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Naruto charged down the corridor he chose, not looking back once. He could see a light just ahead of him, an opening to a large room. He could feel the reiatsu pouring out from it and, entering the room, he found himself surrounded by a large number of Arrancar, who pounced on him the second he stepped into the room.

Quickly unsheathing Ryuujin, Naruto dodge a slash from one of the Arrancar and delivered his own, jumping over two more and stabbing them in the back, 'Why?'

Seeing their comrades defeated so easily, the other Arrancar hesitated before steeling their nerves and charging forward. Jumping into the air, he launched one lightning bolt down, frying five Arrancar.

'Even if it was just me…back then…'

Naruto landed in the center of the room just as even more Arrancar ran into it, surrounding him from all sides. Naruto glared at the ones he could, and spiked his reiatsu to threaten the ones behind him. They took a step back hesitantly before charging forward.

'Back then…I thought we were friends! Why did you start all this…Aizen?!' Naruto thought as he ran forward to meet the oncoming wave.

Chapter 16: Turn Back the Pendulum, Part 1

"Man, that was some dream… Was that what I acted like when I was alive?" Naruto mumbled to himself as he walked out of the room he was given. His dream had been what he assumed had been a memory from his childhood. He was really, well, energetic…

"Well, seeing as I'm dead, that didn't work out well, did it?" Naruto questioned himself. In his dream, he seemed thirteen, maybe a year younger or older, but still not too much younger than how he appeared, which was seventeen or sixteen.

Naruto smiled lazily to himself, "Well, I should probably try changing that this time around, huh? If charging head first into things is what got me killed, it'd probably be a bit smarter to just…I don't know—lay back?"

"You know, talking to oneself is the first sign of an insane person."

Naruto practically hit his head on the ceiling as he jumped, turning to find the old man that had brought him here…what was his name again? Yamamoto?

"Don't sneak up on me like that, Jiji!" Naruto sighed, "So, what do you need?"

Yamamoto ignored the poke at his age and coughed, "I am here to take you to the Academy. You will be taking your entrance exam today."

Naruto nodded, "So, anyway we can get this done quickly?"

"If you studied the scrolls I lent you last night, than it should be easy. You will be given an hour to take your test, which should be more than enough time, and based on your score, you will be sorted into the proper class," Yamamoto responded.

"Hey, can't we just cut through a lot of red-tape and just place me into a class now?" Naruto questioned, but quickly discarded the idea at Yamamoto's glare.

"Don't disregard regulations, boy," Yamamoto spoke as he and Naruto began to approach the Academy, "Enter this building and the Shinigami inside will lead you to the testing room. Good luck."

Naruto watched as the man disappeared with a Shunpo and shivered, 'I could end up like him…Damn, I really need to start relaxing more often!'

"In hindsight, it probably would have been better to actually have looked at one of those scrolls…" Naruto mumbled to himself as he looked at the papers in front of him. Looking around, he couldn't help but snort at the simply amazing look of the room—nothing but white walls and a desk for him to work at. Shrugging, he signed his name at the top.

Abruptly, he brought his hand up to his mouth to cover a yawn, "It probably would have been better to get some more sleep, too."

Resting his head on the desk, Naruto closed his eyes, 'I'll just…rest a bit…'

"Where am I?"

Naruto looked around. He had no idea where he was. He stood on top of many dark storm clouds, and was surrounded by them as well. The occasional bolt of lightning would bounce between clouds or claps of thunder could be heard, but other than that and the seemingly endless drifting of the clouds, nothing happened.

"Welcome. It is about time you have come here, boy."

Suddenly, the clouds parted with a large bolt of lightning, and there in the cloudy sky sat a long dragon. Long navy blue scales ran down his back with two rows of orange scales jutting out from it. His stomach was white, but the look of it made it seem more like armor than skin. Two long, blue whiskers flowed from his face along with spikes of orange and lightning poured from his eyes.

"Woah! Who and what are you?!" Naruto shouted in surprise.

"My name is _____ and I am your Zanpakuto Spirit," the dragon answered calmly.

Naruto blinked, "What's your name? I couldn't hear you."

"…It would seem you are not yet ready to learn my name. Come back when you can."

"Hey, wait!" Naruto shouted running to the dragon, who began to ascend back into the heavens.

