Maybe wanting to be there was a bad idea.


Kim had always hated mornings. Always did, and probably always will. She wasn't one to start conversation after first stumbling out of bed. She went into the bathroom, brushed her teeth, and went to get warm under her silky blue blanket.

She was a young girl of only 13, but acted far mature for her age. She knew a lot about technology, computers, and cell phones. She had started her own youtube account for fun once, but ended up meeting some of the people who would change her life forever. One was always there to talk, and Kim liked her best; Jodie was her name.

That's when it began....



I could see the light of my lamp through my closed eyes. It was morning already? I slowly opened my dull brown eyes, seeing my smiling step-father; Scott.

"You don't have school today, kiddo," he stated, ruffling my hair lightly. I squinted my eyes. Why did you wake me up then? I waited for my brain to process so I could ask him.

"Dude...," I groaned, " why did you wake me up if I don't have school?"

He chuckled, "I just wanted to tell you, and I'm leaving for work. So, I thought you might want to know rather than wake up and freak out like the spaz you are."

Spaz...?"Um...okay...have fun at work, then." I told him, turning back over and shutting my eyes.

"Don't sleep to late, okay?" He joked and kissed the side of my head, "Have fun, and keep the house clean." Sure...

Once I heard the door close, I stumbled up from my bed and rushed to my laptop. Oh how I've missed you, I thought. I quickly pushed the start button, and waited for a fun conversation with Jodie.


"Yeah," I spoke into the microphone, "I don't know why, but it's awesome not having school!" I grinned, even though I knew Jodie couldn't see me.

"That's cool," she started, "I'm already on Easter Break."

"Yeah, lucky," I laughed, "Dude. Wouldn't it be awesome just to never have school?"

"It would!" She agreed, "but it would so be better if life were a video game."

"With Zidane! And with Cloud, Squall, and even Tidus." I exclaimed excitedly. I tended to do that while talking with Jodie.

"I wouldn't have guessed Zidane, Kimmy," Jodie chuckled as she referred to my favorite Final Fantasy character.

"Well, he's awesome!" I cried, flailing my arms. I totally needed to stop talking with my hands.

She chuckled again but it slowly receded, "Hey, whats that link?"

I looked at the conversation on the computer screen. There was a weird blue link. It was in a totally different language to. "Er...that's weird. Why is it in like...a different language?"

"I don't know. Click it."

I stared at the computer screen for a minute, then slowly guided my finger to the touch pad. I moved my mouse a little to the left, so it was right on the link, "What if I get a virus?"

I could imagine Jodie shrugging, "I don't know, maybe its not a virus. Just click on it."

"Click on it with me."

Jodie, sighed, "Sure..."

I hovered my finger over the left button, "Ready. One. Two Three-"

And we both clicked.


"What happened?" I questioned Jodie, wanting to find out if anything happened on her computer.

"Nothing. I think," she answered, probably staring intently at her screen as I was.

Suddenly a new window popped up on my computer, it was just black. I tilted my head a little to the left, "Jodie, are you seeing what Im seeing?"

"If you're seeing a black screen, then yes Kimmay, I am. And it's kinda freaking me out."

The black screen flickered for a minute, going white - black - blue - black - red - black - white - purple - black. I raised a brow. What the crap? I stared harder the screen of my laptop, trying to see anything in the darkness of the window.

"Good evening. I am afraid I'm going to have to pull you from your conversation."

I jumped at the voice, "Dude! The he-!"

Then, something happened. I remember darkness. A warm feeling. Tingling, and then nothing.


Ow, the first thing that went through my mind when I could feel myself waking up. Why was I in pain? Did I fall asleep the wrong way? Wasn't I just by my computer, though?

"Gah..." I groaned a little, trying to sit up. I slowly lifted my eyelids and examined my surroundings.

Lots of dirt.


Random Final Fantasy Cos-player as Zidane.

More Dir-

"Whoa!" My eye's widened at the sight of a random cos-player. Wait-

Manyrandom cos-players. There was Squall, Zidane, Cloud, and even Tidus. Why were they cos-playing in the middle of nowhere?

Dude. What am I doing in the middle of nowhere?

I looked around some more, seeing that the cos-players weren't paying attention to me. I looked to my left:


More freaking trees.

A random body laying in the dirt.

Ooh, is that a water bottle?

"What the crap?" I flashed my eyes back to the body. Who the hell would be out here?

Well, I shouldn't be talking.

I stared at the body for a minute longer, and it started to move.

"What happened?" I heard a voice ask. Now why did that voice sound so familiar?

The Scottish accent. That's it!

"Jodie!" I quickly got up, almost tripping over my feet in the rush, and ran full speed to her, "Jodie!" I called again, she looked up.

Justin time for me to glomp her.

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