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All For A Kiss


"Your father wishes to speak with you."

Seven words that always filled Hinata with dread. They never proceeded anything good. Not always bad, but never good, and alway tension filled. Hinata had only come home to grab lunch before heading back to the practice grounds. Genma would be looking for her later and the last thing she needed was for him to show up at the Hyuga clan's gate. Now that plan would have to wait. Hinata graciously nodded to the branch member who'd informed her, and began a slow walk to her fathers study.

"Hinata," her father greeted as she entered. With her head ducked, she surveyed the room. Her father sat stoically behind his desk, she could read nothing from him. To the side stood a man whom she did not recognize, very possibly a civilian. His clothing suggested someone of the upper class, but it was not uncommon for those less familiar with the clan, to dress more formally when entering the main home.

"Father, you wished to speak with me?" she answered, doing her best to hold her voice strong in the presence of a stranger.

He gave her a sharp nod. "Hinata, this is Atsushi Tanaka, he is part of the merchants council." He turned his attention back to the stranger. "Would you please repeat for my daughter what it is you just told me?"

"Of course," the other man replied with a grin she did not trust. "The other night, I regret to have witnessed your daughter in a common bar, acting in a manner most unbecoming of a lady. Surrounded by much older men, she was even sitting on one of their laps while they encouragingly plied her with drinks. Their party was increasingly loud and crude, drawing much attention. And when they left with her, she was most apparently drunk. I am sorry to have had to report this, but it is the truth."

The man stood with a smug expression, clearly pleased with himself. Hinata, on the other hand, felt all the blood drain from her face. The girl was an embarrassment, she'd always known that. Alway done her best to hide herself away and not draw attention, hoping that at least in this, her father would be grateful. Now, she had ruined even that. Even with Genma reassuring her, she should have known others would witness her behaviour.

She felt her fathers eyes on her, gaging her, looking for the guilt she was surely emoting.

"Look at my daughter and tell me what you see."

Hinata paused in her thoughts, confused. The man was taken aback by the Hyuga lords question. He frowned, evidently thinking about his answer and how best to please her father.

"My lord, the girl is young," Tanaka carefully began. "I bring you this news because of my respect for your clan and as one father to another, the wish not to see another naive young lady fall so, if it can be prevented. I am sure it is not too late and that her honour is still intact. A girl of her beauty and grace would flourish within the right crowds. Do not be too hard on her."

Hinata felt her face flush, looking up from her lowered eyes to see her father staring at her, his expression had not changed. She'd been fearing this moment ever since it became apparent that Genma was serious about his pursuit of her. Her father had always been disappointed in her skill as a shinobi, and now had she embarrassed the clan itself? He must be furious that she would damage her reputation so.

Hiashi looked back at the other man. "I see, but I am afraid you are mistaken. As a civilian it is understandable how such an assumption could be made, however, as a civilian in a hidden village, it should not have been. The Hyuga are a shinobi clan, and as such, held to a different standard."

Hinata's head shot up in surprise. Her father stared harshly at the man opposite, paying her no mind.

"Do you take me for one of your puffed up lords, to be waited on while my favour is underhandedly cultivated? My daughter as a highborn lady, bred for a life of leisure, only to be sold off for an advantageous connection? Her highest duty to marry well and provide an heir?"

The man began to fidget, slowly shaking his head. Hinata stood frozen in shock.

"She is a kunoichi, born and bred for hardship and battle. She is my eldest, and at present, my heir. When she marries, the clan will follow her rule, not her husbands. A ladies honour means little when at any time the Hokage could have it stripped, and I expect Hinata to do so without hesitation. For us, there is no higher honour than to serve one's village. If she is foolish enough to fall prey to some man's charms, best she do so now and learn for the future what her stupidity brings."

The man swallowed nervously. Hinata was too surprised to do anything but gape.

"I say this not to be harsh, but as a caution," lord Hiashi continued. "I am far more understanding of civilian ignorance than most. Should you go to some of the other clans, claiming their daughters had dishonoured them by spending time in a shinobi bar with the Hokage's likely successor, two of the former Hokage's personal guard, and a girl I would have consented to be a daughter in law, they would not have responded as civilly. Yes, I know perfectly well where and who my daughter is spending time with, however I do thank you for bringing to light the exact nature of her relationship with her present sensei."

