Note: For those of you who don't know much about the bible, there are passages that hint at being three Heavens, I'm no expert on it or anything, but there have been people who have studied to prove it, I'm not aware of how far it's gone, or why there are three. The first has been referred to as just "Heaven", the second "Paradise', and the third "The City". On a side note it is often debated on whether Noah was really that great of a person, as he was described as righteous in his generation. His generation was filled with wicked people, things like he did not pray for those about to be destroyed, thought Abraham prayed for those in Sodom and Gomorrah (the city that burned down because it was so wicked). It is also guessed that he delibaterly stretched the period of time he took the building of the ark in order to give sinners time to repent, which would be against God's will. Take it how you want, though it would take a long time to build that freakin' big of an ark anyways. Oh, and the AllenxLenlaee moments WILL come, just wait for them.

Chapter Ten: Crossroads

It was a green field. It looked like a paradise, but it was empty. Allen got up and looked around, unaware of where he was. He remembered that he had died, the Noah had taken over his body. He got up, and looked around, for something he could find. "So you've awoken, Allen Walker" said a voice, and he turned around. It was a bright figure, and Allen had to squint his eyes to look properly. He had never seen the face before, but he knew who it was. It was God.


"That's right, I'm God."

"Does that mean I'm in Heaven?"
"To an extent."


"You're in the second Heaven."

"Second Heaven?"

"That's right, this Heaven is known as Paradise, it's a beautiful place, though no one's allowed here."

"Why am I here?"

"You're not just an Angel, you're an Exorcist. Even though your Innocence has been destroyed, you still once had Innocence embedded in you. I embedded in you myself, in hopes of you defeating The Millennium Earl. However Gabriel learned too much about his past, and he ruined all of our plans. Ever since my son died, things have token a turn for the worst. I hoped you could stop that, but I was wrong. Exorcists, they fought blindly in my name, they followed me knowing nothing. They were told, "these people are evil, kill them and save the world and your loved ones" and went off doing as they were told. In reality, it wasn't true, you were simply a tool. I need to get rid of Lucifer and the Earl to make this a better place, for everyone. Sacrifices must be made, it's the basics for everything in life. Originally there was two Heavens, the World was built, and Lucifer went free, and I separated them into three. In fear of my own life, I resided in the third, lower Angels guarded the first, while the top Angels guarded the third. The second was for my own experiments with Innocence, because I knew the same thing that helped those two, could destroy those two. So I tested entering it in humans, at first it was too much for them, we went through hundreds, and we finally got a successful formula."

"What do you mean, went through hundreds?"

"Like I said, sacrifices must be made. It shouldn't be anything new to you, your higher-ups knew this, they tried to do the same thing I did."

"You mean like the Fallen Ones?"

"Yes, that happened a lot when forced in. The body would reject it and try to kill it, which would cause the cells in the body to go haywire, and it would end up destroying the body, with the Innocence itself being the one to destroy it. Anyways, it seemed that Lucifer had an agent left hiding in Heaven, and he learned about all the experiments. He contacted Lucifer, and told him how to do it. Lucifer begin rallying up humans, and managed to create an even larger army to follow him. Meanwhile, the World had turned into a mess. There was only one good man left, a man named Noah. I told him that I was going to flood an Earth, and to build an ark big enough to hold a male and female of every animal, and his family. He obeyed me, but he wasn't happy about it. He kept asking me if there was any other way, and I kept telling him there wasn't. Earl had taken notice of Lucifer's recent actions, and had confronted him. Though they had separate goals, they had one thing in common, they wanted to kill me. Lucifer told Earl how to inject them in humans, and Earl had already made a large amount of Akumas. I decided to bestow Innocence onto Noah and his family, in order to help stop some of the wickedness of the world. However; one of his son's died, and his family went through a great deal of pain. Noah wanted to spend some time grieving; however I ordered him to keep building the ship. There wasn't time to rest, and I also ordered his family to continue to kill Akuma, as it was something that needed to be done. I told them sacrifices needed to be made. They continued to battle, and the Akuma greatly decreased, but Earl just kept making more, while Lucifer begin to step back into the shadows. I didn't know what Lucifer was doing at the time, but I was focusing on having Noah stop Earl. In the end I turned Noah's son into a Fallen One, and had him use the full power of the Innocence to defeat Earl. Earl retreated, injured, and the world was flooded. Noah came back out, with only two sons left, their wives, and his own wife."

"So you killed his own son!?"

"Noah was very saddened by the loss of two of his sons, and the loss of human population around him. The human population was begging to rise in numbers after a while, and Noah still had plenty of years left. He ended up taking his sorrow into drinking, and fell even further. By now Earl had recovered, and they had to once again kill Akuma. Something unexpected happened though, a migration from the East started, with a large group of people coming to over this way. They all came to Babel, a historical city, and begin building a tower to get to Heaven. They were all Akuma."


