Second fan fiction for BB/Rae. I got some good reviews for Emotionally Exhausted so I know I'm going to be doing this for a long time. So here you go enjoy!

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Beast Boy's eyes snapped open almost instantly.

"Today's the day!" He shouted triumphantly. Today's the day he was taking Raven out


He had no idea when this crush started; all he knew was that one day it wouldn't hold back anymore and it hit him hard.

Once he realized his feelings for her, he studied her out more. He tried to make it discreet; he didn't want to come of as a stalker.

He noticed the little thing she did. He also learned that she just wanted somebody to talk to. And if there was something Beast Boy could do, it was talk. But he was also a great listener. They eventually started dating and Beast Boy couldn't be happier.

They had been going out for about three weeks and tonight he was taking her out on an official date with the money he had saved up. He wanted to be a regular Casanova tonight. He had planned out the whole evening. With candles, dancing and as much kissing as she would allow.

He knew the date wasn't until eight, but he couldn't hold back, he was too excited!

Tonight he was going to ask her to officially be his girlfriend. They had been going out for quite some time, but he didn't want to assume. Plus this made it look a whole lot more romantic and jumk!

He made sure he was the first person in the bathroom. He needed as much time as possible. He opened up the cabinet and pulled out his green toothbrush. He made sure to get every inch of his mouth scrubbed down.

Afterward he jumped in the shower and thought of how great this day is gonna be. He also reflected on the time he asked her out, or at least tried to.


"Today's the day!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "Today is the day I'm finally gonna ask Raven out. She won't be able to resist me."

Beast Boy ran to the bathroom quickly almost tripping over himself twice. He swiftly jumped into the bathroom and scrubbed himself down inch by inch.

He made his way to his room and got dressed. He knew Raven sometimes woke up early to catch an extra hour of meditation. This was perfect; he needed time alone with her.

He inched himself quietly to the common room and there she was. She was in lotus position whispering those three words. Those words she says so much it's practically her catch phrase.

"Okay Beast Boy, this is it, you are the man, just go and sweep her off her feet."

"Hey Rae, I was just wondering if we could


"Darn it!" he yelled to himself.

"Sorry Beast Boy, we'll talk later."

"Oh Okay, talk to you later." He mumbled. His ears and shoulders slumped as he walked toward the rest of the team.

End Flashback

He stepped out of the shower and made his way to his room to pick out the killer outfit. He raked through tons and tons of clothes on the floor. When did he get so much stuff?

He went through the closet with all his uniforms. He pulled out one of the uniforms with a hole in the arm. There was blood stains leading from the hole and covering the whole right arm. No matter how many times he washed them he couldn't get the stains out. He even used soap!

That was the same day he was going to ask Raven out, being shot was not fun, not fun at all. But it did lead to something great.

'Life is strange' he thought to himself.