Kasek: So I decided to make this a full-fledged story...... because I really want an excuse to write for certain characters that will appear later on

Anyways, for those of you who don't read my "Sandbox", this is a Naruto/One Piece crossover with elements from other series, the most prominent of which is Fullmetal Alchemist. Others in this chapter include Dragonball and a small reference to Rosario To Vampire, with another reference to R+V at a later date.

.........it just got stuck in my head, alright? A lot of ideas do. Sorry to those who want me to continue previous works, but I just get like this a lot. Let's just say I'm a little messed up in the head, mm?

Also, please excuse me if I don't get certain characters right. It's been a while since I've read about most of these guys, so I'm trying to keep loyal to what I remember.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or concepts that I have borrowed from other series.

Young, six-year old Naruto cried to himself on his bed in his own apartment. His tears poured over the dried blood on his arms, washing some of it away. "Why... why do they hurt me? What did I do...?"

A deep voice called out to him from the darkness. "Do you not like being hurt?"

The boy looked around his apartment frantically. "Wh-who's there? Are you going to hurt me too?"

It chuckled. "Depends on your definition of hurt... no, not really, I'm here to offer you a deal." Three flames appeared in front of Naruto's eyes, and in a flash of light, the flames were gone, and in their place were three fruits, sitting on his bed. Naruto looked at them- the one on the left was a violet melon of some sort, with many swirls on it. The one in the middle looked like a cross between a raspberry and a pineapple, again with swirls on it. The last one looked like a red pepper, but it too had the swirl designs on it. Naruto gulped as he looked at them.

"Wh-what's with the fruit?"

The voice chuckled again. "These fruit can each protect you from harm... but you may only eat one. Oh, and... I don't think I'm going to tell you what each one does. It's more fun that way."

Naruto stared at the fruit intensely. "Wh-what do you get out of all this?"

It was silent for a moment before responding. "...let's just say that I am someone who would be very inconvenienced by your dying."

The blond boy nodded, and after a moment, reached out for the middle fruit. "Well, I don't like melons... and I don't like peppers... so I'll just have to try this one." He took a bite out of it, and was immediately assaulted by how horrible it tasted. Instead of spitting it out, however, he swallowed the piece as fast as he could. "Ugh! That tasted horrible!"

In a flash of fire, the remaining fruit all disappeared, and Naruto shivered as he sat there. "Umm... so what now?"

The voice paused for another moment before responding. "That was something I call the Bara Bara Fruit. It gives you the power to split any part of your body in any way you can think away from the rest of your body and control it as it flies through the air... except for your feet, anyways. The fruit's powers are automatically activated if someone tries to cut you, but you can activate it manually as well."

Naruto sniffed- his nose was still running from when he was crying. "So, like... I can't be cut anymore?"

It sighed. "Yes, you can't be cut. That is the biggest advantage of this fruit. There are other advantages as well, as I'm sure you will discover. Why don't you try to separate your hand from your body?"

Naruto held his hand in front of himself and concetrated. Slowly but surely, his hand came clean off of his arm and was floating in front of him. Just by thinking about it, he was able to make it move up and down, left and right, and was also able to get the hand itself to move as if it were still attached to himself. He made it go to the cupboard far from his bed, hoping to open it. However, just before it reached the cupboard, it just stopped in mid-air. Naruto was obviously confused. "What gives?"

The voice, to Naruto, almost felt like it rolled its eyes. "You can only control your body parts up to a certain distance from your feet. They cannot leave that radius under your own power, and if they are forcibly removed from that radius, they stop functioning, though they won't die on you through the power of the fruit. With time and training, though, you can expand the radius. You have plenty of time before you will be expected to face a life or death situation, so you can start anytime you want."

The blond nodded. "Okay... hey, do you have a name I can call you by?"

It paused for a moment. "I suppose... you can call me Kuyou."

Naruto smiled. "Thanks for giving me this power... Kuyou-sensei."


A year later


Young seven-year-old Sasuke punched and kicked the padded training log as hard as he could, giving into the anger he felt at his brother. "I'll kill him... I have to kill him!"

A voice called out to him. "Oh... such a young person, and to be consumed by such rage..."

