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Graham Miller had no idea how he ended up here. Really he had no intention of it happening, couldn't even tell when it started to lead him here. Actually, he knew when it started; one summer spent in Florida was when it all started. But for the how, he had no idea. How did one summer visiting his dad's family lead to him standing on the sidewalk in front of the cheesiest diner he had ever seen?

He guessed it all started with a girl. That's the way it usually does, isn't it? So many things happen just because someone met a girl. Not just any girl though. He met the sweetest girl in the world. A girl that he thought could not possibly exist, because she was too nice, too innocent and too strong of heart. He loved the way her eyes would light up when she talked about science or her friends; how she never let anything deter her from accomplishing something she wants to, especially when others tell her she can't. Like his cousin Tommy did when he said there was no way a little girl like her would be able to play paintball with the boys. Graham had never laughed so hard in his life when she was the only one left standing at the end of the game. His Uncle practically wanted to adopt her on the spot for getting one over on his oldest like that. And as for Tommy, well Liz is so sweet there was no way he could stay mad at her. He treated her like his kid sister for the rest of the summer.

He loved the way she bit her lip when unsure; how she smiled in that quiet way that said she was stronger than half the men in his unit. He thought that she had to have seen the worst the world had to offer and survived. Yet he knew that wasn't possible, that she was only a small town girl who had only left her hometown to visit family in Florida.

They had met completely by accident. She was laying out sunbathing on a towel on the beach and he had tripped over her while trying to catch the football his cousin had thrown. He had landed facedown on her chest. Looking up into her eyes, his first thought was "chocolate and vanilla". She had chocolate eyes and she smelled like the vanilla his mom used to bake with. He fell just a little bit in love with her then. In that moment, he was content to never move. He kept staring at her and tried to remember every detail of her face, the pink in her lips, the slight overbite she had, the curve of her eyebrows. She had blushed all over, starting in her cheeks, down her neck and across what he could see of her chest above the demure top of her black one piece swimsuit. At least he thought it was demure, until she had stood to pack up and he caught sight of the back. He instantly wanted to jump in the ocean to cool down. While the front had covered her fairly well, the back was non-existent. Her smooth olive skin that begged to be touched was revealed from her neck to the very top of her bottom. Never had he wanted to touch someone so badly.

Never was it said his mother raised a fool and so he managed to apologize to her and got her to agree to allow him make it up to her by buying her lunch. It went down hill from there. There was no hope for him, never mind that she was four years younger than him as he was later to find out. They spent the rest of the summer together. They played volleyball on the beach with her family, played football with his. Barbequed with some locals, danced at a bonfire party. Went sailing, smiling, snorkeling and anything else either of them wanted to try. She was so carefree and wanted to experience everything she could. She wanted a summer to never forget. And he had loved every moment of it.

But there were shadows in her eyes that made him wonder, wonder if she somehow know what lurked in the darkness. The night before she had to return home, they walked along the pier because she missed looking at the stars like she did at home. He kept looking in every shadow. He knew she noticed his strange behavior but never asked questions.

When the group of five vampires attacked them on the way back to her Aunt's house, he had never been so afraid in his life. Afraid because he would lose her, this sweet girl that he had only meet three weeks before. Pulling a stake from his boot, he quickly fought the four attacking him. After finally managing to dust them, he turned to receive the shock of his life. There was sweet, innocent Liz shoving a little stick through the heart of the last vamp. She coughed and waved her hand through the remaining dust particles in front of her. He looked down at her hand and could not help but laugh. His sweet innocent little Liz had dusted a vampire with the stick she had held her hair back with.

They had spent the rest of the night talking about what goes bump in the night and just what it was his unit did. She took it so well. She said that she knew extraordinary things were out there but she had not expected demons. He asked her how she knew what to do to kill the vampire. She said that she didn't, just that she saw what he did and figured her hair-stick would work as it was wooden too. He kissed for the first time that night and realized he wanted to spend every other night of his life kissing her. Unfortunately, they both had to leave the next morning. She had to return to Roswell and he to his unit. But before that, they spent the night lying in each others arms on the beach behind her Aunt's house, wrapped in a blanket, staring at the stars lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean.

Now two months later, Graham had finally gotten leave again and hopped the first transport here, to Roswell. He missed his girl. Picking up his duffle, he walked through the front door of the diner and stopped a few feet in. There she was. His girl, in the most ridiculous uniform: short teal dress, a silver alien head apron and an antenna headband holding back her curtain of brown hair. He had seen a picture at her Aunt's house while eating dinner there one night, but it did not have the same effect as seeing it in person. She was carrying a tray of food over to one of the booths and smiled as she handed the people seated there the food.

"Hi, I am Maria. Are you eating alone today?" Never taking his eyes of the short brunette he was watching, he responded to the blonde he knew to be her best friend as Liz started to turn to go back to the counter.

"Well, I am hoping my girl will join me," he replied. Instantly, she froze before turning around quickly. Her mouth opened a little bit as her eyes widened.

"Graham." She whispered.

"Hey, Liz. I finally got some leave. I hope you don't mind I decided to show up here." For a moment neither moved. It seemed a lifetime to him before she responded. Running forward, she threw her arms around his neck. He dropped his duffle to the floor and wrapped his arms around her. Graham didn't care that the whole diner was now staring at him, including the man he recognized as her father from another photo he had seen in her Aunt's house. The only thing that mattered to him was that Liz was in his arms. His Liz. His girl.