Let's talk about sex, baby!

"Xander is very good," Anya babbled as she was talking to Willow, Buffy and Spike at the counter of the magic shop. "He and his strong, naked…"

"Ssshh" Buffy hushed her and pointed at Dawn, which Dawn saw from the corner of her eyes.
Anya mumbled back something Dawn couldn't here, but she was sure it was something in the direction of : Why don't you just send her home to your mom?
Dawn tried to focus on her home work which wasn't easy for her. Spike was around. She fancied him.
At least he was the only one who was honest about everything with her.

Twenty minutes past by.

… "So well, Xander might not be very good at fighting a battle, but I can tell you where he is good at... hands… body parts"

"ANYA!" Willow called out. "I don't want to know" This time Dawn looked up annoyed and stood up demonstratively.

"I'm not a baby anymore!" She spit out and walked of to the gym in the back furiously.
What were they thinking? Why couldn't they just treat her like a girl her age instead of a little girl.
She huffed. Hmph!

She heard footsteps coming her way and the door squeaking open. It closed.

"Go away Buffy" She moped.

"Hey nibblet" She heard Spike's voice. Nervously she turned her head.

"Spike…" She smiled weakly. Then she readjusted. He probably had come here to stand up for Buffy. "What do you want?" She snorted.

"Oh that's a pussy cat for sure" Spike frowned, then his face relaxed and he joined her on the wooden bench. "So, wanna tell me what you're being pissed up about?"

"You heard them. They're always hushing on purpose when I'm around about these things. I know that this stuff what they talk about happens, but they never let me in about any of it. Instead I have to settle with waiting for my boring biology lessons at school about it"

"Big sis just wants to protect you, bit. But I could understand you're being pissed about this"

"Yeah!" Dawn called out. "Because maybe I will get myself pregnant if she doesn't tell me about the birds and the bees…" She said sarcastically.

"And that couldn't happen now…" Spike filled in.



"Yeah, so you do need some sort of education on it." Spike said. Dawn looked at Spike. He knew what it meant.
"So, you want some sort of education from the Big Bad?" Dawn just kept her eyes on him as a reply.
Spike scratched his head. "What do you want to know?"

"What does ehmmm…" Dawn blushed. "a thing look like?" she mumbled uncomfortably.

"A pink sausage" Spike replied without shame.

"Really, and err does it go up like poof or does it err just grow?"

"It grows" Dawns eyes were big at this point.

"And what happens when you run naked? Does it flop and hits your legs?" She wondered amazingly.

"It does." Spike replied dryly.

"So, did you ever run naked?"

"Yeah, I was hiding from Harmony" The tone of his voice was still flat, but it was obvious he was getting uncomfortable with this personal question. "You're done with the sausage thing now?"

"Yeah…" Dawn was pretty silent now.

"Good" Spike stood up.

"Wait!" Dawn called.

"Yeah?" Spike turned to face to her.

"What is sex really like?"

"It's like meat, nibblet. Don't think about it. Just do it. Lesson one is over." With that he walked back into the shop.

"So there will be more?" Dawn called after him. But he ignored it.
Dawn smiled. The Big Bad wasn't so tough after all.