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CHAPTER 10 – Meningioma


"We have received some of the test results back and were wondering if you would be able to come in and discuss them."

"Why? What did you find?" Kai questioned. He was getting a little angry now. Fucking doctors and their pussyfooting around. He wished they would just tell him and get it over and done with.

"I would prefer to talk to you about it in person. When would you be able to come in?"

Kai thought about it. Letting out a breath, he realised he wouldn't getany answers unless he went and talked to the stupid doctor.

"I can come in any time after three this afternoon."

"Good, good,"the doctor repeated and Kai rolled his eyes."I shall see you then, Mr, Hiwatari. Just ask for Dr. Kowelr when you get to the main reception."

"Whatever." With that, Kai hung up, one thought repeating over and over in his head so much that he didn't notice the stares he was receiving from the four teenage boys standing only a few feet away.


Kai strode into the hospital, glare fully in place and his two-toned eyes narrowed. He'd left the Bladebreakers half an hour earlier, stating that he had somewhere to be and left them to it. He might have thrown in a threat or two before leaving, just to make sure that they stayed on track and worked on everything they needed to improve on. As soon as this stupid hospital appointment was over, he would head back and keep training them until dinner time. They were running out of time before the start of the preliminary matches leading up to the World Champs.

The Russian had driven to the hospital, his black and white Buick GSX now parked in a secluded spot away from the majority of parked cars. He didn't want the car to get damaged now, did he?

The hospital was large, easily fifteen stories high and spanned the entire block. As soon as he walked through the main entrance, Kai squinted slightly. The interior of the hospital was brightly lit, fluorescent lights hanging from the ceiling in the hundreds. The headache that had been quietly and almost painlessly simmering away suddenly bloomed into a full-blown headache; the sharp spikes of pain rippling through his head.

Blinking through the pain, Kai narrowed his eyes in an attempt to block out most of the painful lighting and made his way over to the reception desk, were several nurses were stationed.

As he reached the curved white marble desk, one of the nurses looked up rom her computer and smiled. "Hi there. How can I help you today, sir?"

Grimacing slightly at the high tone of the nurse's voice, Kai hid his discomfit away and looked at her name badge. It read Heidi. "I have an appointment at 3.00 PM with a Doctor Kowelr," he stated, already sick of the whole thing.

"Your name please?"

"Hiwatari. Kai Hiwatari," the Russian responded. The nurse typed his name into her computer and looked at a few things on the screen before glancing back up at him. Kai frowned. Something wasn't right.

"It looks like Doctor Kowelr has been called away to surgery, due to a multi-car pileup on the freeway. He's going to be unavailable for at least a few hours."

Taking in a deep breath, Kai attempted to calm himself. Unbelievable… after all that, the fucking doctor wasn't even available? Why the hell couldn't he have just told him over the phone?

"But…" Kai was broken out of his thoughts as the nurse started to speak again. "Another doctor is available. A Doctor Campbell has been brought in as a second opinion for one of your latest test results. He's currently available if you'd like to see him instead?"

A bad feeling raced through Kai. They'd brought in a second opinion? For what? The last tests he'd had done were mostly to do with his damaged eye. Maybe he was going to have to have another surgery on it? His eyesight was almost gone in that eye, so what good would surgery do? Unless it could stop the god-awful headaches he'd been victim to lately.

"Doctor Campbell will be fine," Kai said after a lengthy pause.

The nurse typed a few more things before picking up the phone and calling who Kai assumed was Doctor Campbell. A few short, clipped responses later, the nurse hung up. "If you head up to the fifth floor, take a right and head towards where it says Examination Rooms, Doctor Campbell will meet you at the information desk just before the sign."

Without bothering to say thanks, Kai headed towards the elevators. He took the elevator to level five and headed right, immediately spotting the sign hanging from the ceiling that said Examination Rooms. A doctor was already waiting by the desk.

