A long time ago in Gotham City Preschool Batman and the Joker where being taught there ABC's.

"Hello class. I'm Mrs. Porter and welcome to your first day of preschool!" Said Mrs. Porter.

"Why is she talking?" Joker said.

"Shh. She's the teacher." Batman said.

"Don't you shh me." Joker said while whacking batman.

"Ow. Mrs. Porter! He hit me." Batman wailed.

"No one likes a tattle tale." Joker said.

"Joker. Do not hit. That's bad." Mrs. Porter said.

"Yeah. So is drawing on walls but I do that." Joker said.

"Okay. . .Let's go over to the craft table and make a craft." Said Mrs. Porter.

-At the craft table-

"What are you drawing Joker?" Batman asked.

"A clown. You?" He said.

"A bat." Batman said.

-5 minutes later-

"Joker! Why are you painting your face with the markers!" Mrs. Porter said.

". . .because I can?" He replied.

"No you cannot." She said.

"Freak." Batman said.

"No I am not." He said.

A/n- Hello. Sorry Its short and kinda sucky. But hey its Easter and I'm distracted because dark knight is on. So it'll get better I promise. =] Review.