Hinata's feet felt like cement while she stood in front of the crowded shop. She was having trouble getting through the front door because of two things:

1) she was so nervous that she was shaking


2) there was an abundance of people stuffed into the shop, mostly girls (which mainly caused reason #1)

Hinata knew the reason why. Inside the small coffee shop, named creatively enough The Coffee Shop, was not only coffee. There was also the biggest heartthrob in Konoha handing out the coffee: Sasuke Uchiha. He was standing stiff behind the counter, practically throwing the hot caffeinated drinks at the rabid girls that were trying to get his number along with their refreshments.

Hinata would have stood at that exact spot for a longer time, but at that moment a girl ran into the shop, banging her shoulder as she went. Hinata lost her balance and started to fall.

"Ah-!" Her yell was cut off by someone catching her from behind.

"You really need to be more careful, Hinata."

Hinata looked up to see that the grey-haired, masked man more commonly known as Kakashi was the one who saved her from a bad scrape. "Oh! Tha-Thank you, Kakashi-sensei!" Hinata blushed her usual red color and her eyes widened as Kakashi smiled at her.

"Oh, no problem Hinata." It was a weird thing. Hinata had no idea that Kakashi knew her name. She never talked to him . . . come to think of it, she never talked to a lot of people other then a couple of people in Konoha. Of course she was the Hyuuga heiress, which one would think would get her some more people to talk to, but she didn't think that many people knew that. She was simply the quiet, shy girl who always stood in the background, not wanting to call attention to herself.

Kakashi helped the young girl to her feet, and she brushed herself off, not wanting to make eye contact with him.

"Were you planning on heading in to get some coffee?"

"Y-yes . . . well, I was a-actually going to g-get a bag of c-coffee beans to b-bring back home."

"Ah, I see. Well, let me help you get in. There seems to be an infestation at the shop today." He helped Hinata to her feet and started not-so-gently pushing the other girls to get through. Hinata knew that he was the owner of the shop and that since he was late (as usual) that he wanted to get inside, so she simply kept close to him, grabbing onto his shirt lightly as not to lose him, blushing like mad as she did.

Kakashi finally bullied his way to the front of the shop and jumped back behind the counter. Grabbing his apron and tying it quickly around his middle, he shuffled through some cabinets in the back.

Hinata rested her hands on the counter, still blushing. Her eyes shifted around nervously, and she saw Sasuke handing coffee to a pair of giggling girls. He looked so . . . sad and angry. His glare could freeze hell over 20 times and still have more ice to spare. She felt so bad for him. He never got any peace from the girls in town. Not even in his own home. There were always girls hanging out in front of his gate with binoculars, trying to get a glimpse of his god-like beauty.

No, she could not say that he wasn't gorgeous. Her heart started beating whenever she saw him, but it wasn't of love, like what she used to feel when she saw Naruto. She was over Naruto at this point. After trailing behind him like a lost puppy for so long, she was sick of it. She still talked to him, but the flame was no longer there.

Her thoughts of Naruto and Sasuke were interrupted when a bag was shoved in her face. Her eyes widened and her mouth formed into a small 'O' shape, taken aback. Looking past the bag, she saw Kakashi smiling slightly at her. "Here you go Hinata. Our best beans."

Hinata daintily took the bag and blushed once again, and just had to ask. "K-kakashi-sensei . . . w-why did you g-give me this?"

She could see Kakashi smile again beneath his mask. He seemed to be in good humor that day. "Well, you're the only girl in Konoha who hasn't barged in here and broken something."

As if on cue, there was the harsh sound of a glass falling, and screams and yelps of surprise soon followed. Kakashi groaned and grabbed the broom that as also behind the counter. "Well, I better go and clean that up."

"Y-yes. W-well, I'll see you l-later Kakashi-sensei. T-thank you again!" Hinata gave a quick bow, slapped the money for the beans on the counter, and zoomed off to the compound. Her father and Neji were expecting refreshments after training, and they had specified that they wished to have coffee that day instead of their usual tea. It was one more chore for Hinata to do, but she didn't dare talk back to them. After all, it was a relatively short walk back to the compound from The Coffee Shop.


The rest of the day was nothing very special. She went home, prepared some coffee and snacks for her father and Neji, laid the plates and cups out of them, and worked on other things (mostly cleaning, reading, etc.).

The day was coming to a close when Hinata finally realized something. Shuffling around her room and tearing everything apart looking for her cell phone, she remembered. "Oh no . . . I-I left it at The Coffee Shop!" The memory flowed back to her about how when she took out her money to pay for the beans, she had taken her phone out as to get to the money that was underneath it. She must have forgotten to pick it back up off of the counter before she ran off. Hinata sat down on her bed and sighed heavily. "Oh no . . . oh no . . . f-father will n-never forgive me if I l-lose my phone! I need to find it!" Her stuttering acted up because she was so nervous, and the mentally kicked herself for it. She had been trying to work on that. She was trying to get her brave self to come out more, but it was hard to do.

Hinata ran down the stairs, deciding to run back to the shop and see if it was still open and if someone had put her phone aside in a Lost-and-Found or something. She quickly threw open the door and almost collided head-on with a man's chest. She felt another blush creep up onto her face as she looked up at, once again, Kakashi. She was starting to wonder why she was seeing him so much today.

"K-Kakashi-sensei! W-what are you d-doing here?"

"I found this on the counter, and I figured that it was yours." He held out a small cell phone that was scuffed up and slightly damaged, but to Hinata it was as if he was handing her a lump of gold. She reached out and grabbed it from him, surprising him with her quickness.

"Thank you s-so much Kakashi-sensei! Y-you don't know h-how much I needed this b-back!" Her face was gleaming. She was happy to have her phone back and not have to answer to her father's wrath if he found out that she had misplaced it.

"Hey, no problem. Well, I guess I'll see you around." Kakashi started to walk away, waving over his shoulder. Hinata felt really bad about him walking all the way over and not getting anything in return, so she promptly stopped him with a yell.

"Oi! K-Kakashi-sensei! W-would you like a cup o-of coffee?"

Kakashi's face lit up from behind his mask, and he made his way back to the door. "Why Hinata, I think that would hit the spot!"


Sasuke walked back home from work. They had just closed, and he wished that he could just quit. All the girls who came in gave him a headache, and they never left him alone. He could never get any peace! They were like a bad virus that you just couldn't shake.

His eyes hurt from all of the steam blowing into them, his hands tingled because of the hot coffee, his feet hurt from standing on them all day, and his ears were ringing from the constant noise in the shop, but thankfully his wallet was full. Because of all of the girls who came in to buy coffee (also the guys who got drinks, but it was mostly girls), Kakashi paid Sasuke a large sum of money every week. That way, Sasuke could buy all the food and things that he needed, and also have a little left over to save for something that he might one day want. He already had a small box hidden in his closet that held more than 500 dollars.

Walking into his house, Sasuke collapsed onto the couch and decided to stay there for a while. Not only were the girls always coming to see him, but he and Kakashi were the only ones working there. No one else dared to work there in fear of getting harmed on the job. Maybe if there was another person working at The Coffee Shop, he might have an easier time.