At first glance, Doctor Campbell looked young. He had light brown hair and was wearing the traditional white coat; around 6 feet tall and of medium build. On closer inspection, Kai could see that the man was easily in his mid-forties, with grey speckled throughout his brown hair and creases around the corners of his dark blue eyes.

"Doctor Campbell?" Kai asked as he reached the desk. The doctor nodded.

"Yes, that's me. I take it you're Kai?"

Kai stayed silent, only nodding slightly to confirm the doctor's question. He wasn't in the mood for pleasantries. The sooner they got this over and done with, the better. He had other things to do.

"Alright, the silent type huh?" the doctor joked. When Kai said nothing again, the doctor chuckled. "Okay, follow me and we'll get this underway."

Several minutes later, Kai was seated in a rather large exam room. Doctor Campbell sat across from him, pulling up a few files on his computer before revealing a folder that had his name stamped across the front.

"So, I've been informed that you're here to discuss the results from your latest tests?"

"Yes." One word answers would make the process go so much quicker, Kai thought.

"The last time you were here, they took some blood, took a look at your eyes and did an MRI? That correct?"


"Okay. I just want to have a quick look at your eye again, if that's alright," the doctor asked.

"Sure. Whatever."

Kai was prompted to move over to the exam bed. He sat down on the hospital grade sheets before wincing as a penlight was shone into his eyes. First the left, which he winced and pulled away a little and then the right eye – his damaged one. The light didn't make much of a difference at all due to the near-total blindness that had been slowly getting worse over the past few months.

The doctor scribbled a few notes onto his clipboard before motioning for Kai to follow him back over to the desk. After sitting again, Kai glanced over at the doctor, seeing the serious expression that filtered across his features. Crap.

"Look," Kai growled. "If something's wrong, just spit it out already would you? I've got other shit to do and I really don't have time to be mucking around here of all places!"

Doctor Campbell sighed, one hand going up to rub at the back of his head before grabbing the clipboard in front of him.

"After your most recent tests, I was brought in to consult on your case. Doctor Kower's been worried about the deterioration of sight in your right eye. I know that it was initially caused by a car accident a few years ago, but even then, you should not be losing vision as quickly as you are. Which is why Doctor Kowelr ordered for the MRI to be taken last time. He wanted to check and see if there were any other underlying problems that he might have missed."

"Let me guess. He found something?" God, if this reject was just going to tell him he needed more surgery on his damn eye… Cutting the damn thing out would be a hell of a lot easier! Especially if it stopped the headaches from occurring so frequently.

"Yes, he found something. Kai, you've got an Atypical Meningioma or known as a Grade II Meningioma."

"A what?"

Doctor Campbell sighed. "You've got a brain tumour, Kai."

And just like that, Kai's world came crashing to a stop.

Kai felt his mouth drop open in shock. A brain tumour? He had a fucking tumour in his brain? For the first time in his life, Kai found himself speechless. He went to speak, but found that nothing was coming out. His mind was running a hundred miles an hour, trying to process the one sentence that had sent his world to hell.

Huh. It was fucking typical that he had a brain tumour! Of course, as if the shitty childhood, serious car accident and other crap weren't enough. He just had to go and get himself a nice lovely brain tumour!

Rubbing a hand over his face, Kai pinched the bridge of his nose as the headache came flaring back to life. Taking a deep breath, the crimson-eyed teen composed himself before looking back up at the doctor, who was staring at him with worried eyes.

In the doctor's hand was a print out of a scan. It showed the human brain and Kai figured that it was his brain – a scan taken from when he had the MRI done last time.

"See this black area here?" The doctor pointed to a part in the centre of the brain where a black smudge was mixed in with the lines and shapes of white. Kai nodded, he saw it.

"That's the tumour."

That sealed it then. This wasn't some sick, twisted joke. He really did have a brain tumour. Fuck.

"Is it cancerous?"

The doctor shook his head. "No, luckily this type of tumour is not a cancerous type. But that doesn't mean it isn't just as dangerous."

