"So, what are you not going to let me do?" Fluffy asked.

"I'm not going to let you freak out when you see Alan Rickman," Addict quoted. "I'm not going to let you maul him, tell him you love him, and that you wrote a story about him as Snape. Or various stories about him as Snape."

"Great, remember that, it's a good thing it's not Gary Oldman or there'd be no stopping me."

"I still don't understand you sometimes; Fluffy, Alan Rickman and Gary Oldman are old enough to be your father."

"But they're so gorgeous, especially as Sirius and Snape."

Addict just shook her head completely confused at Fluffy's taste in men; the only one she understood was Oliver. The driver of the car looked like he was holding back a smile and Addict guessed he had been eavesdropping. He pulled into a gate that was being guarded by two cops, or Bobbies, as they called them in England. The driver flashed a card and the men opened up the gate and he drove inside. Fluffy rolled down the window and stuck her head out.

"It's a really big studio," she commented. "They must be doing a scene inside."

Addict leaned over Fluffy and shoved her head out the same window so they could look together. Fluffy was right it was a big square studio with a tall round roof, the whole thing was painted off white and there were no windows. She ducked back inside and Fluffy followed, rolling up the window. The driver slowed to a stop and Fluffy opened her door.

"Thanks for the drive; you're doing an awesome job!" Fluffy said, doing a thumbs up at the driver. He rolled his eyes but grinned and waved as Addict and Fluffy walked to the studio door.

"Should we knock or just go in?" Fluffy asked.

"They may be filming right now, if we walked in we could interrupt, more than if we knocked," Addict theorized. Fluffy knocked gently on the door and then a little harder to make sure she was being heard. The door opened and what looked like a boom operator was standing on the other side.

"You two the ones that won the contest?" he asked.

"Obviously," Fluffy answered.

"Come in then."

The boom operator stepped aside and Addict and Fluffy stepped inside. The studio was brightly lit and in various places inside, sets were built, all looked familiar when Addict glimpsed them. Another man stepped up to them and although it seemed cliché he was wearing a beanie hat and holding a megaphone in his hand, he must be the director.

"Fluffy and Addict right?" he asked.

"Yes," Addict and Fluffy said together.

"Today we'll be doing three scenes before lunch and three after, you're allowed to watch all six."

"Okay," said Addict.

"Follow me; we were just getting ready to shoot the first scene."

Addict and Fluffy followed the director over to a set, and to add to the cliché there was a chair with the word "director" written across the back. That is where the man sat and held up the megaphone. Addict and Fluffy stepped up next to him and Addict instantly recognized the set. It was in the common room, Daniel, Rupert, and Emma sat in front of the fire. The lights died down to fit the right mood and the actors all took positions on the set.

"Silence on set," the director said, and his voice vibrated across the room. "Scene 18, take 1, go!"

Addict and Fluffy looked at each other and then smiled; they both turned to the set and began to watch the scene. Unbeknownst to them someone had come up behind them and set down chairs, with the word "guest" on them. Fluffy poked Addict and they both sat down on the chairs, a lot more comfortable now. There were a few times the actors forgot a line or began laughing. They had to do a few takes before they got it right and everyone cheered.

Then everyone packed up and began to move, Addict and Fluffy stood up and went for their chairs but a man took them and carried them over to another set and sat them down. Fluffy and Addict got to their chairs and sat down, this next scene was in the great hall. It took a little longer for the actors to get to the set and they saw Harry and Ron were dressed in Quidditch attire. They took a seat at the table in the great hall and the director began shouting again. Addict was locked on to the scene through the whole thing; she didn't miss a word and wished she was in the Harry Potter movies.

The actors looked like they were having so much fun and just watching them made Addict laugh. After moving to the third set, which was potions class, Fluffy giggled like crazy.

"What?" Addict asked.

"This is Snape's class," Fluffy said.

"Fluffy, Slughorn takes over potions in the sixth book."

"He does!" Fluffy said, smacking her forehead. "I was so caught up I forgot!"

"There has to be one scene with Snape, be patient."

"I am being patient, I'm so nervous for lunch though."

"You're nervous?!" Addict said. "I'm nervous for dinner."

"Silence of set!" the director yelled, and Addict and Fluffy stopped talking and turned to watch the final scene before lunch. It was where they were learning the smell in the Amortentia potion. When the scene ended Fluffy and Addict stood up and they were both handed a bottle of water. They sipped at the water and then Addict saw Oliver coming on to the set. He approached Fluffy and she looked up and smiled at him.

"Hey, ready for lunch?" he asked.

"Yeah," Fluffy said, and turned to Addict. "We'll be back in an hour, don't want to miss the last three scenes."

"Alright, have fun," Addict said, and watched Fluffy leave, she wondered what she was supposed to do for the one hour.

When Fluffy arrived back at the studio three minutes after the hour, Addict was conversing with the director. She had struck up a conversation with him about how much she enjoyed his directing style. That had gotten her to learn much more about the movie than she was expecting. When Addict looked up at Fluffy and Oliver's arrival she saw their hands were connected and Fluffy was smiling and laughing. Oliver left Fluffy with Addict and she fell down into her chair.

"That was the best lunch ever," Fluffy said.

"Where'd you go?" asked Addict.

"Just this little café type place, they only sold sandwiches but they were really good."

"I'm guessing by the whole, holding hands thing, you guys had a good time?"

"It was amazing!" Fluffy exclaimed. "Ollie would have stayed with me but he's going to be in the next scene."

"Have you actually called him Ollie to his face?" asked Addict, sitting down in her chair.

"Yeah, he laughed but didn't tell me not to."

"Actors on set," the director called, and quickly moved over to another set. Once again someone took Addict and Fluffy's chairs and moved them to another set. It looked like perhaps Zonko's Joke Shop to Addict.

"It's Weasley Wizard Wheezes," Fluffy said. "Ollie told me."

"I thought it was Zonko's at first," Addict admitted.

"Well they're both prank shops."

Fluffy and Addict watch the next three scenes, the one at Weasley Wizard Wheezes, another in the potions set, and the final one was in the boy's dormitory. The cast stayed a little later to talk to Addict and Fluffy and they commented on how much they enjoyed watching them film. Then Addict heard her phone ring and picked it up.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Hey, Addict, it's Sean," came Sean's voice.

"Hi, Sean."

"Could I come pick you up in an hour and a half?"

"Yeah, I'll be back at the Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel by then."

"Alright, I'll come get you there."

"What should I wear?" Addict asked.

"Something dressy," answered Sean.


"See you in an hour and a half."


Addict turned to Fluffy who was laughing again with Oliver. He said something, leaned down and kissed her cheek, then him and the other cast members said their goodbyes and left. Fluffy walked over to Fluffy walking like she was on clouds.

"Ready to go?" asked Fluffy.

"Definitely, I have an hour and a half to get ready for Sean," Addict said.

"Then we'd better hurry."