"I- my lord, I meant no disrespect."

Lord Hiashi remained impassive. "Of course not. You are dismissed."

The mans mouth snapped shut. He abruptly nodded before scurrying to leave the room, knowing he had over stayed his welcome. Hiashi's eyes flicked to his daughter who stood stunned that her father had defended her.

"Hinata, you see now how a clan as large and respectable as ours, has to walk a fine line between the villages perception and duty. We do not have the same freedom your comrades have, you especially as my daughter. The Hokage relies on clans like ours to prove to the civilian population, that same population that keeps this village alive, that we are more than a vicious attack dog, flung scraps of food simply because we protect their homes. I am disappointed in you."

Hinata felt all the air from her lungs leave her. She should have known this was coming. Of course it was coming. She was forever embarrassing the clan, and now even the civilians had found fault. He had only defended her because the man was insulting the clan, as well as her, with his words. She was a pathetic kunoichi and even worse civilian. If only the floor would open up and swallow her whole. If only she knew Genma would be waiting for her, just out side those doors. For once she had thought she was actually doing something right. The Hokage had sanctioned her new lessons, she was being noticed and cultivated, but now...

"What is the nature of your relationship with Genma Shiranui?"

Hinata's breath caught. She'd embarrassed him and now even Genma would be taken from her. She couldn't bring herself to speak. Genma... she hadn't realized how much knowing he stood behind her meant, not till now. She wanted him there, to stand with her. She would not let him go.

With the stranger gone from the room, it seemed her father was dropping some of his stoic guard. His brow pinched just slightly. "Is your relationship physical?"

His voice still gave nothing away and Hinata once again felt her face turn beet red. Was he, could he be asking...

"Have you slept with the man, Hinata?"

The girl could not look at her father, not knowing what he would read there. Instead she focused on a speck of lint, discolouring the floor by the desk's leg. "N-no."

She knew she needed say more, that she should elaborate, but show could she bring herself to do so? Not on such a topic.

If possible, it seemed her father had let out a breath of relief. "But you do have a relationship."

Hinata nodded her head, not able to do anything else.

"I have, of course, heard rumours a relationship but had, perhaps naively, brushed them aside. The man does have a reputation. Hinata-" The girl looked up. "When did this begin?"

She wasn't really sure what to say. Did it start with the girl's mission? When she and Genma had their mission? When she decided he meant more to her than just a kiss? When he'd asked her to go out with him and his friends? When she confessed that she'd be willing to let Naruto...

"Hinata, you have a tongue, use it." Hinata felt her back straighten at her fathers impatient tone. "He requested you specifically for the mission you two went on not long ago. Did his interest in you begin before, during, or after that mission?"

"I- I..." Hinata was not sure what to say, knowing that if she remained quiet her father would be even more angered. It was not after, she knew that. But was it before? She had put herself out there to be noticed by him, but nothing had really happened... "I'm- I don't know."

"Don't know if it was before or during, or during and after?"

Hinata looked away. "Before or during..."

She was just able to see his jaw clench as a slight wave of killer intent was snuffed almost as soon as it flaired, causing her to step back. Surprised, Hinata looked up, her mouth agape. To see such an emotional response from her father...

"To clarify, this man, whom is over twice your age, well recognised and of respectable rank, noticed you, had you assigned to his team, made his intentions toward you clear, recommended you for promotion while instating himself as your sensei, and now you have a less than innocent relationship with him?"

The girl swallowed, not knowing what else to do but nod. Her father's normally unreadable face, darkened. "Hinata, let me make this clear. I do not approve of this relationship. You do not have my blessing and that man will not be permitted on this premises as long as I'm alive. I will go to the Hokage and make a formal complaint about your last mission, and then request that a more suitable sensei be found for you if she still wishes you to continue this path of training."

