Sara let out a muffled scream as all hell suddenly broke out around them, Alun and Gelthin automatically moved in a protective manner to either side of her and she belatedly realized that in the same movement they'd shielded Jack. Millie and Francine scrambled back over to them and between the five of them they huddled together in a protective circle around their injured co-captive.

Two figures burst into the room from opposite sides, guns drawn. The Lord went ballistic barking out orders at his two men who drew their weapons and were aiming for the two new figures. The man took aim and fired twice taking out the Lord with a quick efficiency that spoke of training and skill you would never see in the police force. The other two aliens froze in shock staring at their fallen leader, giving their rescuers the opportunity to easily take them out as well.

"Clear?" the girl asked, eyes constantly scanning the area.

"Clear," the man confirmed his eyes settling on them "One of the Hostages looks injured, we need to find Jack see what he wants to do with the whole situation." The man said holstering his gun underneath his jacket and making his way slowly towards them as if he didn't want to spook them.

"Owen," The weak whisper made Sara look down to see Jack had regained consciousness, though how aware he was she wasn't entirely sure "Owen," he murmured again eyes flickering around searching.

"Are you Owen?" Gelthin asked the man who was slowly moving towards them. The man froze and exchanged looks with the woman who stepped closer as if to flank her comrade.

"Why?" The man asked.

"Jack was whispering the name, I think it's because he heard your voice when he came to. He needs to get to a hospital and fast." Gelthin said quietly stepping to the side so the pair could see the man they were protecting. The woman gasped in shock, but the man's reaction was much different, swearing under his breath he dashed forward yanking his pack off his shoulders as he skidded to a stop at Jack's side.

Skidded in Jack's blood which Sara had been trying not to notice had slowly spread across the floor around them as he bled out in her arms. The others moved out of his way as the man lent over Jack and began checking him over, a small medical torch which moved between his hands and teeth when he needed it. So this was the doctor Jack had mention, she only hoped he wasn't too late.

"Owen?" Jack whispered and the man moved into Jack's cloudy vision.

"Now look what you've gone and gotten yourself into," Owen said smirking down Jack.

A flicker of a smile came on Jack's face before disappearing in a wince of pain.

"Hey Jack," The woman said leaning over Owen's shoulder so Jack could see her.

"Gwen. How's yoo Gorgis?"

"Better than you evidently. Owen?" the woman Gwen turned to look at the man as she spoke to him. Owen shook his head, stuffing the torch back into his pack "I'm amazed he's still conscious, he must have been holding on until we got here to make sure it all went well."

"But why not just... you know..." Gwen said making a hand signal that made no sense, but was obviously supposed to mean something to the doctor.

"Wouldn't that be fun to explain, besides you know ever since he got back from travelling he freaks out when he comes back... unless a certain Tea-boy is nearby of course."

"Do something!" Millie sobbed.

"I can't I'm sorry," Owen said and Gwen pulled the distraught girl into her arms.

"Hey, no cry. Be fine." Jack muttered before grunting in pain "Yan,"

Owen and Gwen looked at each other before Owen reached to his ear to activate his com.

"Ianto, you need to get in here, Jack's hurt bad, blood loss, he's asking for you..... Nah, nothing I can do" Owen replied and Sara glared at him fiercely through her own tears, how could he be so casually telling a man his lover was dying.

"He's on his way mate." Owen said giving Jack one last smile before standing up, he glanced down at his jeans which were soaked with blood from the knee down and winced.

From across the room they could see an Asian woman usher the bank staff out from the hallway where they'd been locked in one of the rooms down there, a young man in a suit pushed his way between them and jogged across the room towards them.

Sara bit back a gasp of shock staring down at the man in her arms, then back up at the new arrival, as he reached them and dropped to his knees beside Jack not paying any attention to what he was kneeling in, he briefly caught her gaze before looking away. She glanced at her husband and son who looked just as flabbergasted as she felt.

Ianto leaned over Jack, resting one hand on the older man's cheek, as the other hand lacing his fingers through Jack's closest hand, bringing their joined hands to rest by his heart.

"Got message?" Jack muttered not even opening his eyes but knowing who it was none the less.

"Yes we got your message, honestly Sir, a coffee coloured spaceship? Was that the best you could come up with?" Ianto smiled.

"Worked though," Jack grumbled wincing in pain.