Sasuke stopped and whirled around, glaring at the offender who had walked into the Uchiha private training grounds. He was an older man, with slicked back black hair, a few strands a few strands of which were on his forehead. He also had a not-too-thin mustache, a blue and white military-looking uniform, and lastly an eyepatch on his left eye. "Who are you? What do you want from me?"

The man smiled. "I was attracted by a high degree of anger, and so I came looking for the source. And here, I find you. Tell me, boy, what has you so worked up?"

Sasuke grit his teeth. "My brother... I need to kill him so I can avenge my clan... but... I'm so weak! He graduated from the Academy at the age of five, yet I... I'm still there! And I'm going to be stuck there for years! I need power!"

The older man merely continued smiling. "Is that so...? How would you like to get power, then?"

The Uchiha boy narrowed his eyes- something was wrong with this man... "Power can't be just given away..."

A laugh came from the man. "Is that so? What if I told you that I can give you power? I can turn your entire body into a blade to cut your enemies with... if you want me to, anyways."

Sasuke eyed the man carefully. Well, he had to have lost his eye somehow... maybe he was a combat pro? "Who... are you?"

This time it was a chuckle. "I may not look like it, but I am the very incarnation of Wrath..." He held out his hand, and it was covered in flames- when the flames disappeared a few moments later, there was what appeared to be... a purple orange, with swirl designs on it in his hand. "...and this is the incarnation of my power. Take it, and swallow one piece, and you shall be given my power."

The black-haired boy gulped, and grabbed the fruit from the man's hands. "....I'm not going to lose my soul or anything, am I?"

'Wrath' chuckled again. "No, no. I think the only possible side effect would be that you might be a bit more... wrathful, than a normal human. But you've already got that covered, don't you?"

Young Sasuke narrowed his eyes for a moment, and then, closing them, took a bite out of the fruit and swallowed near-instantly from the bad taste. He shook his head in disgust. "Couldn't you have made it taste better?"

Wrath merely smiled. "Not really..." Sasuke's eyes widened when he saw the man beginning to tun into dust that blew right towards him, pelting him. He shielded his eyes, and when he felt that it was over, he saw that Wrath was gone, along with the fruit.

"Where did he...? Was I just hallucinating?" He looked at his hand, and on an instinct willed it to turn into a blade like the man had said- and the sides of his hand really did turn into blades, as well as the bottoms of his fingers. The boy smirked- things were going to be more interesting from now on.


A few years later


A white-clad Lee pelted the training log with even more kicks. "199... 200!"

He heard a muffled clapping from nearby, and he also heard a childlike voice. "Oh, you're good!"

Lee decided a small break couldn't hurt too much, considering he was exhausted, so he decided to stop and talk to whoever was clapping. When he turned, however, what he saw was not what he was expecting. Standing there was a pink.... person. He was by no means human- the pink skin and the antenna on top of his head instead of hair attested to that. He was very large, not exceedingly so in height but definitely in fat. His eyes were extremely narrow, and almost seemed closed. He seemed to have holes in his arms, and also had holes instead of ears and around his antenna. He was wearing a black vest with gold trim, golden two-pronged gloves, golden boots, and white, poofy pants with a black belt with a golden buckle that had a stylish "M" on it. Lastly, he had a purple cape, tied in front of his neck (or lack thereof).

The boy was confused. "Who.... are you?"

The being smiled at the boy. "Me Majin Buu! Me like you!"

Lee tilted his head. "Dwah...?"

'Buu' nodded. "You work hard! Have fun working! Me couldn't do that!" He held out his gloved hand, and it was covered in flames for a moment. The flames passed, and he had in his hands what looked like a violet melon with many swirls on it. "Here, eat! Make you like me!"

Lee shivered at the thought. "Like... you?"

The Majin nodded. "Yep! Make you veeeeery stretchy, like so!" He pulled on his cheek, and it stretched with his hand, to a quite a distance farther than any cheek normally could. He let go, and it snapped back into place. "Very good for fighting!"

Lee thought about it for a moment. "Being super-stretchy means that... I could use all sorts of new taijutsu techniques, unique to me... I would have more of a chance to become a shinobi with taijutsu alone... but... I wanted to become a shinobi with hard work..."

Buu tilted his head. "Still work hard to be strong, fast. Just stretchy too!"

Lee gulped. "So, like, I just eat the fruit...?"

The pink-skinned person nodded. "Yep! You eat fruit, you be stretchy like me!"