"What? No, father!" Hinata gasped out, not believing how suddenly harsh he'd become. She's expected him to have some reservations about Genma's age but she'd been sure if he'd only let her explain things...

"Hinata, I'm doing this for your own good. Do you not see what he's been doing?"

What? Doing? He hasn't been doing anything but be supportive of her, helping her. He's been the best thing that ever happened to her ever since, since she joined team eight!

"No," she said, feeling her indignation grow. Her feelings for Genma gave her strength. She would not back down, not when she knew she held the right of it. "Genma cares for me. And I do him. We, we're happy. You have it wrong. I know he's older, but, but that doesn't matter. It's different-"

"Different?" her father mocked. "Oh yes, I'm sure. And I'm also sure that you are so very thankful for all that he has done for you. I am sure that you can't help but think how wonderful he is to take time out of his busy schedule to train you, that he alone has seen a potential in you and even spoke up to the Hokage for you. I am sure that you feel so very very much in his debt. But how ever could you repay him for his kindness? How could a mere girl, such as yourself, ever truly tell him what you feel for all that he has done for you?"

Hinata's eyes slowly widened, having expected to hear her father rage about the man's age, but not expecting this. Could he read so much into her?

"Hinata, as a kunoichi, I respect all that you have done for this village and understand the sacrifices you have made, even if they are less than your contemporaries. But in many ways you are still just a naive little girl, you are still very gullible to the ways of men."

Wait, he was suggesting that Genma planned all this? That he was orchestrating some grand scheme to- to sleep with her? Genma cared for her! That was glaringly obviously to anyone who saw them. He respected her, otherwise he would have stolen a kiss long ago. How could her father believe she'd fall for such a trick?

"No," she said, feeling her strength return. "You're wrong. Genma does cares for me. I care for him! It's not- not some delusion I've convinced myself of believing. He is not so manipulative."

Her father stood abruptly, causing her to step back in surprise. His scowl was fierce. "Manipulative? He is not so manipulative? Tell me, what does it matter whether the intention is deliberate or not, if the outcome is the same? I stand by my words, Hinata, you will not work with that man again. Must you be that foolish girl? I am trying to protect you."

"No," she said, feeling her anger close to release for the first time. He didn't understand, he didn't know, truly know what Genma was like. How he could be such a big kid at times. How he just couldn't help himself with some of his ridiculous comments but always made her laugh right after. How his eyes had this certain glow when they locked on to hers. She had no doubt as to his feelings and only felt guilty about her own. She had lied to him for too long. She needed to come clean as to how this all began. That weight of guilt was crushing her, keeping her for doing what she truly wanted, to show him just how much she was beginning to care for him.

"Hinata, women are a game for people like him. He may not even know it himself. The harder the chase, the sweeter the prize. Have your never heard this?"

"No! Father you don't understand. I know, I understand what you must think, but it's not true. It's not. If you met him, father, I know how skilled you are at reading a person, tell me then that he in insincere and I will listen." She couldn't believe it, that she was being so bold. Never had she challenged her father in such a way. He must be so furious at her. "Please, just give him a chance."

His eyes closed and his head shook. She could just barely make out the mutter, "It had to be girls," under his breath.


He looked up, his eyes once again cold and stern. "I stand by my words. Do not embarrass this clan again. You are dismissed."

Knowing not what else to do, the girl nodded before quickly making her exit. This wouldn't be the end of it, it couldn't be. She'd make him see, somehow he would. Quickly grabbing her lunch, Hinata ran from the building.



Kakashi glanced around the room, just itching to bring his novel back out. It was the Chunin exam's nomination, and not for the first time, Kakashi was wondering why all squad captains were required to attend. Those in charge of Genin would have been enough... Oh, right...

"Genma Shiranui," the Hokage called out. "Will you be nominating any of your team?"

The man in question swished his senbon in bored disinterest. "Are you kidding? Do you know how much paper work is in involved when one of them dies?"

Several people scoffed or snickered at the new Jounin's reply.

"Oh, and way to be an asshole, whoever started that pot," he continued after a moment, turning to look over the group with barely squinted his eyes. "Betting on when I'd manage to get the whole team hospitalized? Real classy. Those are my kids you're talking about."

