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"...I want you dead."

Letty was frozen, unsure how to react to the weapon. She had no wear to run, no car to drive, and like before, as she faced down death, she saw her life flash before her eyes. She saw her grandmother, Mr. Torreto, Mia...she saw Dom.

Crystalline tears formed in angry eyes as she faced down the gun's angry barrel and she turned glaring eyes on Ortega. "If you're going to do it, do it!"

That was all it took. With all the silent rage of his kind, Ortega squeezed the trigger, and the next few seconds, in all their speed, seemed to happen in slow motion. Letty knew she couldn't duck or dive fast enough so with the resignation of someone who's life was over, she closed her eyes, fear as well as a sad readiness for death overtaking her.

However, today was not her day to die. As the bullet whizzed toward her, she heard the quick and loud revving of an engine as a car drifted up onto the garage's top floor and skidded in front of Letty, blocking the bullet strikes as Ortega pumped a few more rounds out of his gun, creating the sound of car glass shattering and the puncturing of metal against metal. Letty ducked beneath it, unable to glean who her savior could be.

There was a deafening silence within the parking garage then and she could hear a rustling and groans from within the car. Suddenly, the passanger door flew open and Letty tumbled so as not to get hit by it as Teiichi's form rolled out, wheezing and moaning, his chest bleeding from multiple wounds.

Letty's eyes widened and she crawled to his side. "Teiichi, what the—"

The Japanese man coughed, blood rolling down his face as it bubbled up from his throat. He turned his eyes toward Letty. "Y...you alright?"

"Yeah. I'm fine, you crazy cabron. Why did you do that?" Letty asked, pressing slim, calloused fingers against his wounds, trying to stop the blood flow.

"Ret...Retsu would have wanted me to," he replied, hacking, wheezing, dying.

Letty shook her head. "It woulda been fine. I woulda been fine. This was my fight. This was my death to take. Not yours."

Teiichi let out a hacking chuckle and shook his head. "Iie. It's b...better this way. Toretto...will c-come for you...and now...I-I get to go..." He let out a series of angry sounding coughs, blood splattering his mouth. His time was close. "...to go...go home t...to Retsu..."

"No, Teiichi, wait-" But the man simply smiled, as if he was seeing everything he'd been missing and with one final breath, he was gone.

"Teiichi...Teiichi!" Letty hissed, shaking him. No response. She closed her eyes, crossed herself over him and then reached out, digging through his pockets. She found was she was looking for, holding black pistol, shakily, in her fingers. She frowned. I'm better than this. But... She looked at Teiichi. Taking a deep, steadying breath, she stood and found Ortega smoking a cigarette, gun still pointed in her direction.

"Ah, there you are," he murmured, taking long drags. "I knew you'd reemerge eventually."

"Why didn't you come around for me? Teiichi was dying...he couldn't have protected me twice."

"I have waited this long for your death, puta. Waiting a little longer was not so painful. I am a patient man," he replied. "However..." He cocked the gun, finger on the trigger. "Let us pick up where we left off."

Flicking his cigarette away, his brow slammed down in an angry expression of rage, as he advanced on her. With all of the calculation of a violent animal, he let his finger slide further into the trigger slot. Just as his finger tugged the trigger for a second time, a series of chaotic events unfolded. Letty lifted Teiichi's gun, squeezing the trigger to strike in return, when another car—a fast, little Honda Civic, whizzed onto the parking garage's top floor, slamming into Ortega. Ortega's bullet sunk into the car's hood as Letty's broke the glass and punctured the driver within.

However, the driver did not stop. With Ortega clinging to his hood like an ugly, evil hood ornament, the driver pushed the accelerator, the car careening forward. As the car zoomed forward toward the wall, the car jerked suddenly, and skidded to a stop, and a bloodied but living Ortega tumbled from the car and across the garage floor.

There was silence, after that, as smoke rippled up from the tires stopped so quickly and intensely. The door opened, and, for a long moment, no one emerged. Letty watched as Ortega lay, groaning, his body broken, his gun laying mere feet from him.

Finally, from within the Civic, someone emerged, and Letty's eyes widened.

Dom, holding his shoulder, swung himself out of the car and looked at Ortega, his eyes full of malice.

Ortega writhed, but laughed, coldly. "As long as I live, you cannot protect that cabrona. She will die, Toretto. If you want to protect her...you will have to kill me."

Dom reached out with his free hand and plucked the gun from its place upon the ground. Turning it on Ortega, his eyes narrowed.

Letty moved around Teiichi's car and started toward Dom, meaning to stop him. She yelled when she heard the loud fire of a gun, knowing this would be what put Dom away for life. However, she was shocked to find, when the smoke cleared, that the bullet had just missed Ortega's head and buried itself deep into the concrete below.

"That ain't me anymore," Dom said. He pressed the button in his ear. "Ortega's done."

There was a short silence before the whine of sirens flared up and a gaggle of cop cars rolled into the garage, surrounding them. From within poured a flood of Japanese police, as well as Johnson and his team. It only took a moment to cuff the broken man before them. Johnson then turned his eyes to Letty and Dom, as Dom planted himself, protectively, at Letty's side. He gave a short nod, as if to say thank you or good luck.

It was only moments later than the swarm of police and agents were gone, and so was Ortega. Letty looked at Dom.

"You came."

"Ride or die, Letty. I wasn't 'bout to make the same mistake I made before. I wasn't 'bout to leave you again."

Letty was quiet for a moment, as she tried to quell her tears. Then, with anger, insecurity, sadness, joy, all rolled into one, she socked Dom in the arm before throwing herself against him, her arms looping around him. "Dominic."

