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*~* Epilogue *~*

(Song for the chapter- Life is beautiful- Vega 4)


After leaving the city I had called my home for my entire life; we just drove for days and days on end. We breezed through many small towns and travelled through bustling cities, seeing many wonderful sights as we went.

…I lost count of the hours that just seemed to fly by, and the days and nights that passed with no worry.

I knew where we were heading, but I didn't know how long it would take us to get there.

And that didn't matter, because of who I had by my side.

"Life is beautiful,
We live until we die."

April 1945

It was dark outside and I was barely able to keep my eyes open- it must have been midnight, and the long drive through forests and the lack of towns had taken their toll on me.

Edward kept urging me to sleep, telling me he would wake me when we got there. I refused his offer though- I wanted to watch the scenery, to see where I was.

However that decision was now beginning to backfire on me as I was ready to finally drift off, I was just about to allow the tiredness to overcome me when what I saw in front froze me in my actions.

There was only one word for the beautiful white mansion I could now see in front of me… and that was beautiful.

This place was incredible… but surely this couldn't be where we were going to live? Somewhere this wonderful didn't fit someone like me… I didn't deserve it.

"We're home," Edward whispered softly to me, as if to confirm my doubtful thoughts.

"H-here?" I whispered just as quietly, "…this is your home?"

He pulled the car to a stop and instantly turned towards me, lifting my hands into his. "Correction beautiful, this is our home" he whispered softly, smiling at me.

I smiled back at his sweet words, but I was still doubtful, wondering if I could ever fit in somewhere like here… though I suppose time would tell.

Edward was watching me intently, but looked up at a sudden sound- he turned and faced towards the house where two people were now standing on the porch. I knew already that these people were Carlisle and Esme, his new family.

"Come on, love" he murmured, kissing me on the cheek.

I nodded and reached for my door handle- only to find that Edward was already there opening the door for me.

"It's going to take a while for me to get used to that…" I muttered to myself, as I slipped my hand into his.

Once Edward had helped me out of the car he instantly wrapped his arm around my waist to support me, knowing that I was tired and probably needed the help more then I would openly admit.

We walked across the long lawn together, and made our way up the few stairs leading to the wrap around porch.

Carlisle and Esme both watched us walking to them silently- as we got closer to them I finally took in their features… and needless to say I was amazed.

Just like Edward, they were flawless. And so, so beautiful.

Carlisle was as tall as Edward, but instead of Edward's bronze colouring he had honey blonde hair. He had a very kind expression and was dressed very formally.

Esme on the other hand had long caramel wavy hair; and had a soft expression, making her look motherly- for one moment I was reminded and saddened by the thought of my mother Renee, who was all the way back in Chicago.

The one thing that struck me the most was that both of them had matching golden eyes, like Edward.

…And that both of them were both smiling widely at me, just like Edward was.

Edward cleared his throat quietly, "Carlisle, Esme… this is my Bella. Bella this is Carlisle and Esme" He whispered softly, looking down at me with only a loving expression.

Esme was the first to step forward- her smile only grew as she pulled me in for a gentle hug. "Oh Bella, you're just as lovely as Edward said… it's wonderful to finally meet you"

"You too," I whispered in response, feeling irrationally nervous.

Carlisle hugged me after Esme, and then they both hugged Edward, telling him how glad they were to have him back again.

After a couple of minutes of casual conversation about the journey they noticed how tired I was and we made our way into the house.

Instantly I was taken back by sight in front of me… if I thought the outside of this place was incredible, then there was only one word to describe the inside… and that was magnificent.

My eyes didn't leave the grand piano in the corner of the room as I spoke- "Oh wow… you have such a beautiful home" I gasped out in wonder.

Beautiful was definitely an understatement.

Esme stepped beside me; she was still smiling lovingly, directing it at me. "Oh thank you dear… though don't forget this is your home now, as well"

I smiled back at her, "That's what he said" I replied gently, gesturing to Edward who was a couple of metres behind, standing next to Carlisle at that moment.

He smiled at me and then closed the distance, wrapped his arms around me from behind. "That's because it's the truth sweetheart" he whispered gently into my ear, kissing it as he gently swayed us from side to side.