"Thank you, Genma," the Hokage finished for him before sharing a few words with Shizune, sitting at her side. Kakashi's eye widened fractionally as he saw a few bills passed from one woman to the other. Shizune grinned smugly, tucking the paper away all the while keeping eye contact with the senbon chewing Jounin, now raising an eyebrow in her direction.

Well that wasn't subtle at a-

"Kakashi." The man shifted his focus to Lady Tsunade. "Kindly inform Naruto that we once again do not have an available placement for him on an exam team." Kakashi cringed inwardly but gave a curt nod. Dealing with the blusterous blonde's disappointment was not something he was looking forward to.

A moment later and all the Jounin were dismissed. Most took off but as he saw Asuma and Kurenai heading towards the Jounin lounge, he followed after them. After entering, he immediately lifted a brow at the sight of Anko stuffing her face by one of the many platters laid out around the room.

"Eh, don loog an me tha way," she said between bites, seeing him staring.

"Anko, please!" Kurenai cut in. "Those are for the foreign guests. And swallowing first would go a long way." Anko froze while a slow smile began for form. "Don't you dare."

Kakashi bit back a laugh, guessing Kurenai caught Anko's mind going to the same place his had.

"Pfft," the younger woman scoffed after she swallowed her food. "Sure they spring for a bunch of foreign nin, but do you think they could keep this place stocked during normal hours? Excuse me while I take my fill while I can." She turned back to the platter. "Though could you keep the details about you and Asuma to yourself? I'm eating."

Alright, coming to the lounge was definitely worth it as he watched both Kurenai and Asuma turn bright red.

"Great, I missed something, didn't I?" Genma announced, coming in just a moment later and surveying the two red faced Jounin and Kakashi's grinning eye. "Anyways, Asuma, I saw Ino this afternoon. What the hell did ya do to her? She's all-" He made a indecipherable gesture with his hand. "Green, and-" Another wave. "Youthful."

Asuma surprised everybody by throwing up his own hands and pointing in accusation towards Anko, who was back to stuffing her face. "Don't ask me, ask her!"

"Ey wugh ouw?"

"You! This is all your fault."

Everyone stared, waiting for him to elaborate.

"Ino was fine before you got your grubby hands on her." Anko blinked, cracking open a bottle of sparkling water. "Do you know I've even got Ibiki breathing down my neck now? You know what that's like?"

"Damn sexy?" the woman skeptically replied.

Asuma chose to ignore her. "The man's been just about salivating to get her into the TI department, he was planning on offering her the apprenticeship as soon as these exams were done, but now..."

Anko caught Kakashi's eye. "I am so fucking lost right now."

Kakashi shrugged, a little lost himself.

"One week. One week of kunoichi classes with you and she's running for the hills. It's like she's going as far from infiltration and information as possible, doing everything she can to change her specialty. As if medic wasn't enough, she's now going full combat!"

"Hey, don't lay that crap on me. My classes were awesome," Anko defended, finally catching on. "Just look at Hinata. When I got her, the girl was as timid as a virgin on her wedding night." Kurenai scowled while Genma slapped a hand over his face. "Now the Hokage's got her training for infiltration, on the short list for possible ANBU fill ins, and even managed to get this dog on a leash practically the next day." She jerked her head towards Genma, who was shaking his, still with that hand over his face. "Whatever happened to Ino, wasn't me."

Kakashi found himself frowning as his mind began to sort through the pieces of information, seeing an interesting pattern emerge. "Genma," he asked, not liking where his thoughts were leading. "When was it, exactly, that you first noticed Hinata?"

"I am not on a leash," he grumbled while rolling his eyes.

"Actually, I really mean it. When was it?" Kakashi again asked, keeping his voice pleasant though all eyes were now on him.

Genma shrugged. "I don't know, I guess the day Lady Tsunade told me I was taking a Genin team. I bumped into her in the hall. We started talking after that." He shot a glare towards Kurenai. "And that's it."

The woman scoffed.

