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Spring's Symphony Chapter 16 – Another Time

"You never told me that Spring's Symphony is the same as my life…what a coincidence" Yuuri mumbled before he carefully cracked one of his eyelids open. His head still throbbed, but luckily it seemed to dull more and more as the seconds ticked by.

He groaned. All he saw were a dark grey color and when he tried to rise from his lying position something gently pushed him back down.

"Of course it's not. I lied when I said I couldn't do anything against your amnesia. I collaborated with the script writer of 'Spring's Symphony'". It is your story." An all too familiar melodious tone retorted. "You better lie down, since you amateur actor wannabe fainted in practice."


"What?" The double black teen suddenly opened his eyes, staring shocked into engulfing deep emerald lakes decorated with furrowed brows only inches away from him. When he knew that his eyes stared into the face of an angry angel, he became abruptly aware that he had been lying on Wolfram's lap. Before his heart could jump into a gallop, he instantly rose into a sitting position, so that Wolfram had only a fraction of a second to pull away or risk a swollen chin.

Luckily, the other had astounding reflexes. Yuuri turned around to sit properly in what seemed to be a car. But he could not make a detailed analysis because his eyesight quickly became shrouded and blurry. Everything seemed to move in circles around him. Immediately, a firm set of hands grabbed his shoulders to steady him.

"I told you-"

"Where are we going?" Yuuri impatiently interrupted.

With a little effort the blonde hid his dismay from being interrupted mid-speech. "To the hospital, of course. What are you thinking?"

"Tell the driver to go to your place!"

"eh?" If Yuuri was not so agitated after waking up, he would have made fun of Wolfram's dumbfounded expression, but right now he hoped with all his might that the stubborn blonde would listen to him for once in his life.

"Your apartment, Wolfram! Please!"

For a minute, Wolfram scrutinized the other. Was he suffering under delusions? Nevertheless, the pleading sparkle in the obscure orbs seemed to persuade him to trust henachoko.

During the rest of the ride and even when ascending his apartment block in the elevator, Wolfram appeared bewildered. Yuuri acted very strange: he had not stopped fidgeting since the last demand. When Wolfram had tried to pry some information out of his mysterious behavior, the double black had simply looked out the other window, thereby driving a stake into the blonde's heart. Where was the openness they had gathered? The honesty they had used to confront each other before things got awkward? That damn henachoko's fidgeting really made him nervous, too!

He needlessly panicky fit the key into the key hole, twisted it violently and threw open the door. Unconsciously he threw his arms apart. Free!

Wolfram did not count on the boy behind him to burst into his living quarters like he owned them, but nevertheless, he opened all doors in and out for the other to examine. If he wasn't still devastated about the double-black's aloofness, he would feel like a real estate agent.

Taking off, his jacket he headed towards his own room, throwing the article of clothing on his duvet and searching for the bottle of water he remembered he left on his night stand. He knew his childhood friend long enough to know that Yuuri needed to work out all the excitement of a new environment by exploring every corner, just like a little child.

"Just like old times."

Yuuri chuckled slightly when he watched Wolfram choking on his water.

"I've been here. I remember this house structure, every room, even the smell! Even though, I don't remember everything being wild. Don't you think it's lonely and empty, white?

"Wow! Everything in here is white! It's so roomy! But, don't you think it's lonely and empty, white?" Wolfram's emerald orbs grew wide as he recalled why he painted his apartment light blue after Yuuri's first visit and then white after Yuuri's memories had been wiped blank as well.

Said teen now stood on the wide balcony, staring onto the mass of concrete below.

"But one thing changed. There used to be a large room you used as closet. I remember playing inside when we were little."

Emotions overwhelmed the gawking blonde as his friend turned around to face him. With liquid welling up in his eyes, threatening to block his breathing and completely locking his mouth muscles, he quickly tucked out a small remote from underneath his jacket. He pressed it, as if his life depended on it.

On command, Wolfram's closet door opened, revealing a row of coats. Another beep later, the clothes slid aside to give view to a single room. Pictures and photos were pasted all over the walls between racks of shirts and pants. Except for the opposite wall, where long strings of silver pearls and red roses vertically cascaded down, parallel to the white tapestry like a curtain. On the carpet floor sat an astounding number of red cushions all in disarray.

Wordlessly, Yuuri took Wolfram's pale hands into his own. The pulled him down to in the center of the room.

"I'm honestly so very sorry-" Yuuri started breathlessly. He had forgotten all the words he was preparing to say during his journey here. All the words that he tried to make Wolfram feel better for simply slipped off his mind. 'Sorry' seemed to be the only work left. It seemed like the word he had been waiting to pronounce all along. The word that was supposed to lift all the weight off his shoulders. The word to melt both of them back together. Wolfram was right. He had been henachoko all along.

"You remember."

Instead of receiving the slap he had expected and well deserved, pale hands lovingly cupped his cheeks. His body responded with a deep scarlet flush. "You remember." He whispered again and again, every time louder, and with more confidence. His medium green eyes stared straight at the other's in incredulity.

Cautiously, Yuuri put his hand on the other's neck. His heart beat furiously, as if to warn him of his own intention. But even his own could not stop his resolution right now. He had to fix what he had done. Now. I can't believe I'm doing this.

"I remember…I owe you something."

Wolfram did not help him feel better as his long lashes and dreamy eyes followed his own face inching closer and closer. When he was so close their noses slightly touched, Yuuri hesitated, then celebrated when he watched the blond angel in front of him close his eyes in approval. Yuuri leaned in to close to distance in between them.

The melody of spring, Spring's Symphony not only awoke Yuuri's own melody back into life, but turned it from sostenuto to allegro appassionato as they happily drowned in their memories.

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