Gibbs waited impatiently for Tony to get dressed. The Doctor had wanted to keep him an extra night but Tony was going to have none of that. At first Gibbs was about to headslap Tony for not listening to the Ian Rack but they had to be back at DC. Well he had to and at the moment Tony was going where Gibbs was going.

Tony went to pick up his prescription from the chemist. "I. Rack wanted me to pick up these," He handed the script over.

The Chemist didn't look amused. It seemed that this wasn't the first time someone had made that joke. Gibbs just shook his head as it seemed Tony was hell bent on earning a backlog of headslaps.


"Keep this wrapped up around you," Gibbs dropped a blanket onto Tony's lap. "Keep warm," he said.

"Gee thanks Boss," Tony responded as he put the blanket over himself. Abby brought him over a glass of water as his throat began to sound scratchy. "Thanks Abs," he said with a slight smile.

Most of the day was spent swapping stories and catching up, filling in the blanks since they were in Stillwater last time. Gibbs kept on glancing in Tony's direction to make sure he was feeling alright. Occasionally, Tony would catch the glance and just smile in return.

"So you think we should do this again for the fourth of July?" Jackson asked them.

"How about you come to DC Dad," Gibbs threw an invitation out.

"That sounds good," Jackson responded.

Gibbs checked his watch. "We better get going if we're going to work tomorrow," he said to them. "Pack your bags now," he told them.

"On it," everyone went to stand up.

"Sit down DiNozzo. I'll take care of your packing," Gibbs said to him.

"But Boss," Tony attempted to argue. A silent glare from Gibbs won the argument and Tony obediently sat back down. It was clear that he wanted to do it himself. But nobody could argue with a cold hard stare.

"He cares a lot about you," Jackson commented when the rest were out of earshot. "I just wish he could express it clearly," he sighed.

Tony turned to face Gibbs' father. "He doesn't need to say it… His actions prove it," Tony said, resting his head back. "Whenever I'm sick or injured I know he'll be right there. I just doubt it sometimes," he said.

"Well I always tried to instill a sense of honor, integrity and loyalty into the boy," Jackson replied with a half smile. "Guess the marine core did the rest."

Tony smiled back. "You should be proud of him. He's saved our asses more times than you can count," it was true. If it wasn't for Gibbs, they'd probably all be dead by now. "He's great," Tony added.

"Jethro thinks the same about you," Jackson said. "Whenever we talk on the phone he's always bragging about something you've done," he said earnestly.

Tony looked down for a bit. "Really?" He asked Jackson. A lot of time he sure that Gibbs hardly noticed him.

"Yes." Jackson confirmed it.

They had all agreed to get together for Independence Day in DC. It was a quick goodbye as it was getting later than they had anticipated. "You ok DiNozzo?" Gibbs looked in the rearview mirror. "Hope you realize you're coming home with me until you're better," he saw that Tony was about to say something. "You argue with me and I'll headslap you all the way home while Ziva drives," he said.

"Wouldn't dream of it Boss," Tony smirked as he looked out the window. He'd have fun, learned about his boss and met another Doctor with a funny name. Even though he felt really crappy, health wise, it was still a good weekend.

"You're the only person I know who needs a couple of weeks to recuperate from a relaxing weekend," Gibbs shook his head to stop himself from laughing.

"I love you to Boss."


A/N: I'm not sure if I'd do and 4th of July story. I don't know that much about the holiday.