"See what happens when you try and be thoughtful?" Ianto whispered as Jack's eyes flickered open to meet him.

"You needed sleep," Jack replied weakly.

"Next time you think I need to sleep in, stay with me. Leave my errands and I'll run them when I get up later," Ianto smiled down at him. Sara watched the pair together, their feelings were obvious to anyone who could see them and they'd never even admitted them to each other and now Jack was dying and they'd lose each other.

"Love you," Jack whispered.

Ianto chuckled, "I know and I you." he said pressing a kiss to Jack's forehead, with a strength that defied his frame he lifted Jack slightly and moved behind him so Jack was now leaning against his chest with Ianto's arm wrapped tightly around his chest.

Sara bit back a sob as tears began to stream down her cheeks as Jack's eyes drifted closed, his chest still moved with his shaky breathing but she knew it wouldn't be much longer now.

Owen rested his hand on Ianto shoulder "We'll take the hostages out, did you prepare the drinks?"

"They're ready in the back of the SUV." Ianto replied taking his eyes off Jack to look at the doctor.

"We'll meet you outside later," Gwen replied and Sara stared at them in disbelief, their boss was dying in the arms of his lover and they were acting like it was just another day at work.

Ianto seemed to calm as well, a little sad but nowhere near what he should be, he was more than likely in shock.

"Come on ma'am it's time to go," Gwen said offering her hand to Sara as Owen and the Asian woman began ushering the others towards the exit, though Alun and Gelthin were staying back with her.

"Leave them," Ianto said.

"But Ianto..." Gwen began.

"Go and see to the others, they looked after Jack this whole time they deserve to be here."

"But Ianto it's not like they're going to remember anyway."

"Gwen! Just go!" Ianto growled surprising everyone there; Gwen threw him a dirty look before leaving after the others.

Alun and Gelthin came back over to sit with her as Ianto continued to cradled Jack to him; No one said anything, because no one really knew what to say. Ianto began to hum quietly, it sounded like Glen Miller, though Sara wasn't completely sure, his voice smooth and steady as he held Jack.

They watched in silence as Jacks breathing slowed before stopping completely. Ianto continued to hum eyes focused completely on the man in his arms.

"Ianto," Gelthin said hand reaching out to him.

Ianto looked up "Just wait," he said quietly before looking back to Jack.

"Yan," Alun tried.

"Shhh Alun, It's OK just give him a minute, he'll be back," Ianto replied a small smile spreading across his face.

Sara stood up and moved to behind Ianto, she leant down and wrapped her arms around his shoulders "Come on Ianto, you need to let him go Cariad."

Ianto squeezed her arms with one hand, "Please trust me, just wait a few more minutes and he'll be fine."

"People can't just get up again after that much blood loss son," Gelthin tried.

"Jack's special, I've seen him get up from so much worse. He's not like us, he's immortal," Ianto explained patiently.

Sara stood and exchanged worried looks with Alun and Gelthin over Ianto's head.

"Yan, We know he's from the future, but he said he's human and human's aren't immortal, that sort of stuff isn't real," Alun said but all he got was a chuckle in reply.

Sara was just about to say something but all that escaped her mouth was a small scream of shock as Jack suddenly surged to life in Ianto's arms.

Gasping, arms failing, his eyes were full of panic as he looked around in confusion.

"Whoa, Jack, I've got you, it's OK," Ianto said catching his lover and pulling him back into his chest.

Jack's eyes found Ianto and he instantly began to calm "Yan?"

"I'm right here," Ianto replied bending down and even at the awkward angle he managed to press a kiss to Jack's lips which he eagerly returned tilting his head up to get a better angle, his hand coming up to the back of Ianto neck to hold him in place as the younger man went to pull away.

Gelthin cleared his throat and the pair broke apart a little flustered, though Ianto grinned up at Gelthin.

Jack's eyes flickered between the three in wonder, "What are you still doing here, I though the others took them all out to be retconned,"

"They did, I thought it was appropriate that they stay here as we owe them a some explanations after what they saw and did."

Jack stared at Ianto in confusion "They helped me, so much, but Ianto, they're still civilians."

"Trust me Jack I know they are," Ianto replied smiling mysteriously.

Sara glared at him arms crossed with a look that only a mother could pull off. This was no time to be messing around.

"Then what...?"

"Honestly Jack, when I pictured you meeting my parents, this wasn't how I saw it happening."