Happy Easter!

Here is a little, short but hopefully funny story for you all. I had the idea floating around and finally wrote it ^_^. Hope you enjoy.

I own nothing! Though owning Lavi would be pretty freaking sweet lol.


Easter at the Order

It was just a normal day, or so the three exorcists thought as they sat at the same table eating in slight silence. The only noise really was being made by Allen who was eating more than 3 times what Lavi or Kanda had in front of them. Silence ran between them as Kanda was being his normal self, Lavi was lost in his own thoughts as he eat and Allen was too distracted by the food in front of his face. Only Kanda heard Lenalee walk over to them and stop at the end of their table. It only took a moment later for the redhead and Allen to look up at her. She was smiling and had her hands behind her back, her eyes told them she was planning something.

"Don't tell me you all forgot what today is?" She said with a smile, the three just stared at her waiting for her to continue.

Shaking her head she explained, "Today's Easter." Lavi and Allen made a small "oh" sound but Kanda didn't even seem fazed.

"So… than what are you hiding behind you back?" Lavi asked the girl, smiling she brought her hands around. Holding three chocolate bunnies.

"I made these for you," she said handing each one of them a bunny.

"Thank you Lenalee!" Allen exclaimed taking the bunny.

Kanda stared at his like it was a strange creature and Lavi had started to eat his already. Watching his redheaded friend, Allen thought of all the times Lavi had called him bean sprout and smiled evilly.

"Hey Lavi, I was wonder," Allen started and the redhead in question looked at him with confused eyes, "with Kanda calling you a rabbit and all… isn't eating that kind of like cannibalism?" Allen asked with a smirk.

Lavi's mouth dropped, and rather unbecoming some chocolate fell out. Kanda was actually smirking at the comment and Lenalee smacked Allen upside his head.

"Allen I can't believe you would say that," she muttered.

Lavi was still in shock as he looked at his half eating chocolate bunny in horror.

"It was just a thought I had, didn't think it was going to horrify him this much," Allen had retorted watching the redhead with amusement.

"He…he's not right is he?" Lavi muttered like a child looking at Lenalee.

"Of course not Lavi, Allen was just playing around. Just because Kanda calls you a rabbit doesn't make you one," Lenalee explained. But Lavi's expression didn't change.

"Kanda help him out," she said looking at the Japanese man hopefully.

Lavi also looked at Kanda, whom was still smirking. Taking his own chocolate bunny he raised it up slightly and broke its head clean off. Lavi's mouth dropped even farther as he looked at the long haired exorcist in horror. Allen had actually started to laugh, he did feel a bit bad for the red head but this was just too funny for him to hold back. Lenalee had smacked him again and looked at Kanda with disappointed eyes.

"Kanda…" she muttered not really knowing where to start.

"Oh come on Lenalee what did you expect him to do? Make Lavi feel better?" Allen asked amused by this own turn of events, and also by the expression on the Bookman's face. Allen swore he looked like he was about to faint.


AN- I really wished i could make these things longer but why drag it out lol so here is a short little fic I had the idea for, well it's been in my head for a little while now but I was waiting for Easter. And I almost forgot to write it lol. I hope you enjoyed the poor torture on Lavi lol but I will say I got the idea from a friend and also it was kinda in my head after getting into Fruits Basket (for those who know, it's near the beginning where Kyo was eating a cat shaped rice ball lol) but anyways

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