LAST CHAPTER! I'm fastforwarding after this but before i go i thought I'd give my readers one last treat so here we go! NOT FOR YOUNG EYES! CHARACTERS BELONG TO JK ROWLING! Now dance my puppets, dance!

Mistress Slytherin

The wizarding world found its-self frantic. Harry Potter was missing and Lucius Malfoy was dead, two of the wizarding world's most influential people were gone. Of course news of Harry's imprisonment had also made its way on the front page, as well as Albus Dumbledore's refusal to send a rescue team after the boy wonder. Harry had found all this amusing to say the least as he sat in the bath tub with his two lovers. Aspasia, had completely stunned him when he arrived, he had expected perhaps a small cottage or something of the sort but instead he got a mansion. Three-hundred and some odd rooms, all spacious and well furnished awaited them as Mistress Snape's portrait turned portkey landed them on Acers of lush, rolling hills. He had looked up only to find anxious blue-black eyes looking at him in worry he blinked a few times not quite understanding why his lover was worried before throwing himself into the man's arms and snogging him senseless.

"What's on your mind Harry?" Came the soft rumbling voice from behind him, he shivered felling goose bums rise all over his skin as silky skinned arms brought him flush against a naked chest.

"You." Harry murmured pleasantly rubbing his bottom against Severus' swelling erection, the man behind him growled softly and pulled him tighter.

"Be careful Potter or I might have to punish you." Severus whispered into his ear using that dangerously low voice that never failed to make Harry hard. Harry grinned and rubbed harder.

"Oh...professor...I'm a bad boy aren't I?" Harry whispered. Severus growled low in his throat and pulled Harry up holding his thighs so that the boy's privates were open to the cool bathroom air causing him to gasp.

"Darius it looks like our young charge is in need of some...discipline, would you mind helping?" Severus smirked at the way Darius' face became flushed and his eyes glazed over. Softly Severus whispered a spell which Harry mewled to in response as a cock ring appeared at the base of his erection.

"Please!" Harry breathed desperately as he tried to squirm out of Severus' grasp. Darius smirked up at Severus asking him for permission, Severus smiled in response, Darius licked his lips before hungrily swallowing Harry to the root. Harry screamed in response to the hot wet mouth and pushed forward trying to go deeper still.

"No, no Potter you were a bad boy, and bad boy's need to be punished." Severus said as one of Darius' fingers slipped into Harry's hole making him shudder. Severus pressed open mouthed kisses to Harry's exposed neck loving the way the boy groaned in response. Darius slowly slid his head up and moaned as he slid it back down making Harry cry out as the vibrations shivered down his erection, a second finger joined the first slowly stretching and messaging Harry's twitching hole. Harry tried in vain to reach down and grasp the red hair and speed the torturously slow mouth up, but found that he couldn't reach. He groaned in frustration.

"D-Darius!...ah...ha...more!" He hissed out glaring at Darius' bobbing head, Darius rose his head to look at Severus who was just putting the finishing touches on a rather large hicky, Severus met his gaze coolly before removing his lips.

"Tongue him." He ordered whispering yet another spell to keep Harry's legs still so that his own hands were free. Darius Harry noticed with dread slid the cock from his mouth with a satisfying pop and disappeared from view. But Harry had no doubts where his lover had disappeared to because suddenly there was a wet wriggling tongue teasing his enterence.

"Ah...ohh....mahhh...p-please!...ahhh!" Harry continued to whimper and whine as Severus' skilled fingers danced across his skill tweaking and rubbing his most sensitive areas.

"Please mister Potter?" Severus whispered into the boy's ear. "Are you sure you don't mean 'forgive me?'" Severus pulled roughly on Harry's abused nipple causing him to gasp and buck in his arms.

"I'm s-sorry!" Harry whimpered desperately. "Please forgive me!" He begged, Severus tightened his hold around the boy and nudged Darius with his foot. Harry twitched desperately as all forms of pleasure were removed from him.

"Harry?" Severus whispered in his ear while Darius slid beside them his cheeks flushed.

"Huh?" Harry responded weakly, his cock now an angry bright red.

"I want to take you." Severus whispered, laying his cheek on Harry's shoulder.

"You do?" Harry said softly, Severus released the spells and turned Harry around in his arms so that he could see his lover's green eyes.

"I do." He said resolutely. Harry's cheeks became flushed at the honesty in the man's eyes and he couldn't help pressing his lips against Severus' willing ones.

"Then take me." He whispered pulling away, Darius moaned from beside them.

"Don't worry Darius, you will have your turn." Severus whispered still lost in Harry's eyes. Gently he lifted Harry by the hips smiling as the slender legs automatically wrapped around him. Fingers wound themselves into his hair as he lowered Harry onto his cock. Both of them groaned as he slipped into the tight wet heat. Severus claimed the lips below him with such a ferocity that Harry thought he would suck his soul right out through his mouth. Darius slid behind him and slipped the cock ring off causing Harry to gasp and buck, squeezing Severus deeper inside of him.

"S-Sev please!" Harry choked out clinging to the man before him while Darius's hands found Severus' nipples.

"Ah!" Severus panted overwhelmed by the sensations, he gripped Harry's hips harder and thrust faster hitting the boy's already abused prostate over and over. Darius groaned at the sight of Severus loosing control and began pressing kisses down Harry's spine while his own erection rubbed against Harry's back.

"Sev I c-can't...I'm-m!" Harry cried watching as the edges of his vision began to blur. Severus bit deeply into Harry's shoulder mixing Harry's pleasure with pain and pushing them both over the edge. Darius slid away watching their expressions as they shuddered in their release, his hand pumping himself rapidly.


"Sev!" They called both lost to their climax, Darius groaned at the sight and let his eyes slide shut as he felt his own climax approaching. He started though when a smaller hand joined his, he opened his eyes to see a very tired looking Harry reaching out to grasp him. He was even more startled when Severus' hand began to fondle his balls, with wide eyes and a low groan he too came showering them with his cum. The arms pulled his limp body too them and each wrapped an arm around him.

"...Harry....Darius?" Severus whispered softly, both hummed in response making him smile. "I love you." He said quietly, both forms froze before lifting their heads in amazement. Harry blinked slowly before a smile grew on his lips and tears glittered in his eyes.

"Say it again?" Harry whispered hopefully, Severus blushed.

"I love you." He repeated his eyes holding Harry's green eyes, then Darius' hazel ones.

"Good." Darius said softly. "Cause we love you too."

Harry for the fist time in his life found that he did not have to worry about the truth of those words, he found that for the first time he had a home in someone's arms, two someone's really, and that was all he needed.