A/N: Guys! I am terribly sorry that it has been so long, I have had numerous things to deal with lately and here is a wee chapter for you to enjoy, the next one shall be longer and much more interesting 3 Lots of Love, Evelynn xox

"I hate her. I hate him. God I hate them both!" The tree shook violently as I kicked it with little success, though I was strong I wasn't strong enough to break it entirely but the crack made me feel slightly better. "I know I'm like amazing and all, but no need to call me God." Jacob laughed, lounging lazily across the grass watching me with wary eyes. If I didn't love him then I'd wipe that smirk of his face easily, but despite being angry I couldn't help smile a little. "Babe, you don't hate them, you just hate not getting your own way." He was right. I hated it when he was right, but what was I supposed to feel? Jacob had always been there. It was as if he was a part of me and without him, there was no me. There would be no point, I could not live without him and I still didn't fully understand how this happened. However, I did know that it wasn't just about protection or obligation – he loved me just as much as I loved him, maybe even more, though we'd had that talk before and as usual I won. Ending my vendetta against the hapless tree, I kind of skipped over to him throwing myself over him with ease and taking his roasting face in my hands. I didn't want to talk, I didn't want to start crying and getting pathetic and acting like a child. So I showed him what was wrong instead. Us. Lying here, so close, so alone.

He wanted me just as much as I wanted him and his hands started wandering over my body, his touch sending shivers down my spine while I pulled the buttons from his shirt simply and our lips were moulding together, because we were made for each other and the need to be is greater than the need to wait.. It's as far as I got before his hands removed mine from his face and he looked so confused that I wanted to laugh, but the rejection hit me so much more. Jake supposedly loved me and he was meant to give me what I needed, not turn me away. Before I could complain, his lips found mine, and he knew how to keep me happy – his arms encaged me and kept me close so that I had no escape from him to complain. It was always the same, we'd be engrossed in our own world but as soon as I got carried away he would stop. At first I tried to keep my hands in his hair, pulling him to me more, but they wanted to explore. I couldn't stop them travelling over his chest, lingering slightly to admire the muscles that sat proud beneath them. I even tried hard to keep them from slipping into his jeans but they wouldn't be reasoned with and it was him who pulled us both from the little world I was more than happy in. "Nessie." He laughed, kissing my nose and pulling me so that I was by his side rather than draped over him like some clingy blanket. "Why are you in such a rush? You have all of me to yourself, we don't need to rush into anything yet." He didn't understand. I was so confused. I didn't have a choice in the rate that I grew up and as much as I hated to think about it, yes I was only seven years old but I didn't think like the average seven year old! I couldn't help what my body was feeling. I didn't wake up one morning and decided that If I didn't kiss Jacob I was going to explode, I woke up and realised that he was more than a friend and a possession, he was the love that I needed. It's not my fault that I happened to feel this way earlier than anyone wanted me to. I sighed and simply curled into him, his arm wrapping round me protectively and holding me close. "When you said we were going out, I thought you meant hunting. Not Central Park." I found it hard to disguise my distaste, but I really was looking forward to sinking my teeth into something. I disliked human food, though I ate when Jacob did and I never could say no to anything with sugar. "I know, but I thought I'd take you here instead and let you have some thinking time. But if I had known you were going to ambush me, again, I would have left you at home." He chuckled at some joke I didn't quite get, he did that every time I tried to get my way with him yet I never understood how it could be so funny.

I decided against asking and settled on tracing non-descript shapes on his stomach with my finger, watching it glow slightly against the rays of the sun. I'd always been jealous of my family and their skin, while they sparkled magnificently I had but a mere glow, yet it meant I could enjoy the sun while they were forced to hide from humans at least. But there was sun. And there was no humans around. It was the middle of July, though I didn't want to think about it too much, it bothered me to think that there was nobody around. I couldn't understand and Jacob seemed to sense my discomfort and without asking what was wrong he answered my unspoken questions. "They'll all be watching that unveiling of the new mayors statue. Listen." We both stayed silent and aside from our breathing and the various small wildlife, all that could be heart was the faint cheering and celebration some distance away. "Oh." Well. I just couldn't enjoy alone time without having to question it and I laughed, holding myself closer to him. But he frowned, deep in thought over something. It had been like that a lot recently, even before we'd both admitted the feelings we had for one another. Though it didn't take a genius to know that he loved me, I still wanted to hear it. It had been since the campaign elections started last year come to think of it, and I kept teasing him about it. I had no interest in politics to be honest, they were so tediously boring that I chose not to keep with what was happening. I really could care less about who was President or who was Mayor, I didn't see the need. Our world have their own leaders, albeit they may be better described as bullies rather than leaders – they still strive to protect our race from discovery. Then again, after their pitiful attempt to end the lives of my family and more so, myself, they didn't really earn any respect. Not from me anyway. I left Jake to think, again, mainly because I wasn't ready to go home yet. I felt terrible now, thinking over what had just happened, but what did they honestly expect me to do? Nod and agree with their determination to keep me as a child forever? I could be stubborn when I wanted to and there was very little chance of me not getting what I wanted, when I wanted it. Jacob was mine and I was going to have him, and when I got him – I'd make sure they knew all about it.