"But when was that?" he repeated.

"I got this," Anko cut in. "It was the day after my classes. Like I said-" The woman took a moment to jab both thumbs towards herself. "Awesome."

Kakashi's frown only deepened. "It's a little funny, don't you think?"

"Funny, how?" Kurenai asked wearily, the first to catch that something may not be quite right.

"It's just funny how at the same time Ino's decided to become a full fledged Gaiaphile, Hinata began showing up on Genma raider."

"That's just a coincidence," Asuma dismissed.

Kakashi shook his head. "Not when you also take into account that on that same day Sakura offered to help Iruka at the Academy-"

"Hey, if Sakura has aspirations of becoming a desk Chunin, they have nothing to do with me," Anko briskly interrupted, putting up her hands.

"And that Tenten stole my book, demanding I come to her apartment to retrieve it." Kakashi paused. "It's just, funny."

Everyone frowned, knowing that that was a bit more than a simple coincidence, especially if it happened right after-

There thoughts were disturbed by a loud cackle of laughter. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god! Yes! Ahahahahooo, oh my."

"Anko, what the hell?" Kurenai asked what they were all thinking, seeing the woman nearly double over in mirth. Anko had to brace her hand against the wall as she continued howling in glee, just to keep herself up right. Tears leaked from her eyes as she took in the sight of the increasingly concerned and angry shinobi.

"I can't- I can't believe they did it! They really did it!" She cackled some more, now clutching her stomach.

"Did what?" Genma sharply cut in, sorely tempted to smack some sense into her.

The woman took a moment to calm herself, if only slightly. "Oh my god. Those girls. This is amazing. I owe them a prize."

"Anko, can you please speak some sense," Asuma asked, beginning to dread what she'd say next.

"Alright, look, I gave the girls a mission at the end of our last class. I swear, I never thought any of them would actually go through with it. I'm telling you, those girls have some serious guts, even Hinata..."

"What about Hinata?" snapped Genma, now holding his body rigidly against the wall.

Anko continued to grin as though she were in on the greatest joke in the world. "I told them they needed to test their skills. That they needed to go out and try their hand at seducing one of you old guys since teenagers are too easy. And you fell for it!"

Kakashi felt his body go cold. He'd been slowly suspecting it was something like this, but hearing it put so plainly hit him like a bag of bricks. So, everything Tenten had done was calculated. All that he'd been wrestleing with in his mind, was just some game to her...

That conniving little bitch!

"So then Ino..." Asuma trailed off.

"Yep," Anko confirmed, watching Asuma grimace. "Probably went for Gai as a challenge. That girl really didn't need my help to begin with. Which means-" She turned to Genma, apparently blind to his darkening demeanour as he stared at the opposite wall. "Hinata was likely purposely looking for someone easy, and wow, did she find him." Genma's eyes flicked to hers, making no other movement. "Genma, do you realise that this officially makes so easy, that all a girl has to do is literally 'bump into you,' to make you want her."

"Oh yeah, hilarious," he answered in a dead voice. "Forgive me, but I'm laughing on the inside."

It was as though the temperature in the room dropped ten degrees. Only Anko was grinning, seemingly oblivious.

"Excuse me," he hissed, pushing roughly past Anko.

It was only at the slamming of the lounge room's door that Kakashi was roused from his thoughts, seeing that their party was now one man short. He'd known all along that it was foolish to become emotionally involved with a teenager. Maybe he should have just fucked her and been done with it, if that was the game she wanted to play. His damn morals and respect to Gai...

"Gees, what's his problem?" Anko muttered, rubbing the shoulder he'd made no effort to avoid.

"Would you stop grinning like that," Kurenai finally snapped. "This isn't a joke! You put our girls up to sleeping with their superiors. Did you even think about the consequences to that?"

Anko's body straightened up. "Sleeping with? Who said anything about sex? I just told them to get a kiss without being the one to initiate it." Seeing the surprised look on the remaining three, she scowled in disgust. "Come on, what do you take me for? I'm not stupid!"

"Well, that's a relief," Asuma breathed, though he was clearly less concerned about his charge than the others.

