Almost two months after the Metarex, Tails is still sadly grieved by the loss of his love Cosmo. Vanilla, Cream's mother, suggests he writes her a letter to help ease the pain.

Dear Cosmo,

Vanilla, Cream's mother, told me that writing letters to you will help with the mourning process. It's been over a month since that terrible day and it's taken me this long just to write the word mourning. It's taken me all this time just to write a letter at all without it getting all sopping wet from my tears.

I keep thinking there should have been something else I could have done Cosmo, something else that could have destroyed the Metarex without destroying you. It's not fair Cosmo, we just barely met, and we hardly knew each other. There were so many things I wanted to say but never knew how to put my feelings into words. It wasn't till the end was I able to say what I felt but then it was too late!

I don't know what good it is supposed to do for me writing this. Vanilla says it's supposed to make me feel better. But all it does is make me feel worse. Oh Cosmo, why did this have to happen to you? There had to have been another way. I just know it. And I won't stop till I figure it out. Sonic says it doesn't do me any good to think of another way now. But he just doesn't understand. If I don't keep my brain busy, I'll go insane. Images of you pop in my mind all the time. I can still remember the first time we met like it was just yesterday, remember?

It was a full moon that night. Amy, Cream and I were watching a meteor shower when your ship crashed down not too far away from us. When we found you, you were lying there, thrown from your ship. I helped you up and at first I thought you had flowers in your hair. Then I realized you actually had rose buds growing out of your ears. But they were nice rosebuds.

Oh Cosmo, I wish I could see you again, just one more time. I remember when you rode with me in the X-tornado looking for Sonic. I'm sorry I drove so fast you got dizzy. Maybe that's why you jumped out. Please forgive me Cosmo, for that and for everything. I didn't want to do it Cosmo; I didn't want to use the Sonic Power Canon. I didn't want to fire it, but Eggman kept saying I had no choice, even you said I had to. But why Cosmo, why? Why did I have to? Was there no other way? But there had to have been. I have to figure another way so what happened to you won't happen to someone else.

When Sonic brought me the only thing he could find of you, a seed, I was so devastated, I couldn't do anything, didn't want to do anything. But Cream took the seed and planted it in a small pot. And now, it has sprouted two small leaves.

Everyone here is ok I guess. They are all trying to be nice but I wish they would just leave me alone! Sonic comes and goes as he pleases and nobody bothers him. Except for Amy of course, remember her? She means well, but sometimes, she drives us all nuts.

Oh Cosmo, I don't know what good it is writing to someone who may never get to read it. Will you ever be able to read it? Is that plant that's growing really you or is it your offspring? Either way, I'll put this letter in the special box I made for you. The gift I had meant to give you after we fell in the lake. I wish I wasn't so insecure, I thought it was childish and not good enough. But now I wish I would have given it to you before I

I'm sorry; I told myself I wasn't going to cry anymore. Forgive me Cosmo and believe me when I say this, you were never a burden to me!

I don't know how to end this letter so I'll just say,

Till I see you again,

Love always,


Tails opens a rectangular shaped box he had covered with shiny stones and shells he had found at the lake. Hecarefully places the letter inside and with a deep sigh, he slowly closes it.

A flower like presence watches from the heavens above.Oh Tails, please don't cry. I will be with you always. And one day, we shall be together again.

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