I was dizzy, naseous. I couldn't think straight, couldn't understand where I was or what had happened or why I felt like this. I heard laughter nearby, and it sent a chill down my spine.

"Quit playing around and kill him." I heard a voice I should probably recognize say. "He's too weak to even fight back. I doubt he has the strength to even hunt." Another laugh, high and piercing. It sent an echo of pain through my head.

My name was Jasper, I remembered.

There had been a fight.


I shoved that thought away. I would deal with it when I had time.

The black haired female had done this to me. She was the reason I felt so weak.

She was the one who had been speaking.

I was behind enemy lines. They were talking about me.

I had to escape.

I experimented, and discovered I could move, though I felt- sore. Stiff. It hurt to move. Still, I could move, at least, for now. I began slowly, quietly inching my way away from the voices. I wondered if I would be able to stand, let alone run.

They were too busy laughing and talking to notice my movements, or perhaps they were so overconfident that no one was watching me. If I were not so weak, such overconfidence would mean their deaths.

They deserved to die, after what they had done to my Ali-

To my family.

I moved, carefully, inch by inch, until after what seemed an eternity I had covered a distance of about five feet, if my foggy mind were to be trusted. I gathered myself, and forced myself up and into a run.

I don't think they even noticed. I don't know if they even cared anymore. Maybe they figured I was dead anyway.

It was entirely possible that I was.

I didn't make it far, maybe a mile or so, before I collapsed. The sun was shining; for some reason that was bad. I couldn't remember why.

I smelled it then. Blood. Human blood.

I was ravenous. There was nothing but the smell of that blood and the burning in my throat. I tried to stand, but no longer had the strength.

I heard an exclamation. I supposed it was from the human. I couldn't focus enough to tell.

"What on earth?" A male said. It was closer. I growled and lunged at him, but fell short. He watched me curiously. "What have we here?" He asked. I didn't like him. He walked around me as I lay helpless on the ground, snarling and growling.

"Skin that glistens." He noted. That was why we stayed out of the sun. Humans were not supposed to see us like this. "Very pale." He continued, leaning forward to touch me. I lunged, trying to bite him. I barely missed. "Cold skin." He noted. He frowned, and again moved his hand close to me.

Again I lunged. But I was slow. He was out of reach again. "Craving for human flesh." He decided. "How interesting."

I couldn't get to him, I realized. And having come to that realization, my mind drifted to something more important.


I had seen her fall; I had seen, through my fight with the vampire that had done this to me, another vampire, older and grey haired, rip her throat out, had seen her lifeless eyes as she fell.

She was gone.

All the little pieces of me that had somehow been put back together with her return snapped. I let out an inhuman shriek as rage and despair and sorrow ripped through me, and closed my eyes against the pain.

I knew no more.

Author's Note: And yes, that is the end of this one. Hope you enjoyed, and I hope you kept reading long enough to figure out that I didn't really kill Jasper off. I mean, seriously, how could I? He's one of my favorite characters. And I couldn't leave poor Alice like this anyway.

Disclaimer: Neither Twilight nor any of its characters are in my possession.