I smiled up at him and then glanced at Carlisle and Esme who were now in a similar embrace- both looking over in our direction with a mix of pride and love.

They were all right; this was home… after all this was the most at home I had felt in years…

And so there was only one thing to say as I more then willingly relaxed into Edward's embrace,

"Yeah… it is." I whispered, smiling up at him once again.

"When you run into my arms, We steal a perfect moment.
Let the monsters see you smile, let them see you smile…
And do I hold you too tightly?
When will the hurt kick in?"

September 1945

"I now pronounce you husband and wife… you may kiss the bride"

-Edward didn't hesitate to close the distance between us as the minister spoke those words. Within a second his lips were pressed against mine in a soft kiss filled with love and passion.

In the couple of seconds where the words were spoken I noticed that his face was filled with nothing but adoration.

As he held me even tighter not breaking our kiss, I could hear Carlisle and Esme clapping and congratulating us, but I paid no attention… instead focusing on the touch of my husband.

My husband… it felt so wonderful to finally be able to call him that.

This day had been such a long time coming, years overdue in fact… and yet I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Truthfully the wait had only made this moment even more wonderful… because of how much we had overcome to get to this point.

It only proved our love was even more real… epic even.

Eventually Edward pulled away to let me breathe; though he refused to let go of me.

His expression was unreadable, and so full of love as he whispered- "I love you so much Isabella Masen-Cullen."


To my dismay I couldn't form words at that moment, fortunately he seemed to understand that I was thinking exactly the same as him, probably due to the smile and tears of happiness falling down my face.

Over the time I had left Chicago things had changed a lot… I know that I had in many ways.

However, the one thing that had remained the same was my love for Edward, and his love for me.

In reality, I still missed my family dreadfully… although it was getting mildly easier. In the six months that I had been gone I kept my promise to everyone- one of them was that I wrote to my mother weekly, mentioning that I was still praying every Sunday just like she asked.

I even kept my promise and made sure to write to Jacob occasionally… he's written a couple of times in response, they were mostly letter of him telling me how everyone was doing, and that he missed me.

It was his most recent letter that confused me the most… I knew before that he was talking about this girl who had started working at the store with him. In previous letters he mentioned that she was called Leah, and that they were enemies due to her spunky attitude, and that they always fought all the time.

What was confusing was that in the last letter he talked about how they were now getting along.

It sounded very promising, and I was full of happiness for him… hopeful that he was going to be happy like me.

The only thing I regretting was that I was going to be lying to all of them, in the worst possible way.

It was because they were mentioning me coming back home… and I knew that wasn't possible.

…Because tomorrow was the day, where everything was going to change once again, in the most extreme way.

It was the day that Edward would be keeping his promise… to make me like him.

I know it seemed sudden to be doing this so soon after the wedding, but I was fast approaching twenty-one, and I knew that I didn't want to keep ageing. I also wanted our proper life- where he doesn't have to restrain himself for fear of hurting me- to begin.

We had decided against a honeymoon for now, and were planning to go travelling to celebrate being married once I had adapted to the changes that being a vampire would bring.

Edward kept asking me if I was scared and I always told him that I wasn't, because it was the truth… well, mostly.

One of the things I was afraid of was the three days of pain I knew I was going to have to endure to get the end result.

I knew I wouldn't have to be terrified of it though, because I knew that Edward was going to be by my side the entire time- I knew what it would bring.

… An eternity with him by my side.

Although I was afraid of something else… I was also afraid of lying to everyone that I had died.

After much deliberation I saw no other option… I knew that I couldn't go back and visit them once I had changed, but that people unfortunately expected me to go and see them.

Which wouldn't be possible.

I knew that I had to get this over and done with even though it would hurt them so much… the guilt at the thought of that kept eating away at me, but I never said anything.

I didn't want it to seem like I was having doubts.

"Thinking about something important, love?" Edward's sweet voice broke me out of my thoughts.

I looked up at my husband who was still smiling down at me- the love and emotion he was feeling clear in his shining golden eyes.

"Just about how happy I am to finally be married to you" I murmured in response, smiling up at him as well.

He looked content at my response, although slight apprehension formed as he spoke again- "Tomorrow, right?" he whispered gently.

"Tomorrow…" I echoed in response, knowing that it was something I refused to be afraid about anymore- it was all that I wanted.