Lee looked at the fruit carefully. "Well..."


A year or two later


Ino smirked as she saw Sasuke pass by on the street below her window. "Oh, Sasuke... I'll make you mine one day... Now that I'm officially a woman, I want you all the more... I can just imagine what it would be like to kiss those lips... and then after that, we can take off that shirt... and then..."

"My, a little pile of hormones, aren't you?"

Ino whirled around- standing in her room was a woman- a woman wearing a very revealing black dress and with long, black hair that covered her right eye. Another thing Ino noticed was a tattoo of what appeared to be a snake (a winged one at that) eating it's own tail while circling a symbol that looked like two triangles, one on top of the other with a triangle shaped hole in the middle, on her chest. "Wh-who are you?! How'd you get in here?!"

The woman put her hands in front of herself. "Wait, wait, don't call your dad in here just yet. You see... I have a proposition for you."

Ino put herself on guard. "What kind of proposition, miss...?"

She chuckled. "You may call me... Lust."

The blond girl tilted her head. "L-Lust? What kind of name for a proper woman is that?"

'Lust' chuckled again. "Do I look like a proper woman to you?" Ino decided it best not to respond. The woman continued talking when she realized Ino was just looking at her strangely. "Anyways... I'm here to offer you the ability to manipulate others' hearts, by turning you into somebody that they can't resist."

Ino relaxed her guard slightly. "H-how?"

Lust held out her hand, and it became covered in flames. After a moment, the flames died down, revealing a pink, heart-shaped fruit with many swirls on it. "This fruit has almost all of my power in it... by eating it, I will become bonded to you, and you will gain traits based on my power... including the ability to attract anybody who could possibly be interested in you with your body, whether they be man or woman."

The young Yamanaka nearly gagged. "I don't want to be a lesbian!"

Lust chuckled. "No, no, this will not effect your sexuality... anything you do is of your own will. No, I said that it will attract anyone who could possibly be interested to you. This even includes otherwise straight women or gay men. There are other advantages to my power, as well..."

Ino relaxed her guard even more. "Other powers?"

The older woman nodded. "Yes... for example, you can turn any person who is thinking about you in that way into stone. Combined with the power to attract almost anyone with your body, this is a very deadly combination indeed, don't you think?"

Ino seemed to think about it for a moment. "Wait... almost anyone? Who would be the exception?"

Lust shrugged her shoulders. "I've never actually come across anyone who could resist my powers, but... there is the possibility that someone consumed with an emotion not related to love or lust, such as, say, "hate", will be unable to even think about such things. But my power also has combat abilities, as well... so it's not a complete loss if they simply don't like you."

The girl dropped her guard completely. "So, like, I'm not gonna lose my soul if I eat the fruit, am I?"

Lust laughed. "No, no... though you may end up with 'Lust' as core to your personality. Although... I wouldn't be offering this to you if it wasn't already..."

Ino walked over to Lust and took the fruit from her hands. She stared at it for a moment. "Well... here goes..." The smile on Lust's face widened as Ino swallowed the bite she took out of the fruit. "Bleh, disgusting!"

Lust continued smiling as she began dissolving into dust on the wind from the bottom up... which was odd considering there wasn't any wind in the room. "I'll see you later, young one... use your new body well..." As she disappeared, the fruit caught fire and Ino had to throw it against the wall, where it disappeared, flames and all.

Ino huffed, and then thought of something. "Mirror, I need a mirror..."


Earlier that same day


Shikamaru wandered up to his usual rooftop in search of his 'special spot' so he could lie down and look at the clouds. However, he was surprised to find that someone was already up there, laying on the roof- and at just how large this man was. He was gigantic- a few times as tall as Shikamaru himself, and several times as wide. Something that disturbed Shikamaru was that it was all muscle. He was wearing what looked to be some manner of leather... trousers, maybe? It had pants, two bands that went over his shoulders, and a band that went around his middle. An odd choice. His long black hair was everywhere as he lay there.

As Shikamaru maneuvered around him, he realized the man's eyes were definitely weird- his left eye seemed to be a glowing circle, while his right eye was covered by a golden band that had a few circles along its length, one around his eye and the others on his shoulder. Peculiarly he had two shackles on his arms with very long chains. The man tilted his head to the side and seemed to look at Shikamaru. "Why... you... here?"

