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Mistress Slytherin

Cold steel dug into his raw bleeding wrists, the smell of smoke burned the inside of his nose and throat causing him to tear up. He blinked roughly letting the saline clear his eyes of the muck that seemed to paste them together. An involuntary tremor made him wince in pain as numerous clotting wounds were wrenched open again. The cruciatous curse seemed to have after shocks he noticed dimly, and the chains that hung him at least a foot of the cold unforgiving floor only added to the pain, forcing him to swing with every tremor. He winced at the burns and lacerations on his back as he regained consciousness just enough to take stock of his injuries. Both of his arms had been wrenched out of their sockets and he was sure that Lucius Malfoy had been the one that crushed his right hand- no one else would wear gem encrusted shoes to a torture session. The dark mark lay a blistering fiery mess on his forearm, it wasn't a wand that had placed it there- no that would have been an honor, he had been branded like a cow. He could still smell his own burnt flesh though he was beyond feeling it really, he was sure that it had once again been Malfoy that had the poker custom designed to look like the dark mark.

"Ah, wonder boy awakes." A purring voice said behind him. Curses! He had been a fool for thinking that they would leave him alone.

"Malfoy." He rasped out though his voice seemed to have lost all emotion. He wondered at it for a moment before deciding that it didn't really matter when he was going to die soon anyway. He flinched when a gloved hand traced his bottom lip.

"Tell me boy, why do you struggle so much? Why not just give in? The dark lord is merciful; surly he would forgive you your transgressions." The hand moved to cup his cheek but he made no move to dislodge it, it was better a hand than a whip or a knife, he had learned that his first night here.

"He killed my parents." He answered automatically, though the excuse sounded weak in his own ears. "He's evil." That wasn't much better but hey did the man really expect him to write sonnets about it at the moment, not that he could seen as his hands were literally tied. The man chuckled.

"I think my dear boy, that we might finally be breaking you." The hand slid slowly to the nape of his neck stinging the rope burns that laced around it like a macabre neck tie. His eyes though stayed calm, he was used to the pain by now, used to his dignity being stripped from him each time in a more creative way, he didn't even protest when the warm lips that tasted of expensive wine met his. He let his lids drift shut but didn't respond to the kiss, he was tired, tired of fighting, tired of surviving, there was nothing left of the Harry that had been brought before the Dark Lord all that time ago. So he relaxed, letting the hands trace his prominent ribs and back, the same way that countless other hands had, and let what was left of his mind slip away to a quiet place.

"Well this is a change." The silky voice whispered into his ear, one lazy green eye cracked open.

"There is nothing more that you can take from me; even Bella has run out of ideas." If the Harry that had been brought here could see him he was sure that he would be screaming right now, but that Harry was gone so with a pain filled chuckle the new Harry wrapped his legs around his capture and claimed the startled man's lips with his own. He groaned at the intimacy of the action, in all his life he had never had the warmth of another it was as if everyone was so bent on taking from him that they never allowed him anything in return. He heard Malfoys' cane clatter to the floor and smiled into the kiss when arms wrapped around him before pulling away slightly breathless. Silver-grey eyes gleamed up at him behind hooded eyes.

"Potter what are you doing?" the husky voice whispered amused. Harry smiled darkly before leaning in to whisper.

"For once in my life Malfoy, I'm going to take, and for once in your life you are going to give." He pulled away looking into the confused grey eyes and covered the bewildered man's lips with his own releasing a part of himself that he had always kept hidden even when Voldemort had raped his mind and tore all of the information he could possibly hold away from him. Except this one secret, the secret that had always disgusted him, yet he doubted he could be disgusted or ashamed at all at this point. The man beneath him tensed and the arms around him loosened trying to push him away but his legs held fast frightened eyes met his for a moment as a scream of pure agony burst into his mouth. He swallowed them greedily as he watched the body beneath his glow blue the light intensifying with each passing moment. His secret was dark, he had always thought that it was this secret that made the Dursleys hate him, but no, with this secret the world would worship him. Then all was still the man stopped screaming and he pulled away nipping at the lips frozen in shock, the man made a choking noise and Harry cooed softly as a black sphere the size of a tennis ball slid from behind Lucius Malfoy's pink lips surrounded by a blue glow. A gentle smile traced his lips before they opened and the ball slipped in easily and slid down his throat like a breath of air.

"Wha-" Luscious rasped. Harry smirked, and then chuckled, than laughed wildly before claiming the lips beneath his. He knew he had been betrayed by the light, he had been serving them for too long, the old Harry agreed reluctantly and slowly merged with him.

"You are mine." He hissed into the mouth, devouring it with desperation. The man beneath him moaned softly and the arms once again wrapped around him.

"What have you done to me?" The man asked breathlessly when Harry pulled away.

"I've made you mine; you can not utter a single word, a single spell without my approval. I am in your mind, you will crave my touch, you will long to please me, and if you don't you will loose your magic to me." Once again he claimed the lips below him ignoring the horrified grey eyes he rocked his hips impatiently against the others causing Luscious to groan.

"Lucius." He whispered loving how the older man shuddered. "Let me free so that you can ravish me before I make my escape." Lucius froze but pulled away resignedly.

"Wait!" Harry demanded, Lucius paused. "On your knees Lucius." Harry purred his eyes hooded, Lucius looked horrified unable to move defiance leaking into his eyes. Harry growled and Lucius' own magic slammed him down making him cry out when his knees hit the stone floor, Harry's smile returned. "Now, Lucius don't be naughty." Lucius, had he been able to would have growled but instead reached a hand out involuntarily. "No gloves pet." Harry whispered. Lucius shuddered unable to ignore the excitement that thrummed through his body at the thought of pleasing his new master. No! He had no new master! This boy couldn't do this to him! He was a Malfoy! A Slytherin! But instead of pulling away like he wished, he removed his gloves and crawled closer to the naked flesh that stood in attention before him. He could not deny though that he wanted this, more that his body wanted this, the new bond wanted this. His hand reached up and caressed the firm flesh and his mid was suddenly captivated by the gasp he caused. He felt himself slip away into a sort of acceptance, not even the old Lucius Malfoy was struggling.

"Potter..." He murmured no longer resisting the pull his body felt, the urge to please the very boy he had stood over and spat on when the Dark Lord had brought the boy in. His lips skimmed over the sensitive flesh loving the way the boy tensed and groaned beneath him.

"Yessss..." The boy hissed before tensing as the hot mouth swallowed him to the root, the pleasure the mouth brought and the pain his wounds caused became an exquisite mix of ambrosia that seemed to move like fire through his veins. The blonde head slid back exposing him to the chilled air and making him gasp again and then groan as the hot mouth slid back down. He knew he wouldn't be able to handle much more before he lost himself fully.

"More, Lucius...more...yesss...swallow me!" He demanded as the mouths pace quickened and groans began to send vibrations up his shaft, his eyes rolled back as far as they could as hands gripped his hips sending him into ecstasy. Stars exploded behind his eyelids and he let out a low guttural moan as he shot his load down the willing throat. Pain followed pleasure and burnt its way down his every nerve, but as he gasped for air he couldn't help but love it. He leaned his head forward again to find amazed grey eyes watching him while a trail of white dripped from swollen pink lips.

"Very good, now get me down from here." That night Lucius Malfoy disappeared as did the mark on his forearm, in his place was Harry Potter's pet, though Harry Potter too had long since disappeared from the world becoming something much colder and sinister.