"Some were weak, and some were very strong. Noah couldn't handle them on his own, but he rushed in, and I needed Noah, so I ended up creating a language barrier to surprise them, and turned his family into Fallen Ones. I knew it was Lucifer's plan, and I played right into it. Noah couldn't take it anymore, and begin to reject me. I overlooked one thing in that time, The Millennium Earl. He took the same approach Lucifer took, and offered him the chance to bring back his loved ones, just by shouting their name. Noah's Innocence reacted because of me controlling it, but Earl managed to defeat it, and all the spirits killed Noah and took his body. From then, Noah lived as a weary old man, sick and on the verge of death, having trouble containing all the spirits inside of his body. The Earl was pushing the limits with Innocence, and he was near his death. However, the Earl made him find Whores and produce offspring. Because of the way Earl injected the Innocence, it had become a part of his body, and traveled in his seeds. His babies were born, cursed by the mix of Innocence and genes, seemed to be Superhuman. Earl used a brainwashing method to haunt them with Noah's emotions, each a different one, but all hating me. They would never forgive me for what I've done, though I was only trying to do what was right."

"That's meaningless! You're going to kill some people, so some other people can life. What about the people that died? What about Noah's feeling? Humans are tools, there alive and have emotions you can't just use them!"

"You have to look at the bigger picture, Noah was selfish and wouldn't do that. He died a lonesome and bitter man, accepting help from Earl and all the drugs he could take. His children followed Earl no matter what, and have never forgotten the pain that has been engraved in their mind. However by this time, something needed to be done with the world, so I sent my son down here. Lucifer was considered with overthrowing me, and hated the idea of Jesus saving people, while The Earl steered clear of him and continued doing what he was doing. Jesus was near his death, when the finally met. Earl asked him during his crucifixion if he would like to be saved, as enough people have already died for me. My son refused; however Earl had undergone a new idea of what he planned on doing. He would ressercuted his sister, and everyone else and overthrow me, but would leave the world free, where Lucifer wanted to take my place. Gabriel wasn't alive yet, but this was the start of the change he hated. Earl left Jesus up to Lucifer, but Jesus ended up dying and fulfilling my wish. Lucifer was outraged, but continued with what he wanted to do. After a while, Gabriel was born, and had the worst trait yet, the Noah of Time. His abilities were extremely powerful, though he couldn't go back in time or travel to the future, his powers were hard for the Exorcist to handle. He ended up learning all about what the Earl wanted to do though, and thought the world would fall without that much order. He met with Lucifer, but disagreed with him too. He ended up seeking out Cain, who was doomed to wander the Earth for eternity due to committing the first murder of his brother. He confronted him about any possible meetings with his father or mother, and he denied them. I knew about it too, and I told them not too several times. Abel and Cain and even forgiven each other. Gabriel ended up finding out how Adam, Eve, and Abel got from Heaven to Earth, and used Innocence to get himself up here."

"Innocence can take you to Heaven!?"

"Yes, though it isn't a simple task, nothing you could do. He confronted them about their betraying of God, their believes, and any information he could get. Abel refused to give them any, and he ended up striking Eve for yelling at him to leave, Abel jumped at him, and quickly fell victim to Gabriel's strength. It was the first death in Heaven since that day that Lucifer betrayed me. He ended up coming to me after leaving them, and confronted me about everything. He wanted to lead the World himself, as he could do it unbiased. I refused, and told him to leave Heaven, and he didn't belong here. He left, but offered to work with me and kill Earl. I told him I would contact him at a certain place, but Lucifer and Earl joined forces and killed him that night. He had already made contact with his brother, who had stayed out of the battle, but knew about it. He gave him his Innocence and told him of a way to restore him, and you just happened to be the first person Mana came across. Of course, Earl didn't know about this at the time, and left you alive after you killed Mana, not knowing of what would happen. Of course when you kill an Akuma soul, there gone just like Earl's sister, so I couldn't even speak to Mana. However it took them too long to find out about you, and things played out, and Gabriel returned, and now you're dead. Gabriel is probably looking for Cain as we speak, to get back here, as his power is still recovering. Two Noahs recently made contact with him already. That's why, you're left here. This is where the Exorcists go when they die, a paradise with no one around."

"What do you mean? I can't just sit here and let this happen!? I have to protect my friends, I can't let you use them and throw them away!"

"Things like that are necessary."

"That's bullshit! Something built of sacrifices is meangiless! You don't kill people to save them!"

"If I did that, then everyone will just die!"

"You're going about this all wrong! There's other ways to do this!"

"This is the best way, there's nothing more that you can do. Goodbye, Allen Walker" said God as his figure begin to vanish.

"WAIT!" yelled Allen and ran at him, but he was gone.