Tomorrow, forever would begin.

"Life… is beautiful,
But it's complicated- we barely make it.
We don't need to understand…
There are miracles, miracles"

January 1946


I turned and ran into Edward's strong arms as we all yelled the chant together. He laughed loudly and spun us around, kissing me deeply for an immeasurable amount of time while Carlisle and Esme also celebrated.

It was the new year and more time had passed in a breeze- we had already been married for four months- it was staggering to think how the time seemed to pass now so quickly.

I suppose we had a lot of it though.

True to his word, Edward had changed me the day after our wedding, and after 72 hours of gruelling pain, I opened my eyes to a whole new array of strength and ability.

The first few months weren't as difficult as I expected… it was probably because I had imagined it to be unbearable- I prepared myself for the worst, and yet it come out better then that.

Although it was difficult... I had finally got used to their 'vegetarian' diet, and to my delight my eyes had changed from the frightening crimson they started out as to the warm golden colour that everyone else had.

I knew I was very fortunate though… Edward, Carlisle and Esme had stuck by me the entire time, and supported me during my weak moments.

Within such a short time of moving here, Carlisle and Esme had truly become my family; after all they meant so much to me- I knew it was the same the other way around.

I felt so fortunate now.

Especially because the transformation had also made Edward and me even closer- if that was even possible.

And now that it was the beginning of a New Year, and we were certain that I was ready to go out in public- I was going to enjoy it.

Edward and I were going travelling from today onwards… to see as many places as we could together. We were starting in Alaska where we had planned to visit years ago.

Some people would disagree with my decisions… many people wouldn't want what I have chosen.

But I knew that it was the right decision for me.

"Yeah, life is beautiful, Our hearts they beat and break.
When you run away from harm, Will you run back into my arms?
Like you did when you were young?
Will you come back to me?
And I will hold you tightly, When the hurting kicks in..."

June 1948

Here we are, back where everything began…

My first thought was that Chicago still looked the same, though truthfully I wasn't expecting much to change.

It had slipped to the back of my mind, but I remembered that the war was long over now- by years already. There were more people living here I noticed- more young families all milling about, due to the increase in the amount of houses all about.

Edward and I had been travelling on and off for years, occasionally stopping off at home to see Carlisle and Esme for a couple of months at a time. We had finally made the decision to come back and visit Chicago- and to see how our families were doing.

It had taken much decision, but we both felt that we were ready for this. Even though I was now beginning to regret the decision…

"It'll be okay, Bella" Edward soothed me as if reading my mind, kissing my hand gently.

"I know it will… I'm just nervous, I wonder what they're all like now…" I murmured softly as I stared out of the car window at the tall buildings passing by us.

"There's no need to be nervous" he whispered, though his voice wavered slightly- showing his slight apprehension.

Over the years the guilt of leaving them all behind and lying that I died had still remained.

… I suppose that the agony of missing them had long faded, due to the time and my new family. But now that I was back here… I missed them all over again. It was unusual to be missing them now because they were closer then they have been in a few years…

At least I had the knowledge that I would see them all again throughout the next few days- mine and Edward's plan was to just watch them from the shadows, kind of like the way he did when he first returned three years ago.

And so the days continued to pass quickly as we watched everyone, we started with my parent's… I was relieved to see that they were normal. I took everything in- noting that they were still living in the same house and that Charlie was still part of the police and Renee was her usual, crazy, life-loving self. There was no hint of sadness in their actions… not that I expected it, I was so happy that they were fine and happy together.

Next we saw Emmett and Rosalie… and as I expected, their daughter Lilly was beautiful, she had completely changed from the last time, being that she was now four. It was wonderful watching the family interact with eachother… especially with their other child, who only looked to about one year old- he had been named Eddie, short for Edward obviously.

That touched Edward- he was touched that they still remembered him in that way.

So, all was good.

However, our next visit did change things a little.

We went to see Edward's parents and caught Elizabeth giving a beautiful, heartbreaking speech.

We sat at night watching her through the trees as she stood on the back porch from her house. We were sure to keep a good distance away but could still hear everything she was saying as she stared at the star filled sky.

