Three bags of Doritos, 21 rounds of Mega Monkeys IV, 26 rounds of Mega Monkeys V, and nine hours later.

Beast boy dragged himself to his room, thumbs throbbing in pain.

"Dude, we must have broken a new world record."

He looked over to his alarm clock which now read 7:32. Still enough time to get ready.

"I hope. Well chicks take forever anyway."

Beast boy looked through his closet once more to find his nice black pants. He slipped them on and grabbed a nice black jacket to top off the look.

He strolled over to the full length mirror and observed himself carefully. Making sure nothing was out of place.

He walked over the drawer and pulled a small velvet rectangular box. Opened it up and was once again blinded by the shine of the silver bracelet. It was a charm m bracelet with a bird on it. He planned to tell her that every yearly anniversary, he would buy her a new one and put it on. It could be their ceremony every year. It had cost him $99.85 but it will be worth it. Maybe she'll cry again.

Beast boy was once fell victim to another memory.


Beast boy's eyes opened up after a couple of rapid blinks. He awoke to the sight of a bright lamp above his head. Not something you want to see when you first wake up.

He sat up to the best to his ability with one arm. He glanced around his surroundings and found the thing he was most happy to see, his Raven,

Of course she wouldn't be the one to hug him first; the hugger was always and still is Starfire.

"Friend, I am glad you are unharmed, you gave us quite a fright!" Starfire screeched in such a high voice only an alien can reach.

"Thanks star, he said with the last breath that his body could handle under the pressure she was giving him in that hug.

"Okay, star don't break the poor boy in half, he is still healing from that shot to the arm." Beast boy had never been so grateful for Cyborg's butting in.

"How are you feeling" said Robin, who was the only one who thought to ask.

"Great, I'm great, just a sore in my arm."

"You should feel sore. That bullet didn't just go through your arm; it got stuck so Raven couldn't heal you 'till we got the bullet out. You lost a lot of blood and passed out for about four to six hours."

'Great' Beast boy thought 'way to look impressive in front of a girl. You rescue her then pass out.'

Beast boy glanced over towards Raven, who had her hood up and her eyes looking at the ground. She shuffled her shoes and tried to avoid looking up into his eyes. She knew he was watching her.

"Hey guys could you give me a couple minutes, I just gotta wrap my head around all this for a sec."

"Sure B, we'll come back and check on you later" Cyborg assured. They each filed one by one out of the door. All except Raven who stood at the same spot burning holes through the floor. They each knew by "alone" Beast boy meant alone with her.

"Why did you do it?' she questioned in only a whisper."

"Do what?" Beast boy asked even though he clearly knew what she was talking about. He was just afraid to answer.

"You know what!" well playing dumb didn't work.

"You mean push you out the way? Well because Raven, I was trying to save a life" she couldn't tell what his meaning or emotion was behind the statement. All she knew was she was upset and hurt and mad that he would something as stupid as jump in the way of a speeding bullet.

"You could have gotten hurt. What if it didn't hit your arm, what if it hit an organ or something?! Gosh Beast boy you never think before you act!"

Beast boy knew he should be upset at the comment, but he knew better. He knew that when she got so angry and mad, it was because she was emotional. It seemed anger was the only emotion she could express.

So Beast boy simply looked at her. He observed her from top to bottom then back up again. She still had some dry blood left on her due to him being on top of her. She had her head up still covered by the hood. Then Beast boy thought he saw something. Something he thought he would never se her do.

She was crying.

Beast boy now knew what he had to do.

"Come here" was the only two words he said to her. The only two words she needed.

She walked over and just collapsed into his arms. He was a little taken back by the initiation of the hug, but couldn't care less.

He wrapped his arm around her and held her with his one good arm.

He didn't try to stop the crying. He figured she needed to let it all out.

'Now's your chance you idiot! Ask her out!' A little voice cried out to him. He didn't know if he should listen to the voice, or declare himself crazy.

He went with the voice, here she was holding on to him for her dear life, crying into his shirt. There was no way any girl could say no. Then again Raven's not like any other girl.


"Yes" she replied in a teary and weak voice. It wasn't often she cried, so she couldn't stop letting the tears fall.

"I was wondering if um, you'd like to go out with me sometime." He smiled a real nervous smile as Raven's head slowly rose to look him dead in the eye.

"I poor my heart out, crying because you took a bullet for me. I leave myself completely vulnerable, and then you have the nerve to ask me out!"

That was not the reaction he was looking for. He thought it would be more like 'yes Beast boy, I will go out with you. After all that you have done for me how could I resist. Plus you are so handsome, and cute and funny and have way better hair then Robin!

Well maybe not so much, but was a little compliment too much to ask?

H e stared at her dumbfounded. He couldn't believe his ears. He just stared at her with that same blank look on his face. She got up and made her way toward the door. She looked back at him and said

"Yes Beast boy, I will go out with you. After all that you have done for me how could I resist. Plus you are so handsome, and cute and funny and have way better hair then Robin!" A smirk made its way to her face as she recited his fantasy except with a sarcastic tone in her voice.

"Tomorrow at seven, don't be late. Dinner and a movie, unless you have something else planned"

He shook his face still contorted in that shocked face.

"Okay, see you then. I'll get the others" was the last thing she said before she left.

End Flashback (very long flashback, don't worry. No more, I'm done!)

Beast boy once again closed the case and put it in his pocket.

'She will be so surprised when she sees this!' he thought to himself.

He once more glanced at his clock that now read 7:56

"I'm gonna be late! Well she's right down the hall." He made one last look at himself then headed out.

He walked down the hall then made a left and approached the door that read RAVEN.

He knocked three times then waited. He heard a shuffle and waited eagerly for her to open the door.

She reached the door and it opened with a hiss.

What he saw surprised him and he quickly became mute, without words

There was his beautiful Raven wrapped in a robe and said those dreadful words.

"Sorry Beast boy, I can't go today, I'm sick".


The end!

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