Training Sessions

By: M14Mouse

Summary: Ziggy is sick and tired of Dr. K pointing out the fact that he can't do anything. Well…he had it. Oh, he has no clue what he is going to do about it.

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My timeline: Four years after Jungle Fury…takes Place After Ranger Green.

"You know…I know I am not prefect. I am not that smart…or quick…and I can't really fight. I suck at the whole teleportation thing. Not my fault that I have other things to think about…like ice cream. I am not allowed near chocolate. First night there, I drank about four cups of hot chocolate. I was just got a little hyper. Not my fault that place is too quiet," Ziggy paused for a moment.

"It isn't a bad place. It just isn't a home. Then again, I never knew what a home felt like. I guess that has changed. Look like I am going to be sticking around for awhile…all because of this…."

He looked over at the guy and tapped on his morpher under his jacket. He turned away from the guy on the other side of the bench. The guy looked liked he was asleep. How could he sleep like that? Must be uncomfortable. He glanced over at the lake before he started talking again.

"The others aren't too bad. Summer is a great gal. She can really play some pool. Flynn makes some awesome smoothies. Scott is well…just Scott. He hasn't open up to me yet. It's just hard to get a handle on that guy. Oh, beside that he really likes his car. Dillon is Dillon. He is my best friend. But don't tell him that. He isn't into the mushy stuff. Oh, he does love his lollipops and his car. Me? I suck at the whole driving thing. I have trouble driving a zord. Nearly crashed…twice. Don't get me started on how I handle my ax. Not my fault that it is top heavy and likes window shields."

He sighed softly.

"Then there is Dr. K. She hates my guts. I know I am not her perfect green ranger. Sometimes, I think I should have let Tenaya Seven take the morpher. Oh, way…then it would be an excuse to hear her complain that I let her have the morpher! I just can't win with her. And her training is how bad at I am at everything. I just…tired of it. I try as hard as I can…honestly, I do…It just…."

He sighed again and glanced over at the guy sleeping on the bench.

"You probably haven't heard a word I said. Hehe…I bet it is nice to take a nap."

The other guy snorted.

"Seriously, I doubt anyone can sleep through your talking."

He blinked in surprise.

"You are awake!"

"OF course, I am. I'm mediating if you couldn't tell."

"Uhh…I couldn't."

The other guy opened his eyes and tilted his head. The guy looked him up and down. He shifted uncomfortable in his seat at his stare. is almost like Dr. K starting at him.

The guy unfolded his legs. He winced slightly at the sound of bone popping. The guy grabbed his cane next to him before he stood up. He started hobbling away from the bench then he stopped.

"Well? Are you coming? I don't have all day to train a cub."


"You said that you wanted training. I am offering."

He scratched his head.

"No offense…but you are kind of…"

He never got to finish his sentence. He was flat on his back with a cane to his throat. How did the guy move so fast?!

"First lesson, cub, never underestimate your enemy. There are going to monsters shorter than you…but they are faster….and just as deadly as the taller ones. Do you understand?"

He stared for a moment at him then at his cane. He swallowed really hard…damn. The guy removed his cane from his throat. His hand rubbed his throat.

"I got it."


The guy stepped away and started to walk away. Quickly, he got up and followed the guy.

"Whoa…can you teach me that? Really?! Because that was cool."

The guy smiled a little before he started to talk.

"I am going to teach you what I can. I expect you to attend classes when you can. You will make it up…one way or another"

"Cool…by the way…the name is Ziggy. Yours, sir?"

"To my students, I'm Master Martin. Outside of class, my name is Theo."

"Cool, Teach."


"What? Do you want me to call you sensei?"

"I rather you not."

"Okay, Teach."

"One more thing…"


"You aren't allowed near an ax until I say so. I like my windows where they are."

"How did you know about that?!"

"The tv?"

End of Training Sessions

Next Chapter: Dodgeball

A/N: I was highly annoyed by Dr. K. Honestly, Ziggy is your green ranger…weather you like it or not. Train him! . Soo…I decided to do something about it. Yes, I know…lot of questions…no answers. But it wouldn't fun if I shared now! ^___^ Anyway, read and review if you wish.