A nervous feeling came over Dawn as she heard her sister and Spike talking downstairs.
She knew that her sister was about to leave again and that she was letting Spike watch her. She couldn't make out what they were saying though.

"Bye Dawn!" Buffy called.

"Byeee!" Dawn called back, not coming out of her room.

She was lying on her bed. Then she finally heard the door close. Her heart started beating as she heard footsteps on the stairs. Spike's footsteps.
The door of her room opened. He was looking so sexy leaning against the door.
Dawn's heart started beating like crazy.

A long time Spike didn't say anything.

Just looked at her.

"Are you gonna ask anytime soon?" Spike wondered out loud.

"Ask what?" She tried innocently.

"You know, nibblet"

"Oh that" Dawn nodded. "Are you gonna join me?" she tapped on the bed.

Spike walked over to her and sat himself down next to her and he waited again.

"Now what?" Dawn asked a bit annoyed after a while. Spike pulled her onto his lap. She rolled her eyes at the realization that she actually had to ask. She looked into his eyes, feeling his boner.

"You want to take my virginity, Spike?" She whispered close to his lips, looking at him with her bedroom eyes.
He kissed her gently running his hands down her body and stopping at her waist. He lifted her top and pulled it over her head.

"These too" Dawn pointed at her bra. He smirked having no problem with listening to that. With an experienced touch he undid it.

He gently stroke her back now, making her shiver. She removed his t-shirt and imitated his touch. The kisses remained soft and sweet. Then his hand unexpectedly slid under the skirt she was wearing touching her through her panties. She gasped. He laid her down on the bed. He started tracing his kisses down and undid her skirt first. He kissed her private parts through her panties making Dawn bite her lip.

"What are you waiting for?!" She finally called out.

Spike chuckled. "Didn't know you wanted it this bad, bit" With a fierce move he pulled them down. Then he undid the rest of his clothes.

He continued where he left of placing a sweet kiss there. He teased skipping her clit and licking her inner thighs. She breathed quickly, shuddering.
In her mind she begged him to give her the same treatment as previous time.
But he kept on teasing, moving up again. This time he came closer, but still avoided it.
He just kissed the parts around it, driving Dawn absolutely crazy.
Her body wriggled around the bed.

Spike chuckled.
"Can't stand the tease, can ye?" He triumphantly said. She bit her lip as he suddenly flicked his tongue over it.

"Just a lil then" He admitted. He flicked his tongue over her clit a few more times. Then let his tongue explore the rest of her sensitive parts again.
He licked her up and down, making her wetter and wetter.

"You just taste so sweet" He commented. He restricted to her clit now, giving her a first orgasm. Then he let one finger slide inside her steadily. Dawn moaned loudly. The combination of his tongue on her clit and his finger inside of her felt amazing.

"I want it, Spike" She said after she came for the second time. Spike looked up at her.

"How do you want it, bit?" He asked her.

"I want to be on your lap and I want you to hold me very close"

Spike rose and sat on the chair in the room. Dawn walked over to him. His cock was completely hard in excitement.
She took it in her hand and guided him to her entrance.

"This could hurt, bit" He warned her, looking slightly worried. "We could wait if you want"

"I want it" She reassured him. She slowly took him in, feeling a sharp pain at first. It made her eyes water.
Spike kissed her lips wanting to take the pain. It felt so good being inside her.
She was so tight, innocent and pure and she was the leader of the movements. She slowly started to rock.

Now it was Spike's turn to moan. He held her close to him like she had asked, feeling her breasts pressing against him.

After the pain disappeared, the feeling changed for a quite pleasant one. For the first time in her life Dawn felt like a young woman instead of a teenager.
Spike's moans became louder as he finally reached his point. Dawn kept him inside of her for a bit longer.
The passion had exchanged for rest. He gave her a last long kiss.

"That's it, bit"

"What?" Dawn seemed confused.

"What sex is likeā€¦"

A/N: Thats all! Story complete. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it :)