Dom gasped, his good arm coming around her, his bad one throbbing under her weight.

Letty stepped back immediately. "Oh...did Ortega get you?"

"No, I think this one was you," Dom replied with a smirk. "Good shot, Letty."

Letty cleared her throat, blushing. "Sorry."

Dom pulled her close. "Nah. It's okay. I still love you more than anything, Letty. An' I'm never letting you out of my sight again." Then, with all the desperation he could muster, he kissed her, and the promise was sealed as tight as a vaccuum-sealed cap.

Letty pulled the black veil down over her face, carefully, and looked at herself in the mirror. She knew this was the right thing to do but she was tired of Japan and she wanted to go home. Now that she and the crew had received full pardons for their service in capturing Ortega and ending Braga's organization, all she wanted was to street race and work on cars again. Like old times.

But she knew that her sister—the sister she'd never known—would want her to go. After all, Teiichi had saved her.

Quietly, she stood, straightening out her black skirt and blouse, stumbling a little in the black heels her mother had brought her. Just as she was about to fall, she felt strong hands on her arms. She turned dark eyes to glance over her shoulder and smiled at Dom.

"When did you get here?" she asked. She was currently staying in the apartment with her mother and stepfather.

"Just now. Figured we could ride together."

"I didn't know you were going."

"Hey...this guy saved you. He was willing to die for you...and for your sister's memory. In my book, he's alright with me."

Letty nodded as she righted herself. Picking up her purse and cell phone, she spun and admired Dom in the black pants and blazer he wore over the plain white t-shirt. She imagined if he had been the one in Teiichi's car instead, imagine his body riddled with bullets and realized that he would have done just the same for her as Teiichi had.

Shaking the frightening image away, she planted a long kiss on his lips and then moved past him and downstairs, immediately moving into her mother's open arms. As Dom joined them, the small family traveled outside and into the cars waiting for them to take them to Teiichi's memorial.

The service was small. Only Teiichi's mother was present, as well as her tiny family. The city had wanted to bury Teiichi next to his father. But his mother insisted...

And he was buried next to Retsu, where they could be together forever.

Letty cried. Mia, who arrived later with Brian and the boys, cried. But Belita and Teiichi's mother cried the most. Laying roses on their children's graves, they traded looks and nods of silent understanding. Take care of what you have left, they said. Don't ever let it go.

Letty saw this, and then glanced at Dom and her own little family. I won't, Retsu...Teiichi...not ever again.

(Two years later)

"Dom! Brian! Catch her!" Mia cried from the house—their old house on their old street where someone close to them as died—but so many had learned how to live. She was on the second floor, screaming out the window as her squirming one-year-old raced out of the house, naked as the day she was born, giggling.

She raced down the lawn toward the driveway where Dom and Brian were working on a 1970 Dodge Charger. Brian stood from his place beneath the car and wiped his hands. With a smile, he reached out as the naked little girl dove into his arms.

"Dada!" she shrieked with a smile as he lifted her, standing. A moment later, Mia emerged and walked, quickly, toward them.

"Mari, why are you running from Mama, huh?" Brian asked as Mia stopped in front of them. The little girl shrieked and giggled and put her clean little hands on Brian's greased smeared face, before touching her own and giggled again.

"You little grease monkey, I just gave you a bath," Mia replied, smiling at their daughter. Just days after returning from Japan, she found out she was a month pregnant and seven months later, their daughter came bursting into the world, unable to wait to be full term, too full of life to be patient.

And now, at a year old and a handful of months old, she was as full of life now as she'd ever been.

And as Dom watched his niece be fussed over by her parents, he smirked. She was truly a testament to the kind of life he'd always wanted to build. A good life. A safe life. He had never wanted to jack trucks forever. Just long enough to make the kind of money necessary for his family to survive comfortably.

And so much had happened. So many painful, ugly memories because of his bad decisions. But now...

He turned his head as he heard the front door open and close again. From within, Letty—his wife, now—emerged and made her way, slowly, down the steps. Six months pregnant. Glowing.

Now, he had a world of bad decisions to make up for, but he was pretty sure making an honest woman of Letty—starting a family with her—was a pretty good start. She grinned as she stopped next to him.

"You know I'm gonna beat on you with a monkey wrench for this, right? I can't even see my feet," she replied, but her eyes gleamed. "And here you two are, workin' on the Charger without me. Now does that seem fair?"

Dom let out a chuckle and wiped his hands. Chucking the rag away, then, he yanked her close and kissed her, deeply, one hand around her back, the other resting softly on her belly. "Sorry, Let. Gotta get 'er up and runnin' 'fore our little one gets here. Can't have him growin' up inside mini vans and SUVs. Right?"

Letty laughed, a deep, beautiful sound, like that of a bell ringing in the silence of winter and nodded. "No. Guess we can't." And her laughter continued.

Dom had never heard a sound so beautiful. Never known a woman so tough. 20% angel, 80% devil. 100% his. Pulling her closer, he promised himself the same promise he'd made her in that parking garage what seemed like a lifetime ago. Made it to her and their unborn son. I will never let you...or him...go. Ever.

And with the giggling of his niece filling the neighborhood...with Brian and Mia laughing as they tickled her and tried to fight her into her clothes...with Letty and her pregnant stomach tucked safely against him...he kissed his wife, thinking about the future with more anticipation than he ever had—because now, the future was something to look forward to.


"Seek the Lord while He may be found. Call upon Him while He is near." Isaiah 55: 6

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