I couldn't feel anything but the odd pulse around my body. I didn't understand anything, but there wasn't any sound to comprehend, so I didn't need to understand.

"Ah, she is awakening."

My arms moved on their own, flailing slightly, but being held back but an unknown force. I struggled to open my eyes, but immediately regretted it. There before me were the people I never wanted to meet. The one that stood out the most was Kuja, but only because I actually knew him.

"W-why...are y-you...?" I chocked out, looking at the strange strings holding my wrists and ankles, another around my torso. I flinched, blood seeping from the wound in wrist as I moved my arm too much.

"Angel, please, do not fret," Kuja said, his voice soothing my body, but not my mind, "we are here to help you regain the power you once cherished so."

"I-I don't w-want it...!" I argued with force, though my body language didn't match my tone in the least. "T-this... take me back!"

Another one of the villains stepped forward, being one looking like that of a clown. "Stop being such a pansy!" He exclaimed, a wicked grin on his face. "Being with power is good, not bad, so do not think such idiotic thoughts!"

I stared at him, my eyes widening on their own. My body jerked violently, making even more blood run down my arms. I whimpered, tears rushing to my eyes. "I-I just want to... to go back to Jodie..." I said shakily, bowing my head.

"Angel, angel, angel."

I whimpered again, not liking the sound of that name for me. I hated it. "Don't... call me that." I mumbled, not looking up. Something curled under my chin and lifted my head, and I couldn't even begin to explain the fear I felt when I saw him. Him, Kuja, right in my face.

"You are the Angel of Darkness, next to my being the Angel of Death. We are the same in mind, and soon we shall be in the body. I'm controlling you."

My eyes were still wide, filling with more tears. I could feel myself shaking, more than I had ever shaken before. "D-don't..." I whispered, finally returning to my normal, weak self. He smirked, leaning down and looking me straight in the eyes.

"Do as I say."

My mind went blank once more, and I couldn't see anything but the darkness. No...! No! Not again! Please! I screamed out in my thoughts, trying everything to regain my sight. Something bad is going to happen, stop!

"Now, I'll release the ties. Do not move once you have hit the floor."

I felt my body jerk once more and I finally could see what was happening again. Kuja moved away and snapped his fingers, and after a moment the strings disappeared and I fell limp the floor beneath me. I screamed for my body to move, but it was like one of those dreams where all you can do is watch, because my body didn't obey my commands.

The flamboyant man made his way over to me, but didn't make any move to help my body up. He only smirked as he said, "Rise."

My blood ran cold as I stood, only being still as I was before him. I could still feel the tears though, and they wouldn't stop. They ran warm down my cheeks, and I could bet that my expression didn't line up with them. Kuja's own expression startled me slightly, his eyes now flashing and his mouth curling back into a snarl. "You are the Angel of Darkness! Crying is not aloud!" Before my body could react, he reached his hand out and a loud smack was heard as it connected with my face. I couldn't move to do anything back, only stand in shock.

What amazed me even further was that he smiled and rubbed his thumb over the new red mark on my cheek, also rubbing away some of the tears. "Crying is for the weak. You are not, so please stop. I do not want to have to hurt you anymore than I have, Noctis Angel."

"She is a weapon, yet she cries like a human. Pitiful." A deep voice almost growled, making Kuja tense slightly. He turned to the voice, smiling cunningly.

"She is not yet a full weapon, Sephiroth, please remain the patient, good man that you are." He practically purred, running his fingers though my now stringy hair. He continued doing this until he turned again, jerked his fingers through a knot, making my body jerk. "She can still feel pain. All we need to do is put her through one more experiment, and she shall have gained full power once more."

Kuja laughed evilly, his eyes again flashing. "To think that such a pathetic girl such as this gains almost the amount of power as Chaos himself. It would make good for a play, don't you all think? A young, meek girl like this, going through her normal life and then suddenly, oh no! She's trapped within this palace, this lovely, wonderful palace. She is told that she has power to gain, and that her friends are destined to die while trying to save her, and she is the one to do so. Oh, how lovely! I'm sure that many people would shed tears in such an act!"

"S-stop." I forced out weakly, my eyes narrowing. He turned to me, his eyes narrowing as well, and he put his arms down to his sides after looking to the others. "I-I'm not some... p-puppet!"

"You are." Kuja hissed, though he made no move to hurt me as he had before. "You are the Noctis Angel, the one destined to destroy the light and all who bask in their stupidity in the light. You will do as we say. Golbez, take her to the experiment room."

My eyes widened as I was thrown careless into the other's arm. I looked up at him, tears rushing to my eyes. I could feel everything in my body, so I decided to try it out.

"You're Cecil's brother! Why are you with them?!" I flailed, but his hold only tightened and he looked down at me. I couldn't see his expression, and I don't think I wanted to.

"Do not speak of him." He replied coldly, his hold hurting.

I only frowned in pain before shutting my mouth and looking to where we were going. He walked through a few doors before I saw a table. One like those at the doctors.

"N-no!" I shrieked suddenly, bringing my free arm up to hold onto his armored shoulder. "D-don't put me there! D-don't, please!" I cried, fear taking over my every fiber. Golbez looked at me once more before pushing me onto the table harshly, earning a high pitched yelp.

"I am sorry." He murmured quietly, strapping me down tightly. I only cried, shaking my head violently and trying everything I could to stop him.

"No! No!" I screamed, rocking the table back and forth as I flailed. He held the table still and looked over to the counter. I stopped immediately as I saw him grab a needle. My body began to shake uncontrollably.

"I-I'll be quiet!" I told him, but he only shook his head, putting the need against my wrist lightly. "N-no! I'm sorry!" I cried, but it was no use. I whimpered as he pushed the needle in and the liquid settled itself into my veins.

"I am sorry." He repeated, his armored mask probably being there for a good reason now. I couldn't tell from his tone that he was sorry, but his facial expression probably said different. I suddenly felt very tired, my head falling back against the metal with a loud thump.

"I-I'm...sorry, too..." I mumbled quietly, my vision blurring. I couldn't see anything, so I closed my eyes and let the darkness take hold of me.

And now that I look back, I really wish I wouldn't have closed my eyes.


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