She sighed, clutching onto the rail of the porch as she began speaking- "June the 20th… you would have been twenty-seven today, Edward, can you believe it? I know I can't! My little boy, so grown up so quickly. You know… I bet you and Bella would have had loads of children by now… loads of cute bronze haired babies with big brown eyes. They would have two girls and a boy of course, named after everyone you know. I know it would have been just like Bella to do something like that, being that she was so kind and full of love." She sighed sadly, as if deep in memory about something.

I reached for Edward's hand in the darkness and he pulled me to him, clutching onto me tightly as if he was desperate for comfort and reassurance.

I knew why this was- all along he had always been worried about me leaving my family behind… but in reality he had to leave behind just as many people that he loved.

And it hurt him just as much, if not more deep down.

Elizabeth continued talking, a small smile on her face- "I always saw you ending up with Bella… even when you were just children and just good friends. I always knew that you two would be together and live a long happy life with each other… I guess I was wrong about that huh?" she laughed quietly to herself, wiping away the couple of stray tears that had fallen.

Her voice was even softer when she spoke again- "I just hope you found eachother again… wherever you two are. I just hope you're happy and you're safe, and of course looking down on us- have you seen your gorgeous niece and nephew? Lily and Eddie are growing up so quickly… I know you would have loved them. And they would have loved you too- and Bella of course."

She seemed deep in thought, "I think I know why Bella died you know… it was because she wanted to be with you... I just hope that she found you and that you're both happy together."

…As she spoke I took in her words, noticing that what she was saying was both right and wrong at the same time, it was incredibly frightening and ironic in one package.

Edward looked tortured as he grabbed hold of me again, "Can we leave…?" he whispered, looking on the brink of sobbing.

"Are you sure?" I asked him in surprise.

He nodded, "I don't think I can hear anymore, beside she's going in now anyway…" he trailed off, nodding in the direction of the house.

I glanced through the trees to see the retreating figure of Elizabeth as she walked back inside… she was gone.

I looked back at Edward to see that he still had the same devastated expression on his face- I reached forward and placed my hands on each of his cheeks.

"Edward… it's okay" I whispered soothingly to him, "she's okay… she seemed happy, it's just because of what today is" I explained, referring to the date.

He wrapped his arms around me again, "I didn't realise the day though…" he whispered into my hair, his voice agonized- "I wouldn't have come if I knew…"

"I know, I know" I murmured pressing my face into his neck.

After spending ages just holding onto eachother we decided to leave and go to our final place having decided to just finish visiting everyone tonight.

We made our way quickly to Alice and Jasper's house – making sure to keep in the shadows of course. Once there we sat in silence waiting for a while knowing that they must have been out due to the lack of sound coming from the house.

After a while I sighed out of worry, they had to be coming home soon right…?

Luckily it was at that moment that I heard their voices right in the distance; I immediately clutched Edward's hand wanting to be prepared to have his comfort this time, he pulled me against his side and kissed me on the cheek and temple gently.

After a minute or so the voices got louder Alice and Jasper appeared- they were walking down the sidewalk hand in hand heading straight towards their home.

To my relief they looked the same despite the noticeable ageing of course. Although there was one noticeable difference on Alice… her large rounded stomach.

"She's pregnant…" I murmured in awe, disbelief and happiness.

I felt Edward squeeze my hand even tighter.

Both Alice and Jasper walked right up to the house, wearing the same content smiles throughout the entire walk.

Jasper went straight in, but Alice lingered by the front door for several moments, just watching everything around her, the trees, the night time sky…

And then her eyes landed right where we were hiding.

Both of us didn't dare breathe- afraid to alert her that we were here.

Although I had a feeling that she knew somehow… her eyes looked so contemplative and confused.

She watched where we were for about a minute before turning her attention elsewhere. I heard Jasper call her, and she instantly turned to walk into the house.

She gave one last lingering look to the sky, "I miss you, best friend…" she eventually breathed.

"I miss you too" I instantly whispered in response- far too low for her to hear.

She walked into the house without further glance and I finally relaxed again and allowed myself to breathe.

"Did she know…?" I whispered softly, unblinking.

"I'm not sure" Edward eventually replied, his voice hesitant.

It was silent for a while, until Edward let out a gentle, reluctant sigh, "come on love, I think we need to go now" he murmured, grabbing hold of my hand.