The young boy muttered his trademark "Troublesome" under his breath before responding. "I'm just here to look at the clouds."

The behemoth tilted his head slightly more. "Why... you... here... not... at... school?"

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow. "Cuz. I'm lazy. School's too troublesome for me. Too much work."

He watched as the man began looking at the sky again. "School... troublesome? Work... troublesome. Everything... troublesome."

The Nara boy could only smirk. "You've got that right. What's your name? I'm Nara Shikamaru."

The man looked at him again. "Name... Sloth. I'm... lazy... too." He turned his palm upwards, and it was wreathed in flames for a moment. When the flames disappeared, he had in his hands a fruit of some kind- Shikamaru thought it looked like a red pineapple, only without the tough skin. "Eat... make... things... slower... point... and... shoot..."

Shikamaru could only raise his other eyebrow. "Say what now? Wait... you're saying that.... if I eat this fruit... all I have to do is... "point and shoot", and I'll be able to slow things down?" The man nodded slowly. Shikamaru stared at the fruit for a moment. "......eh, what the heck. I'll give it a shot. Slowing things down would certainly make life so much easier." The boy picked up the fruit and took a bite out of it. His eyes widened at the taste, but he managed to swallow it. "Geez, you couldn't have made it taste better?"

The man smiled, and Shikamaru saw that he had two rows of very sharp teeth. "Good... my... work... done... Sleep... now..." His body began dissolving into dust, which blew past Shikamaru and into the distance. Shikamaru sighed as he saw the last of it disappear, and noticed that the fruit was gone as well.

"How troublesome..."


Again, that same day


Chouji tilted his bag of chips upside down and shook it, but not even crumbs came out. "Man... I'm still hungry..." Suddenly, his vision was taken up by a large fruit. He blinked, and saw that someone was holding the fruit. He looked at the man- he was certainly odd. He was bald and rather rotund, and wearing a black armless jumpsuit. The man grinned as he held the fruit out.



Yet again, that same day


Tenten had recently graduated from the Academy, and she was glad for it, too- while being a ninja meant work, work meant money. She cackled gleefully as she counted her latest earnings as she sat on the rooftop- Guy-sensei had gotten them a C-rank mission sooner than most teachers would, and the pay was well worth the effort. "What should I spend it on, I wonder? I can't really wear jewels on missions, now, can I... What's the point of getting money if I can't enjoy it?!"

"So you like money and jewels, do you?"

She snapped her head to the left- how long had he been sitting next to her?! "Y-yeah. Not sharing with you, though, that's for sure."

The man chuckled. "I like your spirit, kid. Name's Greed. You?" Tenten eyed him carefully- He had short spiky hair (though it was only spiked in one direction) and round sunglasses. He was wearing a jacket with a white furred collar over a muscle shirt and leather pants, and he had on several small armbands on each arm. He raised an eyebrow at Tenten's hesitation to say her name.

She shook her head to clear her mind. "I'm Tenten. I'm a ninja you know." She took out a kunai and twirled it on her finger just to be intimidating.

Greed chuckled. "So I see... ninja... you lot are mercenaries, right? Pretty much in it for the money. Especially you, right?"

Tenten tilted her head. "Well... I do have goals... like proving kunoichi are just as good as male shinobi... but money's a really nice bonus."

Greed grinned at her words. "Is that so? Then.... you might like the power that I can give you." He held out his palm, and for a moment it was covered in intense flames. The fire died down quickly, and in his hands he had what appeared to be a golden apple, with many swirl designs on it.

Tenten scooted a little farther away from the man. She had heard from Lee that this was how he had gotten his strange stretchy body. "And why would I take power from a man?"

He chuckled again. "Heh... you want equality, but you're just as quick to shoot me down for the mere fact that I'm a man... anyways, this fruit is what I call the Tanso Tanso no Mi. It can give you the power to generate, manipulate, and even become carbon."

She raised an eyebrow. "Carbon, huh? What's so great about- wait, carbon? As in... the stuff diamonds are made out of?"

Greed nodded, and grinned at her look. "Yep, the hardest mineral in the world. Great for piercing and slashing. Though it has more than just offensive uses... I'm sure you know what I'm talking about."

Tenten gulped as she eyed the fruit near-greedily. "I could actually make and shape diamonds with this power?"

Greed's grin got even wider. "You can even turn yourself into diamonds to protect yourself from attacks."

The brown-haired girl didn't really need to be told about that particular facet of the power. "Sign me up! So I just eat this fruit, then?" He nodded, and in a blur of motion she had taken it out of his hands and chomped on it. She chewed for a moment, holding back tears from just how bad the fruit tasted, and swallowed. She immediately took another bite out of the fruit, causing Greed to raise an eyebrow.

"You only needed one bite..."

Tenten blushed as she swallowed her second bite. "Oh."

Greed shook his head as he began dissolving into dust on the wind. "Well, see ya around, Tenten. Let there never be an end to your Greed!"

Tenten watched the dust for a moment, and then looked at her hand. After a moment, what looked like some graphite appeared in her hands. "Guess I better get to work on figuring out how to make diamonds... then I can make diamonds for... weapons purposes! Yeah, that's it..."


Kasek: I think I'll cut off the power giving here. Let's see, that's Bara Bara no Mi for Naruto, Supa Supa no Mi for Sasuke, Gomu Gomu no Mi for Lee, Mero Mero no Mi for Ino (I'm hoping to delay writing too deeply for her until more of this fruit's powers are revealed), Noro Noro no Mi for Shikamaru, I'm sure you can guess for Chouji, and the original fruit Tanso Tanso no Mi for Tenten.

.......yes, I pulled the 'Naruto gets beatings when he is a child' angle. A little cliche (Readers: A little?!?), I know. Also, Kuyou is not the Kuyou from R+V. I just borrowed the name.

Reasons for each:

Naruto, Kuyou, and Bara Bara- While this really doesn't have anything to do with the Kyuubi at all, I liked the idea of Naruto and this fruit. The other fruits were the Gomu Gomu no Mi (the Kyuubi having the powers of many demons) and the Mera Mera no Mi, two fruits I also contemplated him having but decided against.

Sasuke, Wrath, and Supa Supa- Sasuke is very wrathful, and I hear Wrath can septuple wield swords. Even if he can't, he is a swordsman regardless. Plus, Supa Supa no Mi and the Bara Bara no Mi make for a good team... or horrible enemies.

Lee, Majin Buu, and Gomu Gomu- I've been getting requests for Lee and Gomu Gomu not only for this fic but for Devil's Fruit as well, so I decided eh, why not. I decided to make the 'demon' for this fruit Majin Buu because, one, he can stretch, and two, he's not 'evil' like most of the other demons.

Ino, Lust, and Mero Mero- Ino strikes me as a lust-ish type of girl, though I exaggerated her tendencies for the sake of the fic. Mero Mero was an obvious choice for Lust; I mean, come on, the fruit's Wikia page even links to the Wikipedia page for lust!

Shikamaru, Sloth, and Noro Noro- Come on, these two even have the same catch phrase! How could I not put them together? I decided to make it Noro Noro because I don't think the Nemu Nemu no Mi is quite appropriate despite its ability to put people to sleep. Plus, it can simulate Sloth's super speed and strength from the victim's perspective.

Chouji, Gluttony, and Baku Baku- This is an absolute no duh on all levels.

Tenten, Greed, and Tanso Tanso- I believe that Tenten is commonly associated with 'greed' because she displayed a vested interest in money in a filler arc (to the point that her eyes turned into ryo signs or something of the sort). Like with Ino, I amped up her faults for the sake of the fic, though not as much as I did with Ino. As for the fruit, I figured I should give her a power similar to Greed's in FMA, but I turned it up to 11 because it'd be a weird (by DF standards) to be only turn yourself into carbon but not be able to generate/manipulate. These powers will work similarly to Diamondhead's powers from Ben 10.

???, Envy, and Mane Mane- I've decided to wait before assigning Envy to anybody, though I'm revealing his power now because it wouldn't be that hard to guess.

???, Pride, and ??? ???- I've decided to wait before assigning Pride to anybody, though you can probably guess who I'm going to assign him to considering that I'm not using Sasuke for it... kinda as a teaser, he can give multiple powers, so he's probably not going to give the fruit you expect him to give. Especially since the person who he's bonding with is too 'pride'ful to accept his main power...

Oh, and if one person mentions that I described Pride and not Wrath, or asks who the heck is impersonating Sloth... the results won't be pretty. If you're not familiar with the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, then don't comment on it!