Training Sessions: The Final Lesson

By: M14Mouse

Summary: All things must come to end…even our lessons.

Disclaimer: Don't own them.

Ziggy saw Teach sitting on the stairs when he approached his house. His cane was leaning against his leg. He looked so content. He almost didn't want to scare him. Almost.

"Hello, Ziggy."

"I can't ever sneak up on you, can I?"

"And ruin my reputation? No."

He laughed softly then took a seat next to Teach.

"Where are Reese and Victor? I really thought they would be here."

"They are talking to my brother. They will be leaving soon."

"Where are they are going?"

"With RJ and Master Swoop…"

Then Teach started chuckling. Uh oh…He knew that wasn't a good thing.


"It gives them experience. Like I said before, we rarely stay with one master. Reese and Victor will come back in a year. If I believe they are ready, then they will be tested for their Mastery."

"Why so long?"

"Because RJ and Master Swoop are going toss them around like a pair of hot potatoes…Dear spirits…I sound like RJ," Teach said as he rubbed the bridge of his nose with his fingers.

He burst out laughing

"What are you going to do with Reese and Victor being gone?"

"The same as always. Teach…Annoying my brother…and dating."

"Oh…so you are leaving too?"

"No…I am staying."

He twisted his head and stared at Teach in surprise.

"Ocean Bluff is no longer my home. It is nothing but dust and memories. My home is here. My students are here. My purpose is here."

A part of him was excited. Teach was staying. If his plans work, Teach would have even more students. Another part of him was sad. He couldn't really go home either. His home was gone.

"Now…up with you. We have a lesson to finish," Teach said as he got up from the stairs. He grabbed his cane and limped toward the center of the yard. Quickly, he got to his feet and followed.

He stood in front of Teach like always.

"This will be the last time we will be meeting like this. After today, it will be different. Let me see how well I taught you, cub," Teach said as he slipped into fighting stance.

He followed suit and slipped into a fighting stance.

"Lets begin…shall we?" Teach said


He felt the familiar ground pressed against his face. You think with all of these lessons he would learn better.


He guessed not. He wouldn't lie…it was almost fun. Teach wasn't fighting that hard. He tapped his cane to correct him when he made a mistake. Damn, Teach could still hurt with his cane. He still thought Teach's cane should be banned from Corinth.

"Up, cub," Teach said with amusement.

Slowly, he got to his feet. He dusted himself off then bowed slightly to Teach.

"Well done, Ziggy."

"Thank you, Master."

Teach tilted his head slightly.

"You never called me that before."

"Since this is the last lesson…I thought it would be nice and…"He said sheepishly.

He really didn't have the words to thank Teach on what he done. So, he thought it was the best he could do.

"You did well, cub. I am proud of you."

He bowed his head slightly to avoid Teach on seeing him blush.


He looked over to see Reese and Victor with two girls about 11 or 12. They looked nervously at him then at Teach. He looked back over at Teach.

"New students?"


"So…what are their animal spirits?"

Teach scowled him then glanced at the two girls.

"Beaver and Mockingbird."

He burst out laughing.

"That isn't funny, cub."

That only made him laugh harder.


Theo watched the little group from a distance. Their smiles…their laughter…their emotions running free. It was over…and the world was at peace for now. Another evil will come and another group of rangers will fight it. This he knew…

He heard the floorboard squeaked.

"Hello, Mason."

He heard the man grumble under his breath.

"I was curious about this final lesson of yours. Turn out that it was nothing," Mason said

"You haven't been playing attention in class. I am disappointed in you. Oh, I heard you and your son will be working a lot with each other soon."

"Don't remind me."

He smirked to himself. He wondered how their weekly meetings are going to turn out now. But he knew better. He knew Mason is going to be happy with their new arrangement…in so many words.

"But you are wrong about this."


"This lesson is about moving forward. Closing what was and starting what will be. But looking on past lessons and remember what you learned. Using those lessons to help you solve the next one."

"Sometimes, I think you enjoy being cryptic."

He laughed.


A/N: Well, that is the end. I hope you enjoyed the ride. I know did. Who would have thought an annoyance at Dr. K could cause this?! RPM is over…this fic is over. It is time to start something new, yes? Next month, the prequel to Training Sessions is going to shown to the world. Training Ground will focus on Brairwood…with hints of the Underground and other rangers. That promises to be fun. Anyway, thanks for the wonderful reviews. You guys are remarkable. The story would have never ever come this far without you. Thank you. ^___^