A kiss? That was it? Kakashi who had only a second earlier been entertaining the idea of hate sex, wiped the thought from his mind. It seemed Tenten wasn't even trying for a kiss. He just had the problem of growing increasingly infatuated with her. And then Hinata...

"Um, what the hell happened to Genma?" a new voice asked. They all turned to see Raidou cautiously enter the room. "He seemed a little pissed."

Kurenai sighed. "It's a long story."

"He just found out that Hinata only started talking to him because I challenged the Chunin girls to seduce one of you guys into kissing them, and Genma happened to be just that easy," Anko explained.

"Less long than I thought," Kurenai mumbled.

"You what!" the man practically shouted. With his arm shooting out, he took hold of her jacket and yanked her forward. "Are you fucking insane?"

"Wow, you must really not like your hand," she casually replied. He released her and took a step back.

"You really are a piece of work, you know that?" he spat. "Do you have any shame at all?"

Anko snarled. "Oh shut the fuck up, you self righteous piece of shit. You need to calm yourself down."

Great, Kakashi thought, glancing wearily to Kurenai and Asuma. Now instead of getting answers, they were going to have to deal with an Anko induced lovers spat.

"Where did Genma say he was going?" Raidou demanded, giving no room for argument.

"I don't know, probably to get drunk," she answered as though it were an incredibly stupid question to ask.

"And you just let him leave?" he exclaimed, his voice raising with every word. Raidou whipped around to face Kurenai. "Where's Hinata?"

"Shit," the woman breathed out, knowing exactly what he was thinking. "Probably in the training fields. We should go."

"I just told you to calm down. He's not going to do anything," Anko explained in frustration.

"Not- not going to do anything?" Raidou repeated incredulously. "You just told my best friend that the girl he's half in love with, has been playing him for a fool. Do you really believe he's thinking straight right now?"

"Holy fuck, it's like you've all gone deaf. What did I say? The mission was for a kiss."

Not wanting to drag this out any longer, Kakashi filled in what Raidou and Kurenai had yet to grasp. "Hinata stopped playing weeks ago. She's hasn't let him kiss her."

Anko waved her arm out. "There, at least we got one person in this room with some ears. You, of all people, should know just how much Genma's been bitching about not getting any. Hell, I was this close to convincing him he needed to see a doctor about a wicked case of halitosis. Truth be told, I just pegged the girl as frigid. I mean she's so shy, Hinata's probably been trying to work up the courage to tell him the truth so they could have a proper first kiss, or something. She obviously cares for him."

Both Raidou and Kurenai seemed to relax as they digested the new piece of information. For being so brash, Kakashi had to concede Anko could be quite insightful at times. But she did miss one little detail.

Kakashi cleared his throat. "You're forgetting that Genma left the room before you mentioned the kiss."

And just like that, the calm was gone and both Raidou and Kurenai were heading for the door.

"I'll look for Hinata, you go find Genma," Kurenai said, giving Asuma a light pat on the arm before turning away.

"Somehow I get the feeling that we'll be heading for the same place," Raidou grumbled, following after her.

An awkward silence fell over the remaining three once the two had left. Asuma shifted on his feet, pulling out a cigarette now that Kurenai was gone. "Well this is going to be an interesting week."

"I'll say," Kakashi agreed.

"Hey, Shizune, how long are you going to stay hiding out over there."

Both Kakashi and Anko looked over to see Shizune sheepishly smile from the window. It was a testament to how distracted they all had been if in a room full of Jounin, only Asuma had noticed the extra presence listening in.

"Sorry," she said, stepping inside. "I didn't mean to eavesdrop, I just didn't want to interrupt. I'm honestly a little shocked with all of this."

"Welcome to the club," Asuma muttered, taking a long drag from his cigarette.

"What are you guys going to do?" she asked, moving to pour herself a cup of coffee.

Kakashi sighed. He wasn't all together sure what to do about Tenten. Aside from that first night, which suddenly made a hell of a lot more sense to him, he was sure she hadn't purposely tried to seduce him. In fact, she'd actively tried to avoid him for a time.

