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What was it about brunettes? Not just any brunettes; but brunettes with daddy issues; brunettes with a need to be self-sacrificing; brunettes that fight to save the world on a daily basis and yet are given so little reward. Why of all the people across all the dimensions was she continually attracted to them? Winifred Burkle could not figure it out.

Looking at the man laying next to her in this tiny bunk, she thought on all that happened to bring her to this point. How different her life would be now if she had not found that book in the Wolfram and Heart archives. She really should have known better, it's not like she had not been transported to another dimension by a book before. Thankfully this one was more advanced than Pylea. She did not think she could handle being there again. How lucky she was to have been sent here, to have been given the chance at this life. She was thankful everyday that she had landed on Picon that morning, that she had met this man next to her. She loved him so. He was everything she could want. Oh, she by no means was blind to his faults, but she knew that his virtues out weighted them. Though he doubted it many times, but that was alright. When he doubted, she had faith and when she doubted herself, he had faith. It worked out just fine.

She could not wait to share her news with him, news she had learned yesterday morning from Doctor Cottle. She had wanted to tell him as soon as she saw him, but her poor love had flown double CAP shifts that day and practically fell into the bunk after his shower. She knew he was going to completely freak out considering this was probably the worst timing. But then, it was the end of the worlds and the human race did need to start procreating if it wanted to survive as a species. Who would ever think she would get to tease him that they were just setting a good example for the rest of the survivors by all of their time making love? Her sweet man would be the most loving father, after he recovered from the news that is.

He would worry himself half to death no doubt. Worry about her health, worry about protecting the fleet and by extension her, worry about making sure she ate enough and rested enough, worry about being a good father, worry about putting his duties to the fleet ahead of his family as his own father had done. Her man did so love to worry sometimes. But that was okay, it was just how he dealt with things when he was unsure of the outcome. He was a planner, he liked to know everything about a situation before he walked into it, he wanted a clear cut plan and just winging it was difficult for him. But he would get over that soon enough with a baby around. And didn't he always say how much like children some of his pilots were? There was experience for him.

It was strange to think of how quickly she adapted to this dimension, it was so different from her home. But then this man beside her had so much to do with that. He listened to her inane babbling while she was working on one of her physics problems, he never batted an eye at the amount of found she could pack away, and most of all he made her feel comfortable in her skin. He felt like home in this crazy rollercoaster dimension. So what if she had to deal with genocidal robots and an insane scientist, she got to go to bed with this man every night. He more than made up for the insanity she had to deal with on a daily basis. Wrapping her arms tighter around her husband, she thought the only thing she really disliked about this new life she found herself living was the absolute lack of tacos here.

Hearing him grumble for a moment, she looked up at his beautiful face and saw him open his eyes.

"Good morning, Lee."