" thought Allen.

After successfully jumping off of a train, they continued their way towards the village. After two hours they reached the village. "This is Kanon" said Stephen stopping at an old west ghost-like town. "Damn, why's it gotta look like this?" said Lavi with a disappointed smile. "Just go" said Bookman walking past him. "Lenalee" thought Allen as he walked into the town. The first sign they met was bad, a Pentagram was on the wall of every building. "Lenalee" yelled Alan, bursting into the first building, as everyone begin going through random buildings. The second sign was worst than the first, blood covered every hall. "This is" said Allen, and pictured the dream, and the hallways covered in blood. "Shit" yelled Allen and run out, then ran into the giant church up top of the hill. He ran into it, and the third sign was the worst. Human bodies scattered everywhere, or rather parts of the human bodies scattered everywhere. "This can't be" thought Allen "Lenalee!" he yelled, and turned right into someone. "Ow" thought Allen, "Ow" said another voice. He looked up and saw Lenalee.

"Lenalee? Is that you" said Allen looking shocked. "Yes, what are you doing here Allen?" said Lenalee rubbing her head. "Yes! You're safe" yelled Allen, and grabbed her jumping around. "What are you doing? Put me down" said Lenalee with a blush. Allen stopped and realized he was prancing around holding Lenalee. "Sorry" said Allen with a blush as he put her down. Now that he looked around closely, the hall didn't look the same, and it never had human bodies in it. "Lenalee!" said Lavi with a sigh of relief, as everyone else walked in. "So you're safe" said Lavi, walking up with a smile. "Yeah, our golems were destroyed by a Level Two, but we finished him off" said Lenalee. "I see, that explains" said Allen. "Well now that we now you're safe, we should report back to Koumi, and inform him, he's been worried" said Bookman. "Okay" said Lenalee with a smile. "By the way, Lenalee where have you been sleeping? Why are all these halls still covered with blood?" asked Allen. "We're sleeping in a small hut over by the hill east of here, because the finders were studying it, they wanted to leave everything the same till they finished" answered Lenalee. "I see" said Allen. "Anyways, should we get out of here for now" said Lenalee "there are several houses over the hill". Everyone agreed to get away from the blood soaked town.

"If that was nothing, what was that dream?" though Allen laying in bed as he drifted of to sleep.

Blood lay everywhere, but there were no bodies. Allen heard something, someone crying. "Why's someone crying?" thought Allen as he opened the door. He saw Lenalee crying in the middle of the room. "Lenalee" yelled Allen as he ran towards her. "What's wrong?" said Allen reaching his hands out for her, "I wouldn't do that if I were you" said a voice. Allen turned around to see himself. "You're…." said Allen. "You shouldn't touch her, she might die" said the Noah. "Why?" said Allen. "Because you and Innocence aren't nessairly compatible, haven't I told you?" said the Noah pointing to his arm. Allen looked down to realize, his arm was no longer there. "Where's my arm? When did you? Who are you? Answer me!" yelled Allen. The Noah laughed "I told you, I am you, though that's not quite right. Let me explain, I am the fourteenth, pleased to use your body" said the Noah with a bow. "The fourteenth" said Allen looking down. "BASTARD!" yelled Allen and went to punch the Noah, and hit him right in the face. The Noah smiled as he staggered a little, and Allen begun to cough up blood. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, I'm more than a part of you than you can imagine, enough to even affect you now. Don't you remember what happened with the level four Akuma? Your own weapon betrayed you, didn't it? It's all because of me, I am now a part of you, roommate" said the Noah with a smile. Allen fell backwards, and looked over at Lenalee. "Why should I not touch Lenalee?" said Allen looking over at her, who was stilly crying and not even taking notice of her surroundings. "Because it's not time yet, if you touch her you will stop the balance of time, and ultimately destroy it. Ironic isn't it, Destroyer of Time. I can't have that happen just yet, so I've been paying some visits to you, to get closer to you, and…" said Noah grabbing Allen by his shirt and pulling him to his now pure black face "to take you over". He dropped Allen, and begun to walk out of the room. "Don't die yet, roommate, it'll be troublesome for both me, and that damn fat ass" said the Noah. "Fat? Do you mean the Millennium Earl?" called out Allen, but the place had already vanished.

Allen jolted up in the bed. "What the hell was that dream for?" thought Allen putting his hand on my face. "Is my time almost up?" said Allen as he buried his head into the sheets.