"What happens now?" Kai knew that he should probably be in shock or something after being told what he'd just been told. But for some reason, he was kind of numb. He could see that Doctor Campbell was a little confused at his response, but Kai couldn't bring himself to care. To be honest, what kind of doctor told a patient that he had a brain tumour when the patient had no support or a guardian present? Not that Kai wanted anyone to know about this latest…development.

"I'd like to schedule another MRI and do a few more tests, just to see how rapidly the tumour is growing. From your file it looks like you're suffering from severe headaches and vision loss, which are both symptoms of this particular type of tumour. I'd also like to do a biopsy, just to make sure that we've diagnosed the right type of tumour and do some tests on the biopsy. Then, we'll begin on treatments."

A biopsy? They wanted to open up his head and get a tissue sample from in his brain? Double fuck. He'd cross that bridge when he came to it.

Leaning back in the chair, Kai sighed. "What treatments are there?" That's what he was worried about. Because it wasn't cancerous, he was hoping that chemotherapy wasn't going to be needed.

"There are several types of treatments available for this type of tumour. We have the option of surgery to remove as much of the tumour as possible, but that will depend on the current size and location. Or there is radiation therapy. There are several ways we can use the radiation therapy, but I will have to consult with a radiation oncologist after we have determined more about the tumour to discuss the best option for you."

"What if I don't want treatment? What if I'm fine just the way things are? I'm sick of hospitals, getting poked and prodded. I'm sick of surgeries and coming out on the other side and finding that it's done nothing!"

"Kai… I highly recommend that you start treatment as soon as possible. Even without another MRI, based on the severity of your symptoms, the tumour is fairly large already. Delaying too much could case catastrophic results."

"I need some time to think."

"Okay, Kai. If you wish…" Kai stood, ready to leave. He was ready to put as much distance between the hospital and himself as soon as possible. "But please, take these and have a read through them at least."

Looking down at the pamphlets on the desk, Kai saw that they were all related to the type of tumour he had. At a quick glance he saw that one was about treatment, one about the type of tumour and several others relating to the same topic.

After muttering a 'thanks' and 'goodbye' Kai left the room. He could hear Doctor Campbell saying something about setting up a time and date to do an MRI, but Kai tuned him out. And to be honest, the doctor creeped him out a little.

Once outside, Kai felt the first seeds of panic begin to settle in. How the hell was he supposed to run two multi-million dollar international companies, coach a beyblading team and deal with treatment for a fucking brain tumour? It just wasn't going to happen.

Sitting down on a low, stone wall, Kai leant forward and placed his elbows on his knees and held his head in his hands. He didn't want anyone to know about the tumour. It was just going to make everything more difficult; especially if the Bladebreakers ever found out…

What the hell was he going to tell Tala? The other Russian teen would know something was up the minute he saw him. He was going to have to tell him.

The crimson-eyed teen sat up before pulling out the cell phone in his pocket. He snapped it open before opening up the contacts folder and scrolling through before reaching Tala's name. Ignoring the time difference, Kai dialled his friend's number.

After a few rings, Tala answered.

"Kai? What's up?"

"I've got something I need to tell you."

"Uh, okay. Spill."

Kai took a deep breath. This wasn't going to be easy. He knew that as soon as Tala found out he would be on a flight to Japan as soon as possible, and he would bring Bryan with him.

"I, uh, went to the doctors…" Great one Kai, he thought. Stumble like an idiot. Now Tala definitely knows something's wrong.

"Yeah?" The shock was evident in Tala's voice. The redhead obviously had thought that he was going to have force him to go.

"One of the doctors called me this morning and said that he had the results from my last batch of tests that he wanted to discuss with me."

"And?" Tala was getting impatient.

It was now or never. Kai sighed again.

"I have a brain tumour."

As Tala exploded on the other end of the phone, Kai never saw the three figures standing in the shadows behind him, shock written all over their faces.

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