Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I'm back to give you the sequel to the widely popular "Maximum Ride: Time, Magic & Wings". If you haven't read that yet, I suggest you do. Now, this story will be mainly told from Max's POV, and The Doctor's. If you haven't noticed, this is a Maximum Ride and a Doctor Who crossover. I do not own any of them, although I do own people that I create in this story. Please Review! We want more than the last one! ENJOY! (YOU REALLY SHOULD READ THE PREVIOUS FIC BECAUSE YOU WON'T GET THE PART ABOUT IGGY (JEFF) BEING BLIND. Maximum Ride: The Time Lord

Episode 01: New Students, and a New Teacher

Arizona, America. 9am.

I got out of bed, running down the stairs for the start of a new day. Ella would be up, as well as my mum. They were early birds. Me – not so much. "Mum? Is breakfast ready?"

"It's on the table, Max," Dr Martinez called back. "Oh, and Max? We've got a visitor, just leaving."

The stranger stood at the doorway, in a brown coat. "I'm John Smith. I was just leaving," said the man.

"Yeah," I replied. "I'm Max."

"By, Max," John Smith waved at me, and left the house. I had a feeling that I knew him, but I didn't. Soon, Ella and me would set off for a brand new day at school.

Twenty minutes later, we where on the bus, a big yellow one – just like the movies.

"Max, you missed so much yesterday," said Ella. "There are five new students, and a new teacher."

"Seriously?" I asked, after all, I had been ill for the past week.

"Yeah," replied Ella. "Here's one of them now."

The boy got on the bus, and went to sit in the seat opposite Ella's and mine. Like John Smith, this morning, he looked oddly familiar. "Hi," he said to me. "My name's Nick.."

"Where'd you come from?" asked Max. "Ella told me you're new."

"The Orphanage down the road. Our parents couldn't cope with all five of us, so they dumped us in the orphanage."

"Sad," I replied. "I'm guessing you five are all related?"

"You don't say," Nick replied, as four more students got on the bus. A Dog tried to follow the youngest one onto the bus, resulting in entertainment for the kids whilst the bus driver spent ten minutes trying to get it off. "That's Ariel," he pointed to the youngest one. "Zephyr, Jeff and Tiffany-Crystal. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention," he said as the bus pulled to a stop. "What's your name?"

"Max. Max Martinez," replied Max.

"Nice to meet you," replied Nick.

Tutor was boring, and so was Double Maths. After Break, we had Science. We were all in our lesson, seated, when the teacher came in. It was John Smith.

"Good Morning Class," Mr Smith put a stack of papers on his desk, and wrote Physics on the whiteboard. "Physics, Physics, Physics. Please take out your books and turn to page one hundred and seventy five. Also, Max?"

"Yes, Sir?"

"Don't call me Sir, please," replied Mr Smith. "It makes me feel older than I look. Call me Doctor. That's right. Doctor John Smith… That was what I was going to say."

"Hey," Nick whispered into my ear. He was sitting next to me, and Jeff was on the other side. "That guy's nuts. He spent the whole of last lesson going on about paperclips and a Sledge hammer."

I snickered.

"Right then. I want you to do questions four and five. You may use your exercise books to help you, as well as any other pages in the text book," Mr Smith said. "And, Jimmy Seymour, was it? No Talking."

"Yes, Doctor," replied Jimmy. "Sorry."

If you may have gathered by now, Mr Smith is The Doctor, Max is Maximum Ride, Nick is Fang, Jeff is Iggy, Tiffany-Crystal is Nudge, Zephyr is Gazzy, Ariel is Angel, and the dog trying to follow Angel onto the bus is Total. Also, Angel doesn't know that she can read minds.