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At her wedding, on that damned day, he had arrived late. Some would say on purpose, some would blame it on the aura of chaos and disorganisation that surrounded him, but either way, whatever the reason, he had. And if you asked him, he'd gladly tell you that it had been on purpose.

Because, that way he ensured that she'd have to meet his eye at least one more time before saying those two words. She'd have to look into his eyes again and think about it all again. What had happened between them, two nights after she'd accepted her soon-to-be-husband's proposal, what had been said while all inhibitions were down and alcohol was fuelling their actions.

And she had met his eye, she had, as all heads turned towards the scruffy, dishevelled doctor with the three-day beard and bags under his eyes, turned to him, her hand clasped firmly by her fiancé. And the look in her eyes had been sadness. At least, he knew it was.

After that, he went pretty much unnoticed, except by Wilson, the best man. The oncologist had been the one to introduce the couple, his old high-school friend and his boss. That apparently was enough to earn him a place next to the 'happy' couple at the altar. And there he stood, in his place, dutifully smiling, yet, House knew, his best friend was keeping an eye on him.

She knew how he felt, he'd told her that night, and she'd told him. But in the morning, she'd just up and left. Like nothing had happened. After that, for the three months preceding this day, she had known, but she'd ignored it. It was typical of her, actually, safety over adventure, security over danger, want over desire, like over love.

And so the 'I do's' were said and they walked down the isle, congratulations flying at them from all sides, except from that last seat by the door. From there, they only got a look, a look that warned them that they were making the biggest mistake of their lives. Rather, that she was making the biggest mistake of her life.

But still, from that day on, his college love and future boss, Lisa Cuddy, became Lisa Chambers, the wife of a millionaire businessman who kept money coming to the hospital and provided her with all the safety and security she'd ever dreamed of.


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