Fear and Loathing (in New Kaon)

Pairing: Thundercracker/Skywarp
Universe: TFA
Setting: During and after "Transwarped", no spoilers, really.

Chapter 4! Got a bit of inspiration again.
In this chapter, Skywarp's insecurities start to rub off on Thundercracker... :D

"Do you...do you think they've forgotten about us?" Skywarp asks, staring up at the sky mournfully.

Thundercracker doesn't move from where he is lying haphazardly on the dusty, asteroid ground. "Do I think who has forgotten about us?" he grumbles, optics narrowing at nothing.

"Our brothers. And sister. And...and Starscream," the purple clone replies, arms wrapped around his knees. His optic twitches a little before adding "And...M-Megatron. The other Decepticons."

"Who cares?" Thundercracker snarls, raising his arms up hopelessly before letting them drop dramatically.

Skywarp considers this a moment, before shuffling a little and tucking his face into his raised knees. "I care," he says, in a small voice.

At this, Thundercracker stands abruptly, marching towards the younger clone with fury flickering on his faceplates. "What, am I not good enough for you, glitch?" he growls, fists clenched. "You should be honoured to be in my presence! I am superior to every one of our 'relatives', as you insist on calling them! Including you!" he finishes nastily.

"You're...perfect?" the purple clone praises the elder staring down at him, not quite convinced with his own words. He gulps, trembling more out of habit than real fear. "I...I like you better than them. Really! Y-you protect me. And stuff. B-but...they are our fellow clones. Nobody else is gonna come rescue u-"

"STOP!" barks Thundercracker, raising a hand. "Don't continue that line of thought. It always leads to you panicking like the pathetic turbo-chicken you are." Skywarp looks down at the ground, sighing deeply. The elder, blue flier looks down at the worried mech with a frown, before seating himself close next to him.

"Littlest clone," Thundercracker continues softly, "I will figure out a way to get us off this accursed asteroid. Our brothers and sister are too selfish to care about us. For all we know, they already consider us dead."

"D-dead?!" Skywarp squeals, raising his fists to cover his mouth.

The blue seeker rolls his optics. "Yes, but we're not, are we," he pauses, thinking, before muttering (mostly to himself) "but they might be..."

Instantly, cleansing fluid is pooling in Skywarp's big, round optics.

"Might, I said MIGHT, slaggit!" Thundercracker repeats, smacking Skywarp lightly on the head. "Stupid sparkling..." The tears begin to roll down the purple face staring up at him. Skywarp's lip begins to wobble, little sniffly noises starting to emanate from his vocal unit.

Thundercracker puts his face in his palms. "Ohhh, Primus..."

Neither of them have much concept of time, abandoned as they are on the remote asteroid. However, Thundercracker's chronometer tells him he has been holding his sniffling little brother, rocking him back and forth, for more than five hours now. Finally, Skywarp has settled down, curled up in the blue clone's arms, occasionally making miserable clicks and chirps.

"Do you...think they've f-forgotten us?" Skywarp asks again.

The blue flier sighs deeply. "I don't know," he admits. "I may have the superior processor, but I'm not psychic, alright?"

The purple clone nods, glad that he is not the only one feeling lost and uncertain. They hold each other, purple and blue together, for a long while in silence, before again, Thundercracker speaks, voice missing all of its usual haughtiness. "I'm...I'm too good to be forgotten...right?...Right?"

"Mhm," Skywarp agrees quietly, placating the elder. After all, Thundercracker is braver than him.

"You won't forget me?" Thundercracker presses on, nipping with his dental plating at Skywarp's helm. "Even if they forget us, you won't forget me, right?"

"Never," smiles the younger, nipping back at the blue neck cautiously. "...brother."