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Chapter 7: Love on Saturday

I turned over, pushing my duvet off of the bed. I still hadn't fallen asleep and it was already morning. I still couldn't bring myself to call Nate even though he had tried to call me a few times. I knew I shouldn't have left the way I did, but I wasn't ready to hear him tell me that he didn't like me in that way. I couldn't believe I had let it slip that I liked him after trying so hard to keep it a secret for so long.

I got out of bed and caught sight of myself in the mirror. My eyes were still red from the crying that I had done yesterday combined with the lack of sleep and my hair was a complete mess. I put it up into a messy bun and began to walk towards the kitchen when I heard a knock at the door. I looked at the clock in confusion – it wasn't even six yet, who would be at my apartment so early? I walked over to the door and pulled it open and my words caught in my throat when I saw Nate standing in front of me holding two coffee cups.

"Hey, Caitlyn," he said softly. I was vaguely aware of the fact that I looked like a mess and my mouth was still hanging open.

"Can I come in?" He asked. Still unable to say anything, I opened the door to let him in. My mind was spinning. What on earth was Nate doing here? And so early with coffee?

"You're probably wondering what I'm doing here." It was a statement and at once it annoyed me that Nate knew me so well. I glanced over at him to see that he had settled onto the couch and the coffee cups were sitting on the table.

I cleared my throat in an attempt to speak. "Why..?" I tried again. "Why are you here?" My voice sounded hoarse and I couldn't bring myself to look at him.

"You've still got to analyse your coffee," he said, and I blinked in surprise, finally bringing myself to look at him. He wasn't looking at me but staring at the coffee cups as though fascinated by them.

I walked over to sit opposite him. If he wasn't going to mention anything about yesterday, that was fine with me. But how was he acting so normal?

"I thought the whole point was for me to find out about everyone else's coffees. I don't remember you mentioning I had to analyse my own," I said, finally able to get a sentence out in one go.

He shrugged. "I thought you might want to. It might be interesting, and the whole point was to make a connection between someone's coffee and their personality," he said, still not quite meeting my eyes.

I raised an eyebrow at him. "And that was the only reason you came over?" I asked before mentally kicking myself. Why was I trying to get him to mention what had happened yesterday? If he was willing to ignore the mess I made, maybe I should just follow his lead.

He finally looked up at me and I found myself inhaling sharply as he met my eyes. I had forgotten just how he could take my breath away. He didn't look away, so I finally forced myself to. I couldn't do this again.

"I'm just going to… go to the bathroom. I'll be back in a few," I said, and he nodded just before I stood up and walked to the bathroom.

Five minutes and a quick freshen up later, I walked out into the living room again. Nate was standing by the shelves that I had yet to pack up and he turned when I cleared my throat.

"Coffee's still warm," he said, holding out a cup towards me. I walked over to the seat I had occupied not too long ago and watched him staring at his cup.

I smiled wryly. "I've tried a different coffee every day for nearly a week now. It won't kill you to do the same. Trust me, if I could force down that stuff that Tess drinks, you can handle my mocha."

He smiled slightly and I took a sip from my cup. I felt relieved to have the familiar taste of a mocha run down my throat. The chocolate and the coffee clashed and blended together at the same time. Thank God I could have my own coffee now. I glanced over at Nate to see him sitting there with his eyes closed, a slight grimace on his face.

"Hey, it's not that bad you know," I said, eagerly taking another sip from my cup. I had missed it more than I had realised.

"I know, but it just feels weird, trying a different coffee again. And remember, I've done this before," Nate replied, and it took me back to the beginning of this whole thing and how I wanted to do it so I knew what Nate was talking about.

"So when did you first have a mocha, Caitlyn?" Nate asked, and I looked at him. He looked curious and I felt a strange sense of déjà vu. At the same time, it was strange to be on the receiving end of that question.

I thought about the question before answering. "I'm not really sure, as weird as that sounds. I think it was after my Mom told me I should never have coffee because I was hyper enough without it," I replied.

"So why did you have it?"

I smiled. "Because she told me not to. And I was a little bit of a rebel when I was younger."

Nate snorted. "A little?"

I rolled my eyes at the obvious remark. "I didn't know what to order, so I asked the barista and she suggested a mocha. It was perfect."

I took a sip of my coffee and looked up to find Nate staring at me. "What did you like about it?"