I nodded and let him help me up, casting one last glance to the house… knowing that it would be the last time I ever saw it like this.

I was more then okay with that though… because I knew that everyone else was happy.

Once again- just like three years ago- we drove together out of Chicago without much looking back.

"Life is beautiful, but it's complicated, We barely make it.
We don't need to understand,
There are miracles, miracles.
Stand where you are, We let all these moments pass us by..."

June 2005

It's been a staggering, and unimaginable 57 years.

That's 684 months- some would call it approximately 20,805 days, such a huge amount of time…

And yet I hadn't changed, I was still in my twenty-year-old body. I was still married to my incredible husband; I still lived with Carlisle and Esme…

In summary I hadn't changed, but everything around me had.

The world around us had continued to age and advance, and because of that we were able to experience everything.

And it was incredible… for example I never would have imagined all those years ago that we would be flying back to Chicago in a two engined plane… of course 57 years ago they did have the starter of planes like this, they were used in the war after all. But still I never imagined back then that I would get to go on one myself.

It was amazing to just see how everything continued to grow and get better… and that we got to watch the changes together side by side.

This lead to the biggest question of all, which I finally had the answer to…

Why did Edward think being a vampire was such a curse?

… This was why.

For the first time in 57 years we were back in Chicago.

And here we stood next to each other in the cemetery… staring at the gravestones of all those that we left behind.

Very occasionally I do wonder what life would have been like if I had chosen to stay here with my family, if I didn't decide on immortality and to stay with Edward forever.

And everytime I come to the same conclusion…

It would have been good, I would have been happy to some extent… but I would have been nowhere near as happy as I am with Edward.

I looked at the gravestones for a long time, with Edward always beside me. I allowed myself to cry as I looked at my parents ones and then Alice and Jasper's…

Although I was cheered up slightly when I noticed that next to Jacob's one lay Leah's one, with her name displayed as 'Leah Black.'

I guess that he did get married after all, he found his happy ending.

…Just as I found mine.

"They were happy remember?" Edward murmured next to me, as he saw my upset face at seeing my parent's graves.

"Yeah I know…" I breathed, "It's just so weird to be leaving them behind I guess"

"I know" he murmured, as he wrapped an arm around my waist.

We spent the rest of the day together, waiting until the grey sky faded into black before we decided to continue once again.

We walked to the car together; I smiled at the sight of the silver Volvo, which we had bought earlier today when we got here to continue our journeys in.

We both got into the car, and then Edward finally broke the silence- "Bella…" he whispered, turning to look at me- "…You are happy right? You don't regret your decision do you?" he asked with concern and worry.

"Not at all" I answered instantly, leaning closer to him, "-I know what I left behind… and I'll admit it does hurt to know that they're all gone now. But I know that they were happy, and that they are happy now… and I know that I am, because I have you." I whispered softly to him.

He smiled lovingly at me, "I feel exactly the same" he whispered kissing me gently.

I raised an eyebrow- "You don't regret changing me?" I asked him teasingly.
He laughed quietly, brushing his fingers over my cheek, "Silly girl, there is no way I would ever regret that. Forever, remember?" he asked me softly.

I nodded, smiling widely, "Forever" I breathed in response.

He smiled widely as well, kissing my cheek once more- "Let's go and continue it then." He smiled, waiting for me to nod in response.

Once I had enthusiastically it was quiet for a moment as he put the key in the ignition.

And although the silence was comforting and relaxing there was one thing I wanted to say- "Edward…?" I asked quietly.

He looked up at me, his beautiful crooked grin spread across his face- "Yes?"

I leant forward and kissed him, "I love you," I whispered against his lips.

"I love you too my wife" he murmured, his lips still against mine. "…And I will until the end of time"

I felt exactly the same.

And so once again we drove off into the night, continuing on into the rest of our forever… knowing that we would always be together.

That was for certain.

Who knew what the future was going to hold…?

I know I didn't, but I sure was excited to find out.

It's amazing where I'm standing, There's a lot left we can give.
This is ours just for a moment, There's a lot left we can give.
It's amazing where I'm standing, There's a lot left we can give

This is ours just for a moment, There's a lot left we can give.

The end.

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