Her head was spinning as soon as she stepped out into the main ballroom thanks to all the questions the press was asking

Wonder Woman who do you love?

Wonder Woman who do you think should run for president.

Wonder Woman what brings you here?

Wonder Woman what makes you such a Wonder?

The questions kept coming. She did her best to answer all of them. She smiled but put her hand up to her forehead feeling the headache that was coming on until she saw a hand and a deep voice asking her if she would like to dance.

She didn't even look up at him when she took his hand. She was just happy to get away from being the center of attention. He placed his hand on her waist and pulled her to him with the other hand so that their faces were close.

Diana finally looked up and straight into these familiar blue eyes. She was staring in his eyes so deep that she got lost, the music was quieter, without meaning to, she pulled herself closer to him. It wasn't until she heard his humming that she snapped out of it.

The voice was deep and had a familiar tone to it. She closed her eyes to see if she could figure out just where she heard it before. She opened her eyes just to fix her eyes on his chiseled chin. She knows she has seen that before but so many men have that chin. She started to think maybe it was just her imagination. Her hands drifted from around his neck to his arms. How muscular they were. He must work out she thought.

He twirled her around the floor, he was skilled at this dancing, that told her, he has done it several times before. He just smiled at her. This was just simply getting on her nerves, she knew she must have met this man before but she can't seem to remember the time. She got tired of trying to figure out this brief mystery so she decided to enjoy it.

She once again looked into his eyes. They were twinkling. There was no way he knew she was thinking, was there? She smiled and right as the music stopped, he pulled her super close, leaned his head down and crushed her lips with hers. She kissed him back. When the kiss ended, she just had to ask "Have we met before?"

He got real close to her ear and whispered "Princess". She stepped back in shock, finally figuring out that this was someone she knew. It was the night avenger himself, the Batman. He's the only one that insists on calling her that.. She was about to say something to him when she realized he was gone. She sighed a frustrated sigh. He did it to me again, she thought. She didn't care anymore, she was just happy that they had that special moment. She couldn't stop smiling as she left the ballroom and headed back to the watch tower.