"DAMN!" yelled Allen and punched the ground.

He remembered when he first got there, the first time he was attacked by Kanda and met Lenalee. She told him that Headquarters were like home to Exorcist. It had surely begin to felt like one, but now he could never go back to it. He could never see Lenalee or anyone else again. He could never return back home.
"Damn it…" whispered Allen falling down into defeat.


Lenalee turned once again, unable to sleep. She didn't think it was right to sleep at a time like this, yet there was nothing more for her to do.

She kept remembering the dark face of Allen, one that looked nothing like Allen, but it was on Allen's body. She knew all about what happened, everyone knew about it knew. Allen had died, and the Noah inside him had taken over. She felt a tear form in the corner of her eye remembering it, but blinked it away. She couldn't just cry about it, there had to be something she could do.

She got up feeling determined, but sat back down again. She had no idea what she could do, Allen needed her more than ever now, but she couldn't do anything. Allen might even be dead, she thought feeling defeated. She remembered that smile he always seemed to have, even when things were going bad he would always smile at her. She felt tears coming down her face again remembering the smile she would never get to see.

She would have cried in bed all night, but a sudden knock on her door and quick open startled her.

"What is it?" said Lenalee wiping her eyes a bit.

"Lenalee….Miranda….is dead" said Komui looking down at his red-eyed sister.

"Dead?" said Lenalee shocked.

"The injuries were to severe, there was nothing we could do…." said Komui slowly, seeming to still try and accept the information himself.

They both ran over to the emergency room.

Lenalee noticed Lavi was now awake, and also standing by the bed along with Krory and Bookman.

"Lenalee.." said Lavi looking up at her.

She looked over at Miranda, who was still laying there ready for operation.

Lenalee fell down to her knees, and begin to cry louder than before. They had lost two members today, not to mention the death of nearly half of the finders and several members of the science team. It was all to hard to take.


They spent most of the night crying together, and the funeral was held in the morning. It wasn't held for anyone specific, of course Miranda was mentioned the most being an Exorcist, but it wasn't all about her either. Lenalee didn't pay much attention to it, even when her brother got up and gave a speech to re-encourage them. She was thinking of Allen still.

The fact that he couldn't be here for this, that he couldn't be here for Miranda's death. She felt tears still streaming down her face, she had been crying constantly for the last couple of hours. It was too much to take. She fell back down again, crying some more. People noticed, but they didn't say anything. She was close to Miranda, and she was always with Allen. Some people turned their heads, but it didn't matter to her, she couldn't help but cry. She felt helpless again, and this time Allen was no where around.

Lavi looked over at her, and then looked down. He wanted to comfort her, but he didn't know if there was anything he could say. What could they do at this time. They sat through the rest of the funeral, crying.


Lavi walked over beneath a tree, and sat back against it. The funeral was over, and everyone went off their own ways. Lenalee seamed the worst of all, and went to her room, still crying. He had woken to the news of Allen and Miranda both being dead, and Allen's body was being used by a Noah as well. To make things worse, he could hardly walk without feeling pain in his spine, the stab had really done some damage on him. He saw Bookman walking over to him.

"What do you want, old man?" asked Lavi closing his eyes.

"You do still remember, don't you? You're not a disciple of God, you're merely here to record history, you're with God cause you benefit the most from it, nothing more".

"I know, I'm doing my job, stop brining up pointless issues".

"It's not pointless. There's something I need to tell you, and I wanted you to remember where you stand".

"Huh?" said Lavi now opening his eye.

"You're spine injury is more serious then we thought at first, you can no longer be an Exorcist".

"What!? What do you mean, it won't recover!?" said Lavi jumping up, only to nearly fall back.

"Even if it recovers, you'll probably never be able to be in combat again. Another injury to you're spine, and it'll break".

"Break?" said Lavi, taking all of this in.

"You should try to become a Finder, the minimal amount of combat and you should be able to stay alive and still record history, it's the best option for you now".

"A finder? I can't just do that, I'm an Exorcist!" yelled Lavi, and stopped surprise by his own words.

"….Do you know what you're saying? You're not an Exorcist, you're the next Bookman. Don't forget that, "Lavi"" said Bookman as he walked away.

Lavi fell back down, not wanting to believe the information in front of him. He could either abandon all the people that trust him and work away from the battlefields, or continue on and die.


"What a fucking weird place we've chosen this time" said Gabriel pushing pasts some skulls hanging up on the curtains.

"Hiding out in New Orleans now, you sure move a lot, Cain" said Gabriel sitting across from an old and ragged looking man with a strange mark on his head.

"Well, I kinda have to in all, people like you are after me anyways" said Cain.

"Well, you know why I'm here, don't you" said Gabriel looking serious now.