"—ruto-san, Naruto-san, wake up!"

"Hm? Whazzat?" Naruto muttered sleepily as he rubbed his eyes, opening them to find one of the Shinigami that lead him here.

"The timing period for the test is up. Please hand in your test," the Shinigami held out her hand, waiting for the papers.

"W-What?!" Naruto shouted, "But…I didn't finish!"

"Didn't finish?" the Shinigami laughed, "Don't worry, Naruto-san! No one has ever failed this test—I'm sure you did fine!"

The Shinigami snatched the papers from the desk before Naruto could say anymore. Naruto could only stare as she left the room.

"Well…crap," Naruto cursed.

Yamamoto smiled lightly to himself as he peacefully stroked another line of ink onto the paper before him. Calligraphy was one of the very few relaxation activities he had time for nowadays, and, with everything running so smoothly, he could stop and take a breather far more often than he once could.

"Y-Yamamoto-Soutaicho! I think you should take a look at this!" a Shinigami ran into his office, holding papers in her hands.

Yamamoto sighed, "What is it?"

"The test results from Naruto-san's test came back and—"

"Oh, I see…" Yamamoto stroked his beard, "How high did he score?"

"B-But that's just the problem, Yamamoto-Soutaicho!" the Shinigami cried, "He has the lowest score in the history of the academy!"

Yamamoto's eyes snapped open, "What?!"

"He didn't answer a single question! The only thing he did was sign his name at the top!" the Shinigami laid the papers before Yamamoto, who quickly grabbed them and looked them over. It was true, the only marks on the paper read "Uzumaki Naruto."

"What do we do, Yamamoto-Soutaicho?! I mean, we need every Shinigami we can get to face the Hollows, but…can we let this one pass?" the Shinigami asked.

"…I do have an idea of what to do with this one," Yamamoto sighed, "We should have a new sensei arriving at the Academy soon—Kaien Shiba. This will be a good test of both their abilities. We will create a new class with Naruto as the only student and Kaien as the sensei. If Kaien cannot help Naruto improve and if Naruto does not improve, they will both be dropped from the program."

"But how should we test Naruto-san, Yamamoto-Soutaicho?" the Shinigami questioned.

"…I have an idea," Yamamoto replied, "Arrange for the class to be formed. Give Naruto the lowest grade possible and make sure neither of them find out about this arrangement."

"Hai, Yamamoto-Soutaicho!" the Shinigami bowed before running out the door.

Yamamoto sighed, "Uzumaki Naruto…how much more stress are you going to cause me?"

Kaien grinned as he walked down the halls of the Academy. Today was his first day as a sensei and he couldn't have been more excited. He paused as he stood outside the door, taking in a deep breath and calming his nerves before sliding the door open.

"Good morning, class! My name is Kaien Shi—Huh?" Kaien stared at the only student in the room, a sixteen-year-old blond with his head down and a light snore. It took a few minutes for his brain to get out of shock and realize that he only had one student, who was currently sleeping through his entrance.

A tick-mark broke out on his forehead as he kicked the desk out from under the boy, "Wake up, dammit!"

"Ow! What the Hell you crazy—" Naruto glared up at Kaien, "…Who the Hell are you?"

"You're sensei, slacker!" Kaien sighed, "How'd I get stuck with you?"

"Karma, maybe?" Naruto smirked.

"Shut it, brat," Kaien grumbled, "Look, are you sure you're the only one in here?"

"Well, let me take a look around," Naruto said mockingly, glancing around the room, "Nope! I don't see anyone else!"

"Great, I got a smartass…" Kaien shook his head, before walking over to his desk, "Here, catch."

Naruto caught the item thrown at him and looked at it. It was a plain katana in a black sheath, nothing special, nothing out-of-the-ordinary, "What's this?"

"Don't act so stupid! That's going to be your Zanpakuto!" Kaien declared, pointing at the sword, "Right now, it's dormant, like your Zanpakuto Spirit, so you'll need to pour some of your reiatsu into it before you can even hope to activate your Shikai!"

"Got it!" Naruto nodded, "…How do I do that?"

Kaien slapped his head, "You don't know anything, do you?"

"That's why you're supposed to teach me, sensei!" Naruto mocked.

Kaien sighed, "What's your name, anyway?"