"Well," he began, knowing he'd have to clarify things for the group. "I can't be mad. Tenten quit playing too."

Anko snorted. "You mean, she won't let you kiss her?"

"No, I mean she hasn't tried to get me to." Not that she would have had to work terribly hard.

"Because you would if she had, right?" Anko added with a knowing smirk.

Kakashi stared. Too perceptive by half. "And weren't you just last week, telling everyone that Sakura was pregnant with my child?"

Shizune choked on the coffee she'd just taken a sip of.

Anko shrugged. "I don't know what your talking about."

"Anyways," he continued on. "Just you leave Tenten to me. I'm sure I'll think of something... appropriate. As for Sakura, I'll tell Iruka what's up and leave it to him. And maybe threaten him a little," he added, remembering his last confrontation with the man.

Asuma chuckled, wishing he could be a fly on the wall for that conversation. But there was still the issue of Ino. "From the looks of it, Ino still hasn't given up on Gai," he commented. "She has a snowballs chance in hell, mind you. Better luck seducing a tree."

"Don't let Tenzou hear you say that," Kakashi joked, not catching the knowing glance passed between Asuma and Anko.

"Anyways, Gai's already on to her. Told me as much when I asked why she was training with them."

Kakashi's eyebrow rose. "Why didn't you say anything?"

Asuma shrugged. "He told me she was in love with him. What was I supposed to make of that? Either he'd lost his mind, or she had. I was opting for him."

Anko nodded her head. "Fair enough."

"So what's he been doing about it?" Kakashi asked. "From what Tenten's said, I gather the two have been training just as hard as ever. If I didn't know better, I'd even say she was a bit jealous over the whole thing."

"Not sure," Asuma replied. "Trying to dissuade her, I guess. But Ino's as stubborn as they come. She's not going to give up easily and Gai's the last person I would ever worry about dealing with her..."

His voice trailed off. The two men stared at each other, a grin slowly forming on each of their faces.

Kakashi was the first to speak. "I won't tell him, if you won't."

"Deal," Asuma agreed.


"Hey, I won't say a thing," Anko answered, grinning like a wild cat. "I'll also tell Genma and Raidou to keep their mouths shut."

"You guys do what you like," Shizune replied, putting down her empty cup and heading for the door. "It doesn't involve me. Though I do have to add that I think this village is in a sad state if Gai is the only man amongst you that can be trusted around a teenaged girl."

"Hey, what did I do?" Asuma called defensibly.

"Apparently nothing," the woman replied before the door shut behind her.

Anko sniffed. "Well someone sure needs to get laid.



A/N: Finally! The cats out of the bag. I've mentioned before that I love grey characters and I think Hiashi is one guy that really gets unfairly bashed in most stories. Certainly, he's not winning father of the year award any time soon but it bugs me when people portray him as a social climbing scheming scumbag or toady to Danzou. I see him as being incredibly proud, but his pride is in being a shinobi, not in social standing. Anyways, just my thoughts. Another pet peeve is the whole arranged marriage to a civilian for political gain cliche. I'm just going to plain out call bull shit on that. Quite frankly I can't see the aristocracy even really viewing kunoichi as real women, they'd be more of a curiosity than anything. anyways, i'm not going to go into detail, it's just something that bugs me. Oh and to the few who've commented about the Genma/Hinata relationship, like i said, Hiashi's speach was written years ago, I hope that alleviates some anxieties.

what else... oh in my original version, there were a lot more people in the jounin lounge, particularly Tenzou who guesses that Sakura was targeting him, only to have Kakashi look at him queerly and wondering what he and Sakura's been getting up to. obviously it got cut when Tenzou's role got shaved down to a sliver. I really hope i can figure out a way to bring in princess puffkins the second though.

Thank you as always for all the wonderful reviews.

oh, one last thing. i came across this other fic that had a very similar premiss to mine, the who draw names to seduce an older man, just thought i'd share the link since some of you may like the genre enough to check it out. I do warn, there is Ino bashing but aside from that, i was pleasantly surprise with it. s/7997902/1/