I frowned. This was hard. I hadn't realised how hard these questions were when I was asking them. "I think…the fact that it was a bit of everything. It's still coffee but it's got quite a strong taste of chocolate as well. Of course, it tastes better with cream but I can't have that every day." I was staring into space and I saw Nate waving in front of me.

"Sorry, I guess I spaced out a little."

Nate nodded understandingly, taking a sip of his coffee. "Anyway, you're obviously not going to analyse your own personality so I think I'm going to have to do it for you," he said and I looked at him in surprise, gesturing for him to go on. I was still surprised that we had had a conversation without it being too awkward. I was trying my hardest not to think about the fact that it was obvious that Nate was trying to let me down gently. He was going along like nothing had happened; like I hadn't accidentally blurted out my most closely guarded secret.

"I think you put your finger on it. A mocha is a little coffee, a little chocolate and a little cream. It's a little bit of everything, just like you. You can be slightly bitter and pretty mean to people you don't like, but you can be amazingly sweet to those that you are close to you. You blend with people really easily, but you still stand out. You are really daring and that shows in the way you first picked your coffee – you asked someone who you didn't even know to pick it for you." He paused to take a sip of his coffee and then he looked up and met my eyes. "You're a little bit of everything Caitlyn – sweetness with an edge. It's one of the things I love about you so much."

I froze. What did he just say? And what did he mean by it? Did he love me as a friend or did he mean something else? I opened my mouth to ask him what he had meant, but I found myself rendered speechless. Why did Nate keep doing this to me?

He was smiling softly now. "The main reason I came over was to talk about yesterday, but I knew you probably wouldn't let me in if I said that's why I was here. I was going to ask you to analyse your coffee anyway, so it kind of worked out well. Why did you run off yesterday, Caitlyn?"

I was still staring at him with my mouth open. I closed it when I realised he had asked me something. I avoided his gaze as I answered. "I didn't really want hear you letting me down. I didn't want to be hurt and disappointed."

I could sense that he had gotten up but I kept my eyes on the floor. The sofa beside me sank down a little as I felt him sit next to me. "Did you really think I was going to reject you? That I didn't feel the same way about you?"

I nodded and finally turned to face him. He couldn't possibly be saying what I thought he was.

He brought his hand up to my face. "I nearly died of shock when you said that Shane thinks of you as his sister. I wanted to run after you yesterday but I was afraid that maybe I had misunderstood. So first I went to talk to Shane and Mitchie. They told me that you liked me Caitlyn, and I really didn't believe them at first. They've known that I like you too, for so long that I thought they were just winding me up because I thought they would have told me before. Then Mitchie told me that you didn't want me to know because you thought I didn't feel the same way."

He was looking straight into my eyes and I still couldn't bring myself to say anything.

"I love you, Caitlyn. I have for such a long time. Silly thing is, I think I realised when I was doing my coffee research; it made me sit down and really think about your personality. I tried to give you little hints – hugs, spending time together, but you seemed oblivious to it all. I love everything about you," he finished and I tried to subtly wipe away the tear that was threatening to fall out of my eye. Clearly, when someone else is holding onto your face, that isn't easy and Nate wiped the tear away before I could get to it.

He loved me! I still couldn't believe it! Mitchie had been right all along. And they had all been trying to give me hints…I had just been an idiot and not taken anything they said seriously.

"Er, Caitlyn, it would be kind of good if you said something…round about now, maybe…?" Nate said. He still hadn't taken his hand from my face and I let out a shaky laugh.

"I'm an idiot!" I exclaimed, and Nate took his hand away from me in shock.

"Caitlyn, I'm telling you I'm in love with you and the only thing you want to say is that you're an idiot?"

I burst out laughing as Nate continued to look at me in surprise. "I love you too!" I managed to say once the giggles had subsided and I saw Nate visibly relax.

"Well, thank God for that!" he exclaimed and I burst out laughing again. It wasn't long before he joined in himself.

"We've both been a little stupid haven't we?" he asked as I rested my head on his shoulder. I nodded and I felt him move so I lifted my head up to look at him.

He was looking at me and for the millionth time in my life I found myself looking at his eyes. I could make out the tiniest flecks of green that were getting closer – wait, why were they getting closer? I realised why as I felt his lips brush mine ever so softly as my eyes fluttered shut, and before he could pull away I looped my hands around his neck and pulled him closer. I could faintly taste the mocha on his lips, and I was sure he could taste the same on mine. I couldn't stop a slight smile creeping onto my face as I thought about how long I had loved Nate. And he loved me too!

And all it took was a few cups of coffee.