This is a story I, Fluffy, wrote for my bestest friend, Addict. This is our joint account, hence the fluffyaddict username, so I figured this would be the best place to put it. It was originally a short story I wrote for a contest but with Addict's prodding I added more to it for her. It's silly, it's really not supposed to be taken seriously, and it's fun! Yes, I am as eccentric as I appear and I hope I do Addict justice. I hope you enjoy it for what it is and love reading it as much as I love writing it.




Addict looked down at the two tickets in her hand, she was sure she hadn't blinked since the envelope containing them had arrived in the mail. She rubbed her eyes with her free hand then looked down at the tickets again. This time knowing there was no possible way she could be dreaming or hallucinating a scream erupted from her throat as she stood up and jumped around like a rabbit on crack. Her mom came rushing into the room trying to figure out what had cause the bloodcurdling scream.

"What, Addict, what is wrong with you?!" Mom asked.

"Tickets!" Addict said. "Two to meet!" Addict looked down once more at the tickets. "To meet the cast of Harry Potter, two tickets!"

Addict screamed again and now that Mom knew it was nothing to be concerned about she plugged her ears and left Addict to scream out her joy in peace. Making sure she did shut the door as she went, a woman needed a bit of peace. Addict set the tickets down carefully on her dresser and picked up just one gently, like it was fine China. Then she got the piece of paper that had come with the envelope and read it over for the umpteenth time.

Dear, Addict,

You have won three tickets to meet the cast of Harry Potter in England. You will stay at the beautiful Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel one week. During your stay you are allowed to visit on the set of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince twice and have dinner with the cast once. Enclosed are paid plane tickets and the information you will need once you arrive in England. We expect you by July 18th. If you fail to arrive your prize will be given to the runner up. Thank you!

Sincerely, D.B. Prize Consultants

Addict knew one ticket belonged to her, of course. The last ticket belonged to only one person. She pulled the phone from her pocket and dialed Fluffy's number, it rang a few times before Fluffy picked up.

"Hello, dear!" Fluffy sang from the other line.

"Fluffy, you'll never believe what I got in the mail today!" Addict exploded.

"Well then, just tell me!"

"Two tickets to visit the cast of Harry Potter in England!"

Addict could hear Fluffy's scream of joy from the other end then a similar conversation between Fluffy and her mom like Addict had had a moment before.

"When do we leave?" Fluffy asked.

"Saturday, meet me at the airport," Addict answered.

"It's a done deal, night, dear."