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The Fear in the Lightning Storm

Brennan yawned and put her bookmark into her book, setting it on the table next to her bed. She pressed her hand against the glass of the large window behind her, searching for any sort of help to get rid of the heat hanging around the cabin in the desert, but to no avail.

Brennan sighed, wondering if Angela was sleeping well enough. Brennan felt bad for her, finding out that her boyfriend was dead in the desert, and that their friend Dani was still missing.

Brennan heard thunder crashing and looked behind her, huge black clouds were flowing over the house.

Brennan jumped and yelped, covering her mouth instantly as a huge bolt of lightning crashed to the ground, sending a huge cast of light into her eyes

Brennan hated lightning; it was a child hood terror that still haunted her

Brennan remembered watching one of her neighbors getting electrocuted during a lightning storm right in front of her eyes.

Her neighbor lived, but Brennan couldn't erase the horror that she witnessed, and ever since she was terrified of lightning

She knew that the odds of getting hit by lighting was very slim, but she couldn't help but thinking her luck would turn, and she would be the person laying on the ground with electricity pulsing through her body

Brennan sat up slowly, her bare legs brushing against each other, her hands shaking

Brennan stood up, her feet touching on the cold wooden floors. She didn't plan on waking Angela; she decided to wake up the person she knew would really help.

And who else would that be, but Booth

Brennan jumped when lightning struck the ground again, sending light into the house and signaling thunder to rumble hungrily

Brennan tired to pull her tank top down over her legs. She was too hot to wear her pajama pants to bed, so she just decided to sleep in her tank top, bra and underwear

She timidly walked down the hallway, pausing by one of the doors to make sure that Angela was asleep. She was, so Brennan continued forward

Booth's door was open and Brennan walked to the threshold, her hands clenching the frame of the door

Booth stirred as he heard footsteps approaching and leaned up to see who was there

He gasped when he saw the sight before him. He looked to see his partner, her long and bare legs slightly shaking, her hands grasping the frame of the door tightly, and chewing on her lip

"Bones…" Booth began but was cut off by a loud crash of lightning and thunder

Brennan jolted, her arms starting to shake, no matter what she did to stable them

"Bones are you ok?" Booth asked sitting up straight

"I just…" Brennan began but stopped "Never mind," she said turning around

"Oh no, no, no, no" Booth said tearing the covers off his bed and running towards her, catching her behind her waist in the hall

"Let me go Booth," Brennan demanded

"Hold on," Booth said secretly waiting for the lightning to strike

"Booth let me –"Brennan began put yelped as lightning struck the rocks formation out in the desert making a sickly cracking noise

"You're scared of lightning," Booth said

"It's a rational fear and I can take care of it myself," Brennan said struggling to get out of his grasp "Now let me go!"

Booth shook his head "No, come with me," he said taking her forearm in his hand and pulling her back towards his room.

"Booth this is unnecessary, it was just a moment of weakness I'm fine," she said, holding back a yelp, but not a jump as lightning struck

"No you're not," Booth said sitting her on the edge of his bed, he knelt down in front of her, his hands wrapped around her wrists, his eyes boring into hers "It's ok to be scared Bones," he said "It's what makes us human. It's normal, and it's perfectly fine to come ask someone for help. You aren't weak just because you come to someone to help with a fear."

"Well, anthropologically speaking, you are handing over any aspect of dominance over to another, there for weakening yourself," Brennan said tracing the lines of his bare chest with her eyes

"Yes that's true," Booth said "But it isn't if you come to the right person."

"And are you the right person?" Brennan asked

Booth shrugged "You were the one who came in here," he teased

Brennan sighed, and laughed as he gave her his signature charm smile

Booth stood up releasing his grip around her wrists and walking to the other side of his bed. He pulled the covers over his waist and leaned his back against the wall

Brennan looked behind her shoulder, her back still facing Booth, out to the window. She jumped, as she saw the lightning streak down and run away in a matter of seconds

Booth reached over and hooked his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him, and pulling a gasp from her throat

"Sorry," Booth apologized

"It's ok," Brennan replied softly

Booth pulled her back and pressed her back to his chest, his one arm still around her waist, the other arm reaching down to pull his thin sheet over her legs

Booth could feel her heart beating erratically through her back. Her heart was like a panting dog, sometimes slow and calm, other times quick and crazy.

Booth leaned back, pulling Brennan back with him, accidently drawing lazy circles on her stomach

Brennan yelped and started laughing, trying to squirm from his grasp

"You're ticklish too?" Booth asked

Brennan ceased laughing and glared at him "Yes I am."

Booth gave a maniacal laugh and started tickling her stomach

Brennan laughed loudly, thrashing under him as she begged for him to stop "Booth! Booth! Stop Booth! Stop! Please stop!" she cried throughout laughing

Booth ignored her and continued tickling her stomach and sides

Brennan thrashed and laughed, the bed under them creaking crazily

Booth 'tackled' Brennan, kneeling over her tickling her stomach

Brennan laughed loudly until they turned to coughs. She reached up and tried to swat at his hands

When this didn't work, she grabbed his wrists and brought his arms over her head, bringing his face inches from hers

Booth chuckled pinning her wrists together against his pillow

Lightning flashed, but Booth noticed that she didn't jump

He watched as her chest rose and fell violently. Booth leaned forward to brush his lips against her ear "Are you scared?" he whispered

Brennan gasped her breathing getting shallower "Not at all," she whispered back breathlessly

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