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What was it about brunettes? Not just any brunettes. But brunettes that are strong, independent, and brave and can kick ass. Brunettes that protect others and place their safety before their own. Brunettes that fight the good fight, even when it causes them nothing but pain and loss. Why of all the people across all the dimensions was he continually attracted to them? Cole Turner could not figure it out.

He looked down at the incredibly gorgeous woman that lay next to him and wished he could be the man she deserved, the man he knew his father would have wanted as a son. For so many years he allowed his demonic side to have absolute control over him. Reveling in allowing himself to have none of the humans' greatest weakness, love. He prided himself in his ability to suppress his human half. He became one of the strongest demons in the underworld, one of the strongest of the Brotherhood. And yet now, he wished he had changed so much sooner. Because then, he would have harmed less innocent people, perhaps even have met this woman beside him sooner, when they were still free of their obligations to the Powers That Be.

And yet, he knew that though the journey was painful, not just for him but many others, it happened as it must have. He learned the true cost of evil; he learned what it was to have a friend for a short time in Leo and a family in the sisters. He learned that to genuinely love something, sometimes you had to let it go. Phoebe became stronger for the pain of her lost love and overcoming both the trials they went through together and the ones he himself caused her. The Charmed Ones as a whole became stronger as a unit, as a family for the fight they fought together. He saved many lives fighting at the side of the Halliwell sisters. He only wished it had not led to so much pain for all involved.

Gently pushing a strand of dark hair away from his lovers face, he thought of her journey as well. The three years fighting at the Slayer's side in the war against evil on the Hellmouth and later fighting beside the Ensouled Vampire in Los Angeles all without any supernatural extras. Later gaining the visions from her friend before he sacrificed himself, having to take some demon aspects to survive the visions, her demonic pregnancies, her loss of self when the demon Jasmine had hijacked her. Her sorrow at the pain caused to her self made family. He remembered the despair in her eyes as she told him of her experiences. He wished he could take the pain away for her. But he knew, like him, the pain and the lessons learned from her journey made her stronger; made her into the being she was today. And he would not change that for the world. So what if they were dead. For the first time in his life, okay existence, he was right where he wanted to be. With her.

He tightened his arms around her and breathed in her scent. Somehow, she always saw through him; always saw his pain, his fear. But most of all, she saw his hope; hope that one day, they would be free. Free to rest, to let others take up the mantle and retire to some little pocket of the afterlife where they didn't have to worry about anyone but themselves. No champions to guide, no evil to try to outthink, no regrets to worry over. Just themselves and eternity.

She murmured and opened her eyes. He felt himself begin to drown in her gaze.

"Good morning, Cordelia."