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Spring 12th.

Gray was sure there was something up on that day, but he still couldn't quite put his finger on it.

Yeah, he was sure. Something important was going on today, but why couldn't he remember what it was?

Normally he would have shrugged it off, leaving it in a forgotten, dusty corner at the back of his mind, saying, "Eh, whatever, I don't know what it is anyway, so why think about it?"

But this time, something told him he mustmustmust remember.

And that something told him he'd be screwed if he didn't remember.

All right. Did he forget to water the plants? No, they were all nice and damp. Was he supposed to go mining today? Nope. Was it Mary's birthday? No, numbskull, it's spring. Was he supposed to cook lunch for his grandpa? No. Saibara knew he sucked at cooking.

He arrived at work bright and early, and the first thing Saibara shoved on him was to deliver that newly upgraded sickle to Moonflower Farm, where "that cute farmgirl Claire lives," his grandpa said with a wink.

Whatever. Gray could care less about that blonde. Even if she was kind of cute.

And he marched off to the farm and knocked on the door. Immediately the dog started barking. And Claire wasn't answering.

Ten minutes passed. The dog was still barking and Claire was still inside.

Fifteen minutes.

And then finally,


The door swung open and then a very angry Claire Henderson appeared in the frame. "What?" she snapped, scooping the poor dog in her arms.

"I came to deliver the frickin' sickle," he muttered, handing it over to her. She snatched it from him, dashed inside and threw it in the toolbox, and then dashed outside. When she got there the blacksmith was taking his leave. "Get back here!" she roared, grabbing him be the shirt collar.

"What?" he groaned.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" she said impatiently.

"No," he mumbled. "You paid for the sickle when you ordered it." He then started to leave when she grabbed him by the jacket. "That's not it," she said, still tapping her foot. "It's a special day today."

"Is it Christmas?" he asked sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes at him. "Oh no," she replied with that trademark pout of hers, "It's Hanukkah." "Happy Hanukkah, then," he said, ready to swing out again.

Claire sidestepped him and blocked his way out. "Do you really think I feel like sarcasm, Mr. Gray?"

"Oh, I get it!" Gray exclaimed. "It's Easter! Happy Easter, Claire! Is the Easter bunny coming?"

Claire narrowly stopped herself from throwing an Easter egg at him. "It's my birthday, dammit!" she shrieked, brandishing the sickle she got out of nowhere. "I checked my mailbox today and it was filled with birthday cards from all of Mineral Town. Except for one person – " she paused, as if to build suspense. "YOU!" She swung the sickle at him. "And you know I hate it when you forget my birthday!"

"I'm sorry!" he wailed. "I'll go down to the mines. Get you a nice Orichalc ore. I'll go make you some jewelry!" he cried as Claire advanced towards him. "Just PLEASE DON'T HURT MEEEEEEEEE!!!!"

But Claire wasn't listening. Gray could only squeal in fear as Claire chased him with her sickle through Mineral Town. His subconscious was right. He was screwed.

Maybe he should follow Mary up on that day planner she was offering him…

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