"You want to go to Heaven as soon as possible, but you don't have the Innocence for it?"

"That's right, you have some don't you."

"I did, but they took it."

"Which one?"

"Tyki and Road."

"I always hated Road."

"That's a problem, she was in love with the former guy."

"That's just weird."

"Well, they took it a couple of days again, but I don't know what they want to do with it" he said now standing up.

"I've been here for a week, it's about time a left" said Cain taking down all the Voodoo stuff.

"The life of a rolling stone, huh?" said Gabriel getting up.

"Thanks for the information, and your father sends his regards" said Gabriel.

"…Thanks" said Cain.


"Earl!" said Road jumping onto the back of the fatman himself.

"Road, Tyki you've returned!" said Earl looking back.

"Yeah, and we got the Innocence from Cain" said Road.

"Good, now Gabriel will come after us! Even thought we're gonna use it by then" said Earl with a smile.

"Damn kid causes a lot of trouble" said Tyki with a sigh.

"I've got another job for you two, I need you to arrange a meeting with someone" said Earl.

"Who's that?" said Tyki.

"I'd like to meet the Devil again" said Earl with an even bigger smile.


Lavi fell back down again, with his hammer falling beside him. It seemed he was able to jump further than before, though his spine was ringing a bit, he knew that was going to happen. He refuses to just give in and stop fighting, even as a Bookman his best place is on the battlefield, that's where he can get all the data. And….

His thoughts were interrupted by someone looking down at him.

"Huh?" said Lavi looking up and seeing Lenalee looking down at him. Her eyes were still red, though she looked a bit better now.

"Did you call for me, Komui?" said Kanda walking into the office.

"That's right, there's an order from the higher ups. I have to give someone a job, and you're the only person that I think can do it" said Komui.
"What is it?"

"I need to you to track down the Noah in Allen's body, and kill it" said Komui looking him straight in the eyes.

"….Alright" said Kanda and walked out of the door.

Komui sighed, and took a sip of his coffee. He knew that Komui was going to follow the orders, he was the only one who would understand, even if he didn't want to do it, it had to be done.

Lavi blushed looking up at Lenlaee's face, noticing they were kind of close.

"What is it?" said Lavi backing up a bit.

"I heard…about your condition" said Lenalee looking to the side.

"Oh…" said Lavi unsure of what to say.

"You're going to keep trying to be an Exorcist, despite that aren't you?" said Lenalee knowingly.

"Yeah, I can't just sit on the side lines" said Lavi.

"We can get back Allen together then!" said Lenalee standing up straighter.

"Huh?" said Lavi looking up at her now.

"I'm sure that we can still save Allen, there has to be a way to do it. I'll train to become stronger too, then we can save him together" said Lenalee with a smile.

"Yeah, we can still save him" said Lavi with a smile as well.

"I'm going to go train as well then" said Lenalee walking away and smiling as she waved goodbye.

Lavi blushed even harder at her big smile.

He picked up his hammer and continued training.


Allen stopped walking and sat down, looking over the green hill. The sigh was beautiful as he looked at the full moon over the water, yet he hated the sight. He looked away from it, and down into the lake. He had walked all day in this so called paradise, and hadn't found anything. He put his head onto his knees and sighed, thinking of what could have happened to Lenalee after he left, what if the Noah, or Gabriel is what God called him, betrayed him. If Lenalee was dead because of him being unable to fight the Noah, he…

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden sound, he looked over and saw a green portal rip into the air. He looked and saw some legs get out, and it seemed to be a fat figure. He got up to his stomach, and seemed to be wiggling around.

"He's stuck!?" thought Allen with a sweat drop on the back of his head. The figure plopped out, and The Millennium Earl was sitting on the ground in front of him.

"Earl!?" yelled Allen jumping back.

"Good evening" said Earl standing up and wiping off his pants.

"How'd you get here?" said Allen.

"I borrowed some powerful Innocence from Cain, though God doesn't think Cain would give it to him, Cain is different from what he believes" said Earl.

"What do you want here?"

"I want you to come with me" said Earl.

"Come with you?"

"That's right, after all you don't want to be stuck here do you. You can return to the world you want to be in, see the people you want to see, as long as you come with me. Do you really still trust your God, or do you realize you're mistake?"

Allen had always been told what was good and what was evil, but everything he knew seemed to be a lie. He stood up, and walked into the portal the Earl came from without a word. Earl chuckled and followed.

The first thing he was met with was a flying figure, and he felt someone's lips pressed against his.

"ROAD!" yelled Earl's Umbrella jumping around.

"Not again" said Tyki shaking his head.

"Welcome back, Allen!" said Road now hugging him.

"Huh? Road!?" said Allen surprised as Earl stepped behind him from the portal.

"It seems were in a position where we'll work together this time, boy" said Tyki looking at him with a smile.

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