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AN: This is still written for the '101 Prompts Challenge' but it's going to be a chapter fic. Each chapter will focus on one person and will be loosely based on one of the prompts from the prompts list. The link to the forum is up on my profile if anyone wants to check it out. Chapter One follows the prompt of No. 49 Coffee and isn't really centered on one person in the same way that the other chapters will be but introduces the whole idea to this story.

A huge thank you to Suburbs for betaing and also I felt the idea was slightly similar to one of her stories but she convinced me it wasn't and encouraged me to write it. Thank you so much!

Chapter 1: Coffee on Sunday

Okay, so call me strange, but I'm a people watcher. And no, that doesn't come under the category of stalker. Anyway, I'm a people watcher and I tend to notice things fairly quickly. Today's hot topic in the brain of Caitlyn Gellar – coffee. I'm supposed to be meeting the Camp Rock gang in Starbucks, so coffee isn't a completely random topic. Almost makes a nice change from the usual topic of how many colours are in Nate's eyes.

Anyway, it strikes me as plainly interesting, that at 21 years of age, I've got myself into a routine with almost every aspect of my life, including the coffee I order at Starbucks. Someone once told me that the type of coffee a person drinks is reflective of their personality. Well, I always order a mocha. Always. What the hell is that supposed to say about me? That I'm chocolaty? Obviously that's a load of rubbish.

The door opened and in walked my best friend Mitchie Torres. She looked over at me and grinned brightly before making her way over to the counter. Still not quite distracted from my thoughts on coffee, I strained my ears to hear Mitchie's order. If I remembered right, it should be a hot chocolate.

I could barely make out the words, but I heard 'chocolate' and knew I was right. Okay, is Mitchie supposed to be chocolaty too? What the hell is this?

"Hey, Cait," she said as she put her cup down onto the table, stopping to give me a quick hug before taking her seat and adding two sugars to her drink.

It didn't take long before we were both talking nonstop, trying to catch up with each other. I wasn't going to point out that Mitchie just stayed over at mine two days ago…that really wasn't that relevant.

It wasn't long before we hit the topic of my crush on Nate. Before I could even begin any sort of denial, the doors opened again, and this time it was Mitchie's boyfriend, the great (not!) Shane Gray gracing us with his presence. He waved at me and winked at Mitchie before making his way to the counter. And, of course, this brought me back to my original train of thought this morning. And no, I'm not talking about Nate's eyes. I didn't need to strain my ears this time, as Shane's voice carried loudly through the café and everyone heard him order a latte with a shot of cinnamon.

I was immediately confused. I would never have expected Shane to order a plain latte. I wasn't given the opportunity to ponder this however, as the door opened again and Jason and Tess walked in. Together. I raised my eyebrow at Mitchie who shrugged and grinned at the unlikely pair. Even Shane looked shocked, but recovered quickly by asking Jason what he wanted to order.

"A caramel frappuccino and an espresso macchiato," was the quick reply.

I didn't even have to think about who would be taking which drink in this case although the whole personalities thing still confused me. Calorie counting Tess Tyler would never have something like a frappuccino, especially with the amount of whipped cream that Jason was now asking the barista to put on. It frustrated me and I resolved to get to the bottom of it eventually.

I greeted Shane, Jason and Tess as they grabbed their drinks and made their way over to our table. Almost as if it is was his cue, as soon as we were all comfortably settled, Nate walked through the door and smiled in our general direction before heading straight up to the counter.

I was very interested to find out what Nate was going to order, and as I'd just realised I had managed to finish mine, I walked up to join him at the slight queue that had formed at the counter. He noticed me before I had caught up to him and pulled me into a tight hug. I could faintly smell his cologne and I tightened my grip around him slightly.

"Hey, Caitlyn."

I murmured a greeting in response and felt slightly colder when he pulled away. I noticed Mitchie staring at me with a huge grin on her face, and Shane winked at me. I stuck my tongue out at the pair of them before turning back around to Nate.

"How have you been?" He asked, with his usual air of politeness.

"Fine, Nate, but really, this isn't the first time we've met;you don't need to be so polite," I said.

He smiled at me in return before turning to talk the barista who had just asked him if he was ready to order.

"A cappuccino and a mocha, please."

So Nate drinks cappuccinos. Wait, did he just order for me?

"Nate, how did you know what I wanted to drink?"

"Because you always get a mocha," he said whilst pulling out his wallet.

I gaped at him. How had he noticed?

"Yeah. But how did you know that?"

He grinned as he paid the barista, ignoring the slightly violent tendencies I was displaying to try and pay for my own drink. He smirked slightly as I huffed, clearly annoyed that he paid for me.

"Simple, Caitlyn. I pay attention."

I narrowed my eyes at him. I paid attention too! I was a people watcher for crying out loud! He laughed slightly at the look on my face before reaching out for the coffees and making his way over to the table. He sat down and immediately began talking to Shane about their upcoming album.

I followed his footsteps to the table and sat down, choosing, for once, not to talk, but just to take in the scene in front of me. Jason and Tess were being so ridiculously sweet to one another; I felt I might need a visit to the dentist after theday was over. Nate, Shane and Mitchie were deep in conversation about song writing. I refrained from rolling my eyes. How many times were they going to have this conversation?

The rest of the morning passed easily with all of us goofing around and catching up, which was the purpose of this whole get together. Jason and Tess decided to make a move to leave first. Shane and Mitchie followed shortly behind them, both deciding to wink at me on their way out with a few not so subtle glances towards Nate from Mitchie.

"So, what have you got planned for the rest of the day, Caitlyn?"

I tore my eyes away from the door that Shane and Mitchie had just walked though to look at Nate.

"Nate. It's Sunday. Early afternoon. I haven't got any plans for the rest of the day," I stated.

"Okay, then we can hang around for a bit, right?" He asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

I froze. Me and Nate? Together? Did this boy want me to die from sending my heart into shock?

I nodded slightly, before the word coffee crossed my mind again.

"Did you know that supposedly, the type of coffee that a person drinks is reflective of their personality?" I asked. Hopefully, Nate would be able to shed some light on this topic that had me confused as hell.

"I had heard that, actually. It's quite interesting."

"I don't get it. Explain it to me," I stated.

He raised an eyebrow in return. "Did you even try to understand it?"

"Yes! Mitchie always has hot chocolate right? Well, is that supposed to mean she's made of chocolate or something?"

He burst out laughing. "Only you would make that connection. When I said try I meant, really try."

"How do you mean?"

"Okay. Most of us have the next week off right? So why don't you spend one day with each person and drink their kind of coffee and try to figure it out?"

"You're acting like you already know all the answers." I accused. I liked his idea, but I wasn't going to admit it to him.

"I do. I did my research a few weeks ago. So are you up for a challenge? We can meet on Friday and you can tell me what you found. And try my coffee then."

I looked at him. He knew exactly how to play me. All he had to do was add in the word challenge and I would be up for it. Nate was a very sly person. I was going to do the whole thing anyway, but I really liked Nate's idea of spending time with the person too.

I grinned at him. "I'm always up for a challenge, Black."