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Requited, Unrequited: Chapter One

Never There

- - - - -

Sometimes, Haibara Ai feels that she's out of the picture. As in, wiped out, erased, obliterated.


When she's sitting on her designated seat on Teitan Elementary School, her teachers gazes passes through her, as if they were not seeing her. When she's on the park looking at the sunset, a person just walks on her as if she was never there.

She had always been 'never there'. Never was, never now, never will be. She will always be Sherry. The scientist who created Apotoxin 4689, the Black Organization using the despicable poison to any random person she didn't even give a damn to.

A killer, though indirectly. She laughed at the irony.



"Oi, Haibara!"

But even though she's a killer, a monster that is to be feared, Haibara is surprised that someone still gave her friends to be with, even though she's the most undeserving. Maybe their role was to change her pessimistic outlook in life, or maybe make her happy, even if it is short lived. She preferred both, it sounded fitting.

And as Ayumi took her hand and told her they have another case to solve, as Mitsuhiko blushed whenever she looked at him, as Genta says he's hungry even if he just ate fish crackers seconds ago and whenever that idiot of a detective and her volley friendly insults like professional tennis players, she feels that she had found her position in a place she could call home.

For the first time in her 18 years, she wasn't 'never there'.