"Naruto! Uzumaki Naruto!" Naruto grinned lazily, "And yours?"

"Shiba Kaien," Kaien introduced himself, "C'mon, were going out to the fields to practice focusing your reiatsu."

Kaien sighed as he watched Naruto try to exert his spiritual pressure once more. His thirtieth attempt.

"You can't just try and force your reiatsu like that," Kaien called, "Relax and try to make it flow like a wave into the sword."

Naruto didn't respond, but glared at his sword, leading Kaien to assume he was making another attempt. Kaien couldn't understand what was wrong—even rookie Shinigami could channel some reiatsu into their swords without too much difficulty. Perhaps the kid barely had any reiatsu? He'd have to check to see how much the kid had later…

Looking up from his thoughts, Kaien blinked, "W-What the Hell are you doing?! Get back to work!"

Naruto, who was currently resting on the ground, groaned, "C'mon Kaien-baka, I'm just taking a little break…"

"If you always slack off like that, you won't get anywhere!" Kaien shouted.

"I'll do just fine…after a nap," Naruto mumbled.

"Oi! Who are you?!"

Naruto and Kaien looked up to see the sensei of Class 2 and his class behind him, who were shooting them odd looks and whispering amongst themselves.

"I'm Kaien Shiba, the new sensei here, and that's my student Uzumaki Naruto," Kaien replied, "What are you doing here?"

"My class has the field today and the rest of the week," the sensei gestured to his class, "If you want to use the field, you have to request it in advance."

"I see…" Kaien mumbled, grinning sheepishly, "If you don't mind me asking, why are you using the fields today?"

"Sparring," the sensei replied, "We'll need the whole field to have enough room, as well."

"Right, we'll leave right away," Kaien said, "Let's go, Naruto…"


Kaien slapped his head, "Son of a…"

"Hahahaha! Exactly what kind of class did you get stuck with to get a student like him?!" the sensei laughed.

Naruto snapped awake, "What's that supposed to mean, you ass?!"

"Naruto, we can come back later. Let's just go for now and—"

"What'd you say, slacker?!" the sensei glared.

"You heard me!" Naruto snapped back, "Who the Hell are you to decide what kind of student I am?!"

"Oh? You think you're a good student is that it?" the sensei smirked, "Then I guess you wouldn't mind sparring with one of my own students, would you? Winner takes the field for the rest of the week!"

"Naruto, don't—"

"You're on!" Naruto cut off Kaien, who slapped his forehead again.

Kaien grabbed Naruto by the shoulder, "What are you doing?! There's no way someone at your level could beat a student of Class 2! You can't even control any of your reiatsu yet!"

"Don't worry, Kaien-baka! How good can a student be?" Naruto shrugged him off as he stepped forward onto the field, ignoring any shouts from Kaien.

The sensei looked back to his class, "Alright, Hirako, get in there!"

Shinji Hirako sighed and stepped onto the field, a bored look on his face, "Hai, Otago-sensei."

The two blonds stood a few feet away from each other, studying each other's appearance. Naruto suddenly raised his hand and pointed at Shinji, a serious look adorning his face. Shinji blinked, "W-What?"

"…Hey…" Naruto glared, "…I don't like you."

Shinji frowned, "What?! That's all you wanted to say?!"

Naruto nodded happily, grinning, "Yep!"

"Enough talk! Begin!" Otago yelled.

Shinji immediately unsheathed his Zanpakuto and slashed at Naruto, who jumped back. Naruto then unsheathed his and ran forward to clash swords with Shinji. The two tried to force each other back until Shinji held up a hand and began to chant.

"Bakudou #1: Sai!" Shinji shouted, pointing to Naruto, who dropped his sword as his hands were forced behind his back. Just as Shinji was about to strike Naruto with the blunt side of his blade, Naruto jumped back. Shinji ran forward after him while Naruto backpedaled away as fast as he could.

"Stop running!"

"No! You're gonna hit me!"

"Of course I am, you baka, now stop running!"

"How would that convince me to stop?!"

"Just shut up and stop running, dammit!"

Ogato turned to Kaien, "Just what kind of student did they stick you with?"

Kaien slapped his forehead for what seemed like the millionth time that day, "A freaking weird one."

Naruto, who was still running away, tripped and fell on his back. Looking up, he saw Shinji closing the distance between them, his sword poised with the blunt end to attack him.

"It's over!" Shinji shouted, bringing his sword down.

A shock began to flow through Naruto, focusing on his hands. By the time the sword was half way to his target, Naruto realized he could move his arms. Quickly, Naruto brought his hand up to grab the blade, sending the shocking feeling through it.

Kaien and Ogato stared intently at Naruto as they felt the huge spike in his reiatsu.

"W-What is this?! No one short of a Lieutenant should have that much reiatsu!" Kaien mumbled.

Electricity began to jump from Shinji's blade and made its way up his arm, electrocuting Shinji, who fell to the ground shortly afterwards.

"N-No way…the kid actually won?!" Ogato shouted in shock before turning to two of his students, "T-Take Hirako to the 4th Division!"

The two nodded before collecting their classmate and running off towards the 4th Division. Ogato turned to Kaien, "I won't go back on my word—you have the field for the rest of the week, but I have to ask, what is with that kid's reiatsu? I've never seen anything like it from an Academy student before…"

Kaien shook his head, "I don't know—I don't think Naruto knows, either."

"I see…" Ogato nodded before turning to his class, "Alright, everyone back to the classroom! We'll start learning incantations for Hadou as soon as we get back!"

Kaien looked to where Naruto lay, now asleep and shook his head, "What the Hell am I gonna do with you?"

Naruto grinned to himself as he lazed under a tree that was on the Academy grounds. He had already eaten his lunch and was doing pretty well in going unnoticed by many of the other students who had opted to eat outside.

He felt a tap on his shoulder and opened his eyes to find a rather meager looking boy smiling back at him. He wasn't muscular and was a bit pale and also a bit shorter than Naruto. He had messy hair that covered his forehead and kind eyes.

"I heard about how you defeated Hirako Shinji in a spar today," the boy smiled, "I think that's really amazing! Hirako-san is the best in his class and was supposed to be moving into the 1st Class soon. I wanted to congratulate you."

Naruto smiled, "It was nothing! So, what class are you in?"

The boy gave a weak grin, "I'm only in Class 6—I'm not really strong. Oh, I never caught your name."

Naruto held out his hand, grinning, "My name is Uzumaki Naruto! Nice to meet you…"

"Oh, how rude of me!" the boy remarked, "My name is Sosuke Aizen—let's be friends."

"A strange reiatsu, you say?" Yamamoto questioned, turning to Ogato.

"Hai, Yamamoto-Soutaicho! It had an affinity—lightning," Ogato spoke, "The only one I've seen that's like it is your own, Yamamoto-Soutaicho."

"I see…" Yamamoto drawled. Holding the strongest fire-based Zanpakuto, Yamamoto's reiatsu held an affinity for fire to the point that's what it became.

"What do you think it means, Yamamoto-Soutaicho?"

"…It means that Uzumaki-san is far more interesting than I had first thought," Yamamoto replied, "Be sure to alert me if you notice anything more in the boy's development."

"Hai!" Ogato saluted before walking out of the room.

"…It would seem that you have answered my question, Naruto-san," Yamamoto told himself as he rested at his desk, "You plan to cause me a great deal of stress and then some."

"Yoruichi-sama! Yoruichi-sama, it's time to wake up!" Soi Fon called, walking into the girl's bedroom.

"I'm up, I'm up…" Yoruichi groaned, sitting up and moving the hair that was in her eyes to the sides of her face.

"Today is the start of Class 1, Yoruichi-sama, and I have instructions to make sure you're not late," Soi Fon declared.

Sighing, Yoruichi nodded. Since Class 1 had to learn everything faster than any other class, that meant that they had more time off from the academy, including an extra day before the start of the term.

"Well, I hope things will be more interesting this year…" Yoruichi sighed.

Naruto sighed as he looked at the large sign on the building.

"Shinigami Health Land"

After today, he needed a break. Kaien had suggested the place, so against his better judegement, he decided to try it.


Naruto looked to see an old man peeking into the women's bathing area, "Hey! Ero-Jiji, knock that off!"

"Who the Hell said tha—" Jiraiya paused as his eyes nearly popped out of his head, "N-Naruto?!"

Naruto blinked